2000 years ago, the Kabbalists and Zohar said the hands were one of the most negative parts of the human body because they carry particles of negativity and darkness. This is why we must wash our hands upon waking using a special prayer to neutralize these negative forces.

The Zohar says sleep is 1/60th of death. Our hands attract this “death energy” during sleep. This is why we wash our hands in the morning.

This is also why we must wash before eating bread, using a specific prayer. It cancels out the particles of darkness accumulated in our hands throughout the day.

This is why we must wash after a meal. Washing of the hands, according to Kabbalah, is the most powerful way to prevent sickness and darkness.

Hand wash

Today, medical science tells us that the hands are the primary cause of illness. 40 million Americans a year become sick from germs spread by the hands. As much as 500,000 bacteria can be found per square centimeter on our hands. Science uses the words germs and bacteria, but these are in fact, the negative forces the Zohar is speaking about. Language is simply creating a bit of confusion.

Medical-science and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tell us that all these killer superbugs and deadly “nightmare bacteria” are becoming immune to antibiotics. Scientists are predicting an antibiotic apocalypse.

The solution according to medical-science?

Wash our hands.

It took science and medicine 2000 years to catch up to the Zohar.

They’re warning us to make sure that doctors and dentists wash their hands before treating us. We should wash our hands on a regular basis to drastically reduce the risk of catching some deadly bacterial infection.

Now, if the world only knew the power of the Kabbalistic prayers that go along with the washing of the hands. If only the world washed their hands upon waking each morning, using the prayer technology to neutralize and cancel out the force of death, we could rid the world of these nightmare bacterial infections.

More important, if we change our behavior towards one another by transforming our consciousness, using these same Kabbalistic technologies, we will rid the world of all disease and all problems.

The Zohar and Torah prescribed circumcision for the same reason. The Zohar explains that the greatest negativity is found the foreskin and that is why it must be removed.

Science now tells us that the foreskin is the most vulnerable area for HIV virus. The foreskin dramatically raises the risk for HIV infection. If you read the latest medical studies connecting HIV to foreskin, it sounds like a Kabbalistic book.


Without question, the most powerful medical technology to ward off sickness and disease, both physical and spiritual ailments, is the Third Meal on the Sabbath. The Third Meal literally boosts and balances the human immune system.

The Zohar says the chaos, darkness and madness in our world will continue to increase until we finally surrender and embrace this ancient spiritual wisdom which has the absolute answer and solution to every single ailment and problem that plagues our world.

The only thing preventing us from truly transforming our world into paradise is the human ego. The human ego despises the Zohar and it will subvert and sabotage all efforts to connect people to it. This is why the Third Meal on the Sabbath is the least attended event each week all over the world. It is the least understood and least popular.

It has always been up to the Israelites to share this technology with the world. But the human ego created a religion instead of a spiritual path, wisdom and technology that was specifically designed to rid all of mankind of sickness, poverty, pain, and death itself.

The ego simply arouses procrastination and doubt in our own minds so that we continue on with our normal course of action — which is to run to our prescription meds and antibiotics to solve the symptoms of our problems.

But an antibiotic apocalypse looms on the horizon.

And soon a weather apocalypse will strike our planet.

And an economic apocalypse will emerge.

And a crime apocalypse will appear.

Until we finally change.

Make no mistake — God does not punish us.

We punish ourselves by clinging to  the very behavior that got us into this mess in the first place.

Ego. Self interest. Negative, pessimistic consciousness.

This type of behavior severs our connection to the Light of the One Creator and that is why darkness engulfs our world.

We turned the Light off. But the power and Divine “Electricity” is always there, always present, waiting for us to flip the switch.

Every act of kindness to our enemy flips on the switch. Every act of diminishing my own ego flips on the Light. Every time I give up my opinion for the sake unity with my competitor, foe or friend, Light shines.

Unfortunately, we always wait until our threshold of pain becomes tragically unbearable before we finally surrender, lower our ego and ask for spiritual help.

Look around.

The world bleeds. The world burns.

Why wait any longer?

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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7 Responses

  1. Ash M says:

    I appreciate everything that has been brought to light by the article, however, with all due respect, my understanding of saying blessings while washing hands and observing the 3rd Meal at Sabbath are purely Jewish mitzvot and forbidden/inappropriate to be observed by gentiles.

    • Thanks for commenting. First, there is no such thing in existence as “jewish mitzvoth.” The word Jewish does not exist in the Torah. The path of the Torah and the washing of the hands is for the Children of Israel, Israel being the name of Jacob after he defeated the negative angel of is brother Esav. Keeping the laws of Torah with the wrong consciousness, says the Kabbalists and Rav Ashlag, turns the Torah into the “drug of death.” So even though people who call themselves “jews” wash their hands, if their consciousness lacks the Kabbalistic understanding and there is ego present, or its blind ritual, this creates darkness. Second, who says Gentiles cannot wash their hands before a meal? The law is that the Israelites MUST wash, and the reason why the Israelites MUST use the Torah as a technology for living is because we have the greatest negativity and darkness within us. We need the Torah to transform ourselves so that we can remove the ugly ego which is blocking the Light of the Creator from shining into the rest of the world. We must wash our hands because we collect more negativity in our sleep than gentiles. But who says gentiles cannot wash their hands. The point of the article is that the Torah and ONLY the Zohar explain how the hands are carriers of germs, disease and darkness. There are lessons for all mankind in every Torah precept and its up to the Israelites to live the Torah but to also share the lessons/Light of Torah with the other nations/religions of the world.

  2. Ash M says:

    A brilliant response, but again I’m not so concerned over the physical action of washing hands before you eat, everyone understands this is necessary for good hygiene! You say “If only the world washed their hands upon waking each morning, using the prayer technology to neutralize and cancel out the force of death, we could rid the world of these nightmare bacterial infections.” The prayer “technology” you’re talking about as far as I understand is a commandment observed only by the children of Israel, just like the Shema prayer after waking up. Of course the real benefit is in the consciousness of saying these, but I don’t feel it appropriate to suggest the whole world to engage in these mitzvot. The Talmud suggests it is forbidden for gentiles to observe Shabbat and the Zohar forbids the uncircumcised to study Torah! Instead it prescribes the seven Noahide laws for the nations of the world to observe. As a gentile, I can’t help but feel I would be doing something I’m not entitled to.

    • The Kabbalists are clear: Only the Messiah and Elijah the Prophet knows who is a true Israelite. We are not here to decide that. We are not here to judge that. Each person is free to find his or her way back to the Light and if participating in various precepts of the Torah resonates deeply with someone, its up to them to decide whether or not to engage it. I am here to share the wisdom I have learned as a student of Kabbalah. I am not here to tell anyone who or who should not engage in the technology of Kabbalah. Hope that makes sense. 🙂

  3. Bruce A Wachter says:

    So what is the prescribed prayer?

  4. Resh says:

    read in ZOHAR 21 about ‘hands’ ref.- reminded of this article ALSO ON ‘HANDS’

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