A person has to believe in the concept of God in order to serve God. For instance, an atheist will never serve God. But we do not have to believe in the concept of the force called “The Adversary” or “The Satan” in order to serve this dark force. In fact, if we did believe in the existence of this dark power, we would never serve it. The only reason we allow our ego to control our lives, to control and motivate all of our behavior and responses, is because we don’t really believe the ego exists as a separate dark force whose sole mission is to sabotage our lives.

We believe the ego is us. But it’s not. It’s the force called “The Adversary.”

The situation is even more tricky. Follow this: When someone wrongs us, when someone hurts us or competes with us, we do not believe that the force called “The Opponent” or “The Adversary” or “The Satan” is actually pulling the strings of this other person. And because we do not see the Satan behind the scenes, we take everything some else does very personal. We become angry at the other person. We become competitive, jealous, mad and royally pissed at this individual never, ever realizing that it’s ALSO the same force of Satan inciting our own rage. What an absolutely brilliant, clever, shrewd and almost unbeatable strategy of Satan. He literally hides himself from our consciousness. He incites negative actions from our friends and enemies and then he incites our own anger as our response so that we destroy each other. All the while he laughs behind the scenes as he pulls the puppet strings of both sides of an argument.

This is why friends fight, families fight, nations fight and leaders of different faiths fight. It is the Satan, the ego, the Opponent who is deceiving each one of us into battling one another instead of focusing our attention on him.

We have no external enemies in the world. But trying telling an Israelite that a Muslim is not his enemy. See how difficult our situation is? The hardest thing on earth is to develop an awareness and certainty in the existence of Satan, the Adversary, our ego as the source of all conflict and war.

We don’t believe the Opponent exists because his very essence and DNA is the power of doubt and uncertainty. Do you know what that means? It means the closer you get to Satan, the more you will doubt his very existence. As I said, this is almost an unbeatable strategy.

Imagine a person wearing cologne or perfume. The closer you are to them, the more you can smell their fragrance. Satan’s essence and oder is the scent of doubt. Therefore, the closer you get to him, the more you doubt that he exists.

When you are ready to defeat Satan because he is right in your clutches, you will not see him. Rather you will doubt him and doubt his existence the most. This is why we need to start admitting our ego and taking the pain of letting go of our opinions and our positions when ever we argue with others.

Because once we truly identify the Satan in our lives, paradise will be ours.

Which leads to the secret of Purim and one of the reasons for wearing a costume.

Our ego is a costume. A mask. A masquerade. It’s not our true self. This is why we argue and fight. Each person reacts to another person’s mask and false identify. On Purim, we wear a costume on purpose. Everyone knows and sees that the costume is not the real person. No one is really hiding their true self. No one is denying they are wearing a masquerade. We are all aware that we are attending a costume party. Second, we are told on Purim to get high on alcohol and to make merry and to party safely and joyously. So everyone is happy and full of joy as we all see quite clearly each other’s costumes on display.

Therein lies the secret of life.

When we all admit our ego, our envy, our pride, our insecurities to one another, without fear of exposing our true self, when we all put our ego out front with all of its ugly traits, THAT is when we will experience true joy and paradise. When we expose the Satan, instead of denying and hiding him, the world will change and we will achieve endless partying, pleasure and joy forever.

We just need to stop denying and start exposing our ego. We need to put it out front and on display to our friends and enemies by admitting it. This means when someone wrongs us, we let it go because we know the other person didn’t really do it. We know it was the force of Satan inciting their behavior. And we also know it’s our own Satan igniting our own anger in response. If we really see the costume of Satan in ourselves and in the other person, there will be zero anger and conflict between two people. The Satan will be outed and we will connect to the soul of the other person and to our own soul.

Now Light and energy will be free to flow between us.

That is the secret. That is the power that awaits us.

Instead of hiding our negative traits, we need to expose them! So go tell a friend how jealous you are. And stop taking it personal when someone hurts you or treats you badly. Start recognizing that the Satan is the one pulling everyone’s strings behind the scenes.

When we do, the pleasure of the Purim Party will last forever. We will no longer need alcohol to get high and happy. The happiness and high will come to us naturally, beyond what we can imagine. The pain of life and our doubts about immortal existence and “happily ever after” will vanish in a flash.

This Purim, when we hear the reading of the Scroll of Esther, as we meditate to destroy Haman, know right now that Haman is our own ego. We are here to destroy the Haman within, the Satan inside and the Adversary hiding himself in the guise of our ego.

We destroy this force by identifying and admitting all of our worst traits.

Find the Satan, and you will find paradise.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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