The horrific terrorist attack in Istanbul is now making headlines across the Internet and on all the news channels. Not too long before, it was the tragedy in Orlando. Almost week after week there is one form of catastrophe after another.

One week before 9/11, Kabbalist Rav Berg  asked everyone sitting in the Kabbalah Centre on Saturday morning: “What is a catastrophe?” The Rav then explained that people call an event a catastrophe if death happens all at once and in the same location. The Rav said that if 1000 people die in one location because of an accident we call it a catastrophe. But when 500,000 people die over the course of a year, in various parts of the country, all because of smoking, why aren’t we calling smoking and the legalization and existence of tobacco companies a catastrophe?

The Rav said this is how the Adversary (the force called Satan) fools us. He spreads death out over time. He places the victims who are dying throughout the world so that we do not connect the dots and feel the drama of death. Just imagine if all 500,000 people who die from smoking each year, were congregated in one place at the same time?

The Adversary uses “time” and “space” to blind us to the true darkness in our world. This way we do not see the disaster and catastrophe that is happening right in front of our eyes.

Then the dark force in our world uses the drama of catastrophes on TV to keep us blinded to the other and far worse disasters taking place on a human scale. This way both disasters keep on happening.

Events like earthquakes, airplane accidents, acts of terror, tornadoes and nuclear accidents occur because we do not perceive the catastrophes and disasters that we cause when we hurt the other people in our lives each day. How?


Each of us “spills blood” when we embarrass another human being. Every day billions of people allow their ego to shame other people, to cheat other people. We allow injustice to happen to other people. We do not rise up against the day-to-day negative actions that occur. We believe that if we only steal a little bit, or curse or scream at a person only when we’re angry, or talk slander only when the person really deserves it, this will have no effect on the world — certainly not a disaster like a terrorist attack, a nuclear meltdown or earthquake.


That’s the trick.

That’s the deception.

The message of the Rav on that Saturday morning before 9/11 was clear: We don’t realize that our individual negative actions of ego accumulate. They build up. The grow and expand. And then, they feed the collective dark force on a global scale. That added darkness is what fuels the madness and inhuman behavior that we now see as terrorists attacks. It’s all connected. And we are all responsible for it, to one degree or another.

When a disaster strikes on the news, we all react and feel the pain. Make no mistake; we do need to react and take action to help with global catastrophes and tragic events that appear on the news. But JUST as important, we need to take action and feel the pain from all the disasters and catastrophes that happen in the world each day of our lives. We have to fight the darkness in our world by fighting the darkness in our own soul.


It’s the small things. It’s always about the small things.

The large dramatic disasters only happen when the small egocentric actions of individuals accumulate and reach a critical mass. When we raise our consciousness and truly see the impact that our individual behavior has upon the world, the world-at-large will change.

Yes, we should send in food, money, prayers, water, Zohars and other aid to people, cities and countries when a disaster occurs.

But just as important, the Rav is saying we need to start living differently in our own day-to-day behavior towards others. Right now. We need to fight the future chaos and prevent tomorrow’s catastrophe before it appears on CNN. Our actions and behavior matter. They count. They affect everything. They change everything. The only reason it’s hard to detect our influence at every moment is because the rest of the world is also affecting the entire world and changing everything each and every moment.

The state of our world is merely the sum total of our interactions with one another.

But the stronger our consciousness is, in regards to wanting the truly change things for the better, the more impact we can have in the world right now.


By fighting our ego in the next minute. By not having to be right all the time. By conceding a point in an argument. By not judging someone, even if they deserve it. By doing small acts of uncomfortable sharing. By spending 5 minutes meditating upon the Zohar sharing Light with friends and enemies. By sharing Zohars with others. By offering tolerance to foes and competitors. By offering dignity to people when they make us burn with anger.

We must use the Zohar to direct our ego and ambition, which is solely directed towards the self, and start directing a portion of it to serve the welfare of others. Even if just a little bit.

Soon the world will come to realize that all of our talents were given to us for the purpose of causing happiness in other peoples lives.

Soon the world will come to the realization that we did not come to this existence to make our own dreams come true.

We came here to make OTHER people’s dreams come true.

And THEN the rest of the billions of people in our world will work to make our dreams come true as well.

That’s the trick.


This is the secret to creating heaven on earth and experiencing profound technological, biological, sociological breakthroughs in the world that will transform everything in ways we dare not imagine. When we all work to make other people’s dreams come true, we will uncover the secrets to healing cancer, curing death and finding the spiritual and physical technologies to create a perfected world where all hatred and sadness give way to perpetual happiness and biological immortal existence.

A simple shift in consciousness—from taking to giving—will turn the world into a true paradise. The Kabbalists tell us when we reach that critical mass of inner change, a curtain will come down and true reality will emerge. All of our loved ones who’ve departed will be there standing before us, as if we just woke from a bad dream. We will realize with stunning clarity that this life and the last six millennia were just a temporary dream to give us the opportunity and ability to transform from reactive to proactive. We will realize that our enemies were never our real enemies — it was the internal ego the whole time inciting all warfare. It was the Adversary’s consciousness within us that was igniting the hatred that my so-called enemy had for me, and the anger and return hatred that I had for my enemy.

None of it was real. None of it.

But in order to evolve our consciousness through our own effort, we had go through this evolutionary learning process so that we could become the very cause and creators of our new and true reality.

I know. It’s hard to envision such a wondrous world at this point in time. But this is the promise and power of the Zohar.

Remaining with the destructive consciousness of “me first” will allow the terror attacks and the earthquakes, poverty, wars and loneliness to continue to afflict our lives. We will remain blind to the true catastrophes that afflict our fellow-man, such as cancer, poverty, child abuse, human trafficking and other forms of darkness that affect tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions.

We will remain glued to our TV sets agonizing over the latest terror attacks. Both kinds of catastrophes—the ones that affect dozens of people in one location, and the ones that affect tens of millions all over the world throughout the year—will continue to torment our souls.

It’s time to wake up. Kindness and inner transformation are not about morals and ethics. Not in the least!

It’s about enlightened greed for our soul. We can achieve paradise by transforming and treating others with dignity and ending the ego’s rule over our lives.

And remember, that ego (The Adversary) has one job right now — to convince us that the ego cannot possibly be the cause of earthquakes and nuclear meltdowns and terrorist attacks. The Adversary is the one that makes it difficult to believe that a perfected world of eternal happiness is hiding behind a curtain.

The Adversary’s time has come to an end.

It’s time to doubt our doubt and end the rule of the dark side once and for all.

Let the ego go.

And watch the world transform.

To waste such an opportunity would be a catastrophe.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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    Thank you Billy. xx

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    Well written and very interesting. We can all keep trying to be better people!

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