True reality is a realm of pure consciousness. It is a realm far more authentic than this world, but of course, we cannot grasp that while we exist in this realm under the influence of our ego.

Our illusionary world is merely consciousness clothed in the garment of physicality. There might be different “styles” of clothes, perhaps, but the same force of consciousness lies beneath the garment. Make no mistake.

For instance, negative consciousness can manifest as a specific physical sickness caused by some bacteria or virus. Or it might manifest as a corrupt political government or movement or a violent group of religious extremists. All of it causes pain, darkness and sorrow to humankind.

We nourish the realm of negative consciousness with each act of individual self-interest and reactivity. The more reactive and selfish we are, the greater our influence on the swirling forces of negative consciousness that permeate and influence our world.

As humanity continues in its selfish ways, the negative forces intensify, the darkness expands and it exerts greater influence over us. This causes even more reactive behavior and more egocentric actions, which feed the dark forces further.

Suddenly, we see a pattern developing.

Suddenly, an Ebola virus appears and its destructiveness is unspeakable compared to previous viruses.

Suddenly ISIS appears and its destructiveness is unspeakable compared to previous terrorist organizations.

Make no mistake, beneath ISIS and Ebola is negative consciousness to the highest degree caused by the collective negative actions of humankind. Me. You. Everyone we know.

This “virus” of negative consciousness can also manifest as a cyber warfare or the crashing of our financial system or the disease that has become our global weather system.

Different clothes, but the same underlying cause: Negativity and selfishness and intolerance between one human being towards another.

If we continue in our ways, the next virus will be worse than Ebola, and the next group of religious extremists and terrorists will be even worse than ISIS.

Get the picture?

Things will continue to spiral downward on all fronts until we finally wake up and learn our lesson.

Life is not about how famous we become. Life is not about celebrity and consumerism and how popular we are.

Life is about treating others with dignity by learning to overcome the influence of ego. When that is achieved, then we will all achieve our dreams and attain a realm of pleasure and transcendent human existence that is unimaginable.

But of course, the role and purpose of ego is to invite cynicism and ignite skepticism about the fundamental role of consciousness and the other truths presented here.

That’s how we exercise free will and earn the exalted world that awaits us, right here on earth.

This latest Ebola breakout and violent rampage of ISIS is a warning.

We either destroy the influence of the ego, or viruses and extremists and war and weather will destroy much of humankind.

It begins and ends with consciousness.

Only the Zohar elevates our consciousness.

Only Kabbalah gives us the tools and technology to bring Light to Darkness and to empower all peoples, of all faiths with this Light and positive consciousness so that this infusion of Light will smother the darkness,  snuffing it out, once and for all.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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18 Responses

  1. Hans Lakowski says:

    Thank you for sharing this! Hans

  2. Hans Lakowski says:

    please send me Information about new Posts.

  3. damien says:

    Thank you Billy!!!

  4. Elias says:

    I was there with you Billy, until, you wrote *only* the Zohar…*only* Kabbalah. I’m delighted you found something that works for you, clearly your students agree. However, the Zohar and Kabbalah are only a few tools of many available. As in any tool kit, tools come in different shapes and sizes, designed for different users. They all get the job done (if in fact they are tools ). It is their implementation that’s essential in the actual doing. The language and consciousness of *only* does not serve you, as it promotes the ego consciousness in your K-students (something the ego so desperately wants) and creates separation between K-students and others working hard toward the same goal (the end of death and suffering/unity of all beings). As they say, you can know the maker, by his mark. And I say that you can also know the maker by the implementation of his tools.

    • The Zohar is the Light and Energy that Moses tapped into on Mount Sinai 3400 years ago and it belongs to all people. It’s universal. It’s like saying only oxygen gives us the substance we need to breathe to stay alive and prosper and grow and live life to the fullest. The same way the sun shines on all people and not just one group of people.

    • Though it may be uncomfortable to hear, it’s imperative to share the Kabbalistic viewpoint because it saves lives. Check out my blog and see what the Zohar accomplished during World War II in Morocco. People were warned to have the Zohar in the 1930’s but the rabbis refused to share it and ridiculed the Zohar and these claims of being the only way to truly protect yourself from the evil and darkness that took place during WWll. I am not the first to say this about the Zohar. The greatest minds of the scientific revolution including Isaac Newton, Wilhem Leibniz, Mercury Van Helmont and other brilliant physicists all believed the Zohar was the Prsica Theologia, the primordial wisdom that bring paradise to earth and unite all humankind, as well as religion and science. But dont believe me or them. Test it. See if the Zohar and its teachings bring protection, blessing, change and transformation to your life. There are countless miracles stories throughout history about this.

      Make no mistake, the Zohar belongs to all mankind! So it does NOT exclude anyone but on the contrary, includes and embraces all peoples.

