The Kabbalists tell us that throughout history, in every generation, there are always 36 hidden righteous souls who are the foundation of the world. By their very existence, these great 36 hidden Kabbalistic sages uphold our very reality. Guess what? Modern physics tells us there are 36 hidden quarks that uphold our physical world. Now follow this next point carefully: Physicists have never seen a quark. They are hidden. Completely. As Timothy Paul Smith, a professor of physics explains in his book, Hidden Worlds, “No one has ever seen a quark.” Yet the quark is the foundation of our reality. According to physicist and Nobel Prize winner Jerome I. Friedman, the quark is the very building block of nature.


Science and Kabbalah are describing the exact same thing.

Physicist Michio Kaku said :“Why do we have 36 quarks? That’s one of the great mysteries of the standard model of particle physics.”

The fact is, those 36 hidden quarks that science has discovered are just the spiritual essence and consciousness of the 36 hidden righteous souls that Kabbalah speaks about. There are no actual subatomic particles that exist in a material sense. There are only forces or particles of consciousness, according to Kabbalah. Science simply found the 36 hidden righteous souls. Except science uses a different language than Kabbalah so physicists chose to call them Quarks instead of Quabbalists or Kabbalists.

Human language was thrown into a state of confusion by design after the Tower of Babel incident and this is why we have failed to unify science and spirituality. This is also why Christianity appears to be different from Kabbalah when, in fact, they are identical. Christians refer to the Ten Sephirot, as the cross and Golgotha. They have no clue that Golgotha and the Trinity and the Son of God are just different terms for the various aspects of the Ten Sephirot.

In truth, Kabbalah, Science and Christianity are all describing one singular reality and structure.

The problem is, physicists are hanging onto physicality (a.k.a. the Golden Calf syndrome) and therefore they have no clue that consciousness is the stuff and substance of the microscopic quantum realm. So instead of calling the Light’s consciousness Desire to Share, physicists call it the Proton. Instead of calling the Vessel’s consciousness Desire to Receive, they call it the Electron. Instead of calling the hidden rightous souls who are the foundation of our world, great sages or Kabbalists, they call them quarks.

Both science and Kabbalah are describing the exact same reality but because they use different language it creates conflict, confusion and separation between all of humankind.

Physicists have an obligation to finally surrender their limited view of reality and realize that consciousness is the root of all reality. Why is this so important? Because mankind will likely never grasp the importance of transforming our consciousness of self-interest until we get the “stamp of approval” from science.

Science likes to blame religion for causing most of the wars and bloodshed in history. And it’s true. More blood has been spilled in the name of religion than any other cause. Except science has developed all the weapons of mass destruction that religion has used to wage war on other religions and other nations. So science is also the main culprit behind all of the destruction caused by war. If there were no guns invented by science, no bombs and no nukes, then total annihilation of our world would not be possible.

Make no mistake, science delays the redemption of the world because they refuse to let go of ego (negative consciousness) and see that consciousness itself is the only reality. How ironic that their own limited egocentric consciousness prevents them from perceiving the truth that consciousness is giving rise to all existence.

Granted, there are some physicists who are now recognizing the supreme role that consciousness plays in our reality. But those few physicists still do not perceive the big picture. What is the big picture?  There are two forces of consciousness in our reality. There is negative consciousness and positive consciousness. They do not know that the ego (negative consciousness) has been preprogrammed to doubt and disbelieve the very truth that consciousness and mind are the very essence of all matter. The ego is preprogrammed to doubt the existence of the Creator. The ego also corrupts the truth about the Creator and fabricates superstitions and falsehoods so that people are left clueless as to the true nature of the Creator’s Light. The reason for this is explained in great detail in other articles.

This is why we need Kabbalah. Only Kabbalah provides the technology that removes all the doubt that dominates our rational mind so that a physicist — and all of humankind — can finally perceive the truth, instead of doubting it, or being blind to it, or, just plain corrupting it.



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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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11 Responses

  1. Elena says:

    Hi Billy,

    Thanks for the article.

    Even though these 36 righteous souls are hidden, are they always present in some form in the world? Since it says that they uphold our reality, I’m wondering what, according to Kabbalah, this means or if it’s just a code for the scientific explanation.

