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Certainty can only manifest when there is doubt and fear. The negative force is often given permission to “download” fear and anxiety into us, so that we can exercise our free will and transform ourselves, and the world, by overcoming this fear and doubt and rising above it.

When we do, we help weaken the fears in others as well. That is called sharing.

When we do not inject certainty and rise above the overwhelming anxiety, our own fear strengthens and it strengthens the fear in others.

This is why we are feeling the “fear” in the air right now. We wake up with it. It’s a force, being spread among humanity and we are all feeding that force and spreading it to others, reacting to the news every second of the day.

Let’s now examine catastrophic events.

Rav Berg told the entire congregation exactly one week BEFORE 9/11 happened the following:

The Rav explained that our perceptions of a catastrophe are way off and misguided. For instance, if 1000 people die in one place, at one moment in time, we call it a catastrophe.

But when 500,000 people die each year from cigarettes, we don’t call it a catastrophe because it was spread out over time and space. And so after just 3 years, 1.5 million are dead and yet we are blind to this tragedy, unless it affects our personal life. But we do not realize that this is a national and global catastrophe.

Imagine if the response the world governments are now putting forth towards the coronavirus, were put into the smoking issue, or the opioid crisis, or human trafficking? Or the same effort was put into resolving the hatred between political parties and people on the right versus people on the left?

Interesting how the Zohar said the world was round with seven continents 2000 years ago.

Interesting how the Zohar said there are good and bad fats in our bloodstream.

Interesting how the Zohar said the bad fats cause heart disease and illness.

Interesting how the Zohar said this universe is made up of energy waves.

Interesting how the Zohar said there are 10 dimensions, 2000 years before modern-day physics said the same thing.

Interesting how the Zohar described a Big Bang Creation of our universe and the sudden expansion of time and space at that very moment, 20 centuries ago.

If the Zohar got ALL that right, perhaps it’s time to see what it says about illness and disease.

It says this:

Every single physical act of chaos has a metaphysical origin. Period. Viruses and sickness are a manifestation of our own negative consciousness. Period. All sickness inside ourselves and this world are a reflection of a problem in human consciousness. The purpose of doubt is to make us reject this truth. The purpose of life is to overcome this doubt, embrace this truth, and then transform the world through the power of our consciousness, our dreams and our aspirations.

It does not matter if the Wuhan virus was created in a laboratory on purpose or if the virus escaped by accident and jumped from animal to human. Kabbalists NEVER deal with the physical effects, but rather they probe to the underlying root cause. Because if you fix the root, you fix the fruit.

The cause is our unkindness towards others. Our impatience, jealousy, anger and most important through the words we speak.

The Zohar says clearly that our two lips mirror and connect to the two lungs. Our negative words affect our lungs. And our negative words cause tremendous harm to the spiritual lungs of the planet. Which means it affects the air and the global immune system and airborne diseases. And radiation.

When we reach a critical mass of negative speech and intolerance between people, the effect and net result is an airborne disease and internal sickness on many levels. But the root is always one.

People spew hatred towards Trump all in the name of being right and winning a specific point in a debate, or pointing out a character flaw.

The negativity builds. It swirls and gathers momentum. And it causes airborne diseases.

We are not here to fix Trump or Biden or Hillary.

We are here to practice dignity with the people in our lives. When we do, we inject candlelight into this world of darkness. That added Light diminishes the darkness in others.

This is the task of the true Israelites. Fix ourselves and we fix the world.

There are others in this world that must physically respond to the problems of the physical world. We need emergency responders and health care workers and doctors ONCE that negative effect has been unleashed in this world.

But the Israelites MUST battle on the root cause, which is our own selfishness and reactive behavior. This, according to the Zohar, is the root cause of all antisemitism, and chaos on earth.

Look at the hoarding taking place in supermarkets. Are people stopping to think that they are denying others toilet paper, milk and meat?

The Rav told me over and over and over again… when people are squeezed and pressured, their true nature comes out and unfortunately, for many people, they become insanely greedy, selfish and they will hurt others to save themselves.

When we resist those natural, instinctive impulses, and we think a little bit about others as well, THAT is how we ignite miracles and create win-win effects and results.

It’s not about morals. It’s about being smart and knowing HOW to connect to the Source of all energy and blessings and resources, what we call the 99% reality.