  5. Kevin says:

    I enjoyed reading it until the word “only” too. It is distracting because it takes a universal position of “enlightenment” and then seems to exclude that position. It is distracting. It is positive to have the debate of “only” and when it is appropriate. My belief is that enlightenment elevates consciousness. If you can only get there by way of Zohar, I feel excluded and I do not think that was the intent but that is what one is left with when one reads the word “only”. I think overall it is a piece worth developing and include the events of Ferguson that now entered our collective consciousness but edit the ending. You do not have to deliver the point with a hammer. The title already says it.

    • lindy says:

      No need to feel excluded! Maybe you feel a connection to the Zohar and that’s why this hit home. What about going out of your comfort zone and giving the Zohar a try–the Zohar is a tool for EVERYBODY. What can you lose? What might you gain?

  6. lindy says:

    Amazing, Billy! Thank you! I needed to hear this.

  7. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for this article and comments. The power of The Zohar is not in question.. when sharing this information with friends on FB and they then share with their friends who may not know about Kabbalah and Zohar the word only can represent religion or something and close what was an open mind. The article definitely increases the desire to be a part of this elevated consciousness..to know more.
    Many people have found an individual path to spirituality where they experience a degree of transformation.
    To openly approach the Zohar as an ancient sacred text would surely become a daily way of life!
    Your comments are so helpful with this understanding..redundant for you perhaps but necessary on the FB newsfeed. 🙂

    “Make no mistake, the Zohar belongs to all mankind! So it does NOT exclude anyone but on the contrary, includes and embraces all peoples.”

  8. Michael Cawthorne says:

    Mr Billy Phillups,

    Ego wants the “ONLY” To Remain.

  9. Michael Cawthorne says:

    Lets not complicate the cornflakes.

    “Only the Zohar elevates our consciousness.”

    This statement is not truth.

    “The Zohar elevates our consciousness.”


    Allowing me to see the Beauty in you.

    • by elevating our consciousness, i do not mean becoming wiser. the zohar is specific about this: that only the zohar and its path, and all that that entails, which includes the tools of Torah, have the singular power to transform the darkness in our spirit and being, into Lightness of being for those that the Torah call The Israelites. Only this path will transform “Selfish Desire to Receive” into a “Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing with all Humankind.” There are other paths and wisdoms that raise our consciousness. But to utterly elevate and transform it, the Zohar says specifically, as do the Kabbalists of history, ONLY the Light of Zohar will finally uproot our negativity, self interest and relentless influence of our ego, into a driving ambition that only seeks to serve ones fellow man without agenda and with unconditional love. You can disagree, but your debate is not with me. I am sharing what the Zohar and Kabbalah teaches. Its not me who is saying only. It is me sharing what the Zohar says and promises. Further, other paths might raise our consciousness, but ONLY the Zohar provides us with the power to reach the tipping point of transformation of human consciousness. Period. We can agree to disagree. But thats what it says. By the way, it would be far more profound to see the beauty in me when we disagree, not when we agree. 🙂

      Disagreeing with mutual respect and dignity and seeing the divine spark and beauty in each other is called elevated consciousness.

  10. Michael Cawthorne says:

    …on second thought, I can see I’m taking myself too serious.
    I apologize.


  11. Danny Adams says:

    Got to agree that your statement causes separation to a certain extent. for instance Buddhism promotes the same thing through different teachings.

  12. laurie says:

    The problem first is that we have not revealed the evil within the Medical world. The growth and direction and not all but much of what has been created was done so out of greed and from a place of not seeing the true reality. Ebola is not a virus, cancer is not what they say it is. If we don’t start seeing the true reality of nature and illness and how the existing system was built from a corrupted reality we have no hope. You are wrong , its not that we get these things because we are corrupted, they exits because wwe are corrupted and don’t see what they really are!

  13. Stefania Barzi says:

    Thank you very much Billy! It is so amazing your work!! and as students of kabbalah we understand very well the all meaning of your article. What is the problem for someone?! Is it about one single word as “only”? why focusing in this word among the others!? Yes, the wisdom of kabbalah is the only wisdom can elevate the consciousness to change every bad situation into a good one, it can change everything in the right way, that is the way of the tree of Life! “Life”: do you appreciate this wonderful word? The Zohar is written in Aramaic that is the only language, the only language! by which you can be able to elevate your consciousness, and effect good changes because the hebrew letters are the only tools, are DNA of the entire Universe! and because of that they are the ONLY tool to make the change! the hebrew letters and the combinations of them, are the keys to effect a true and lasting change! Don’t make mistake, as Billy said!! It is not my opinion, and It is not Billy Phillip’s opinion: it is the Truth, it ‘s the Wisdom of Truth. Use the Zohar, use the wisdom of kabbalah, use the hebrew letters, and if you are a no-beliver you will find out the truth!

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