    • It’s not a code. it’s real. the scientific explanation is the code. there is only consciousness. when science finds quarks, they are really detecting the consciousness and presence of the souls and minds that uphold our world because of their righteous, humble, sharing behavior. The Zohar says “as above, so below.” The Upper world (microscopic quantum realm included) and the lower world are patterned after each other. What is here, is also there. Science is probing into the deepest realms of existence thus, they are approaching the true 99% reality and this is why they find 36 quarks, ten dimensions, a world where time and space have no meaning. Except science still considers all of this as part of a physical reality, instead of realizing they are finding the root of all consciousness, the spiritual 99% realm that the Zohar and Kabbalists reveal to us. You cannot find the true consciousness that lies at the heart of all reality until you remove the selfish, egocentric consciousness that dominates our waking mind. That is the paradox.

    • Elena says:

      Hi Billy,

      Thanks for the effort in your reply. However, although your reply explained your article further more, I didn’t find the answer to my question as in what or who those 36 souls find their form whilst being on earth. Last night I opened Karen’s book To Be Continued on a random page to immediately read a paragraph that simply answered my question. I know there are no coincidences, so I will assume this was the Light’s way of making me understand that particular bit of your article. Here is what it said:

      The righteous souls amongst us

      Some righteous souls reincarnate for the sake of the world. In every generation, there may be a Moses. Every generation may bring about the Final Redemption, even though we haven’t achieved it yet. Still, they say that in every lifetime there are 36 righteous souls (Lamed-Vavniks)who hold up the world. These are good, kind souls-spiritually elevated beings who can actually leave their bodies and travel to places where there is suffering to bring healing energy. In appearance, they’re just like you and me-carpenters, shopkeepers, teachers, and the like- so none of us know who these individuals are.

      Nevertheless, we are occasionally lucky enough to find that special soul, especially if there is a correction that we still haven’t accomplished. Someone comes along-it could be cousin Sally from Cincinnati or just someone sitting next to us on the train-with a message that can alter our life: “Hey, guy! Straighten up and fly right.”If we’re open enough and attuned to hearing it, we might be at the receiving end of a helping hand of a righteous soul.

      Karen Berg – To Be Continued

      I thought to share this with everyone since it is a nice addition to your article and it demonstrates how these 36 righteous souls can be recognized in our daily lives.

      Thank you Billy, already looking forward to your next article!


  2. Sue says:

    Hi Billy,
    I would also like to thank you for the article.

  3. midway through nano. i was blown away by the third chapter! i have spent the last 9 years trying to get to the truth.. through religion, understanding quantum physics, but finally i’ve found it! thank you rav berg, thank you kabbalah!

  4. josef stockinger says:

    I have a feeling that madonna could be one of these 36 souls, as above so below, as a manifest in our 1 % realm. without her, kabbalah wouldn’t be spread so fast in our generation , she is walking the walk, and at the moment as we speak she is helping the poorest in malawi .she is a keyfigure like the rav for our generation..
    what you think billy?

    • Sue says:

      Dear Josef, of-course you may be absolutely correct, but for me, personally, I find it rather a startling idea that Madonna could be one of the 36 holy souls. I admire her as a woman and as a high achiever, but I find her lifestyle, both past and present, somewhat questionable for a “holy soul”. However, I may be completely wrong and indeed, unjust, in my assessment of Madonna’s behaviour – after all, who am I to judge another ?! Love and Light to you Josef.

  5. Awesome post! Please allow me to share this teaching I heard from the mouth of a contemporary sage:

    Scientists have found there to be 176 billion galaxies in the entire universe. 176 is the numerical value of אציעה “(to) spread out/offer.” There are 176 verses in the longest Torah portion נָשֹׂא; the longest Psalm, namely 119, has 176 verses listed acrostically. Likewise there are 176 pages in the tractate Bava Batra of the Babylonian Talmud.

  6. blackfriday says:

    Everything is very open with a very clear clarification of the issues.
    It was definitely informative. Your site is very useful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Joseph west says:

    Sue , you just did judge Yosef comment

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