We must care about others because it unlocks the door to the 99% realm of healing and prosperity and miracles. Selfishness is stupid because it eventually cuts us off from the Source.

But when circumstances become scary, the fear now rises inside of us, courtesy of our Opponent within, and when there are now only 3 rolls of toilet paper on the shelf, we grab all 3 rolls instead of grabbing one roll and leaving 2 rolls for someone else in need.

And the chaos rolls on and on and on.

But this world is still standing, isn’t it?

And that’s because there ARE people who DO rise above their fear and selfishness and they help others and assist others, and they find the good in others, and they learn from the chaos and become better people.

All of last year, a good friend of mine and I were discussing the words and teachings of a great Kabbalist who lives a few hundred years ago. He said this year (in the Hebrew Calendar 5780) there was a major opening for the Messiah energy to flow into our world. This Light burns those who do not change. And this Light heals and warms the souls of those who are changing. This Light does not punish and reward. It just shines. It’s our own behavior that determines HOW this Light affects us.

It’s up to us to connect to it safely or painfully.

Selfishness is like lying under a desert sun, at 100-degree temperature, for three straight days. You will burn like toast, dehydrate and die.

Inner transformation and dignity towards our biggest personal enemies is like using that same sunlight to grow a garden, fruit trees and, funny enough kill viruses, because even the Coronavirus dies in the rays of sunlight.

We must shine the spiritual sunlight unto others, in order to kill the root of the Coronavirus in our world. That sunlight shines when we use certainty to rise above fear; when we share instead of just take for ourselves. When we find the negative in ourselves, instead of finding it and pointing it out in others. Just finding it, and making that effort, and choosing to become accountable, instead of blaming, shines Light into the world.

This is not a catastrophe. This is an opportunity. To change forever.

We are not here to prepare for the next virus attack, to get better at responding, and to get better at handling these lockdown quarantine procedures to contain the next outbreak.

That LIMITED goal and objective is total insanity!!! Now before you freak out, yes, on a 1% physical reality, we MUST prepare.

But the REAL opportunity here is to rise above our stupid doubts and limited goals and realize that we were given this world to CURE all the ailments that afflict us, to cure the chaos and turn this world into a genuine paradise with unlimited resources. Our doubt says this is too good to be true. Boom. The doubt strikes again.

But this is our destiny. Instead of marshaling all of our resources to contain the next outbreak, and the one after that, we might as well use all this effort to explore the true underlying cause of all chaos, and fix it, once and for all so that we never again need emergency responders and doctors and hospitals. We were not created to build great hospitals that help us cope with illness. We were created to eradicate all sickness from the face of the earth and to achieve true reality, to tear down the curtain of illusion and realize death is not real, and a higher reality is waiting for us the moment we finally change and treat one another with human dignity. This is NOT about morals. This is about enlightened greed for all humanity. But it’s greed for the soul and our true essence, not greed for the stupid human ego which leads us to death year after year.

And that is where the Zohar comes in. The Light of the Zohar is the solution. On every imaginable level. And it’s always been up to the Israelites to bring this illuminating solution to the world.

And this is why the Israelites are commanded to become A LIGHT UNTO ALL THE NATIONS.

That Light is called the Radiance. Or Splendor. In Hebrew, it’s called the Zohar. This has been a great secret hidden for twenty centuries

You see, the Zohar is the actual NAME of the Light that Moses had received on Mount Sinai AFTER the Golden Calf, when he received the second tablets. This is the Light that will redeem the world and repair the damage done at Sinai. This is the Light all humankind has been looking for 3400 years.

But this Light of the second tables was hidden away because we lost the merit to access this Light when our consciousness fell into the toilet, code name Golden Calf.

Now we have this Light back again.

The Zohar.

As Rav Berg said on many occasions: This is the real Final Solution to end death, chaos and destruction, and ignite heaven on earth.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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2 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Billy, thank you for being the sane one in the midst of this chaos. The power of doubt and negativity are strong at this time and to counter that your article has helped me get grounded in what is available to change our world. I’m glad you can see the light and are willing to share that with rest of us.

  2. Sue says:

    Thank you Billy. I am currently watching your “Jesus Unredacted” course and perhaps because of this, I actually told my daughter that good would come from this pandemic. I don’t think that I convinced her !! However, I do feel very optimistic in spite of all the panic buying etc. I am really grateful that you are in my life Billy. And I wish all your other students Love and Light.

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