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Ready for the hard truth?

You sure?

I mean, are you really sure?


2000 years ago, a handful of negative Jews ran to the Roman Government and ratted out Rabbi Akiva for teaching Kabbalah.

Akiva was then skinned alive.

Another one ran to the government and squealed on Kabbalist Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai because he spoke truth.

Rabbi Shimon hid in a cave for 13 years.

Kabbalist Yehuda ben Baba was sliced by 300 arrows.

Kabbalist Rabbi Ishmael had his face (not his head) sliced off.

It didn’t end there.

Some Jews went to the government speaking about Rabbi Yehoshua (Jesus).

They made up lies about his true Kabbalistic Torah teachings.

Called him a criminal.

He was hung on Passover eve.

This is what’s been going on for two thousand years.

Jews ran to the authorities in Germany and Italy.

Back in the 18th century.

They made false claims about a great Kabbalist.

An Italian.

Rav Moses Chaim Luzzatto.

They excommunicated him.

In Frankurt.

In Italy.

Burned his Zohar.

Drove him from his homeland.

So whose fault is it?

Is it the people who ratted out the Kabbalists and slandered them?


It was the people’s fault.

They refused to rise up.

Refused to speak up.

Because part of speaking up is leaving the ego at the door and speaking from the heart.

Ain’t easy.

Good news.

Now it’s now time for the world to change.

This time, the people will speak.

This time our voices speak.

You speak.

We speak.


Read it.

Share it.

If you love what you read, and do not share it, you are taking.

You are not giving.

Big mistake.

You must share it.



Or the mistakes of history will repeat.

To share an article, to share a miracle story, to share any truth from this website IS to speak up.

Wanna know a secret?

A really, really cool secret?

In the Torah is a strange instruction.

From God.

To Moses.

God said to Moses, “Speak to the rock and water will come out.”

Moses hit the rock, instead.

Moses didn’t speak to the rock.

The Zohar is clear about this: the water that comes from the rock isn’t water.

It’s wisdom.

Kabbalah wisdom.

The Zohar’s wisdom.

The Torah story wasn’t really about water.

Water is just a code word.

Every Kabbalist knows that.

The story was about the revealing and sharing of wisdom.

What wisdom?

The raw, naked power of the Zohar.

So why did Moses hit the rock?

Why did Moses not speak to the rock?

Because the people’s consciousness was not yet ready.

They had doubts.

They weren’t prepared to go all the way.

They wanted to take.

Not share.

They wanted to go, “Wow, this is amazing.”

Instead, they should have shared it with someone else so that another person can go, “Wow, this is amazing.”

Get it?

If not read it again.

So here we are.

A few millennia later.

And we still need to fix that.


We need to speak to the rock and bring forth water; to water and nourish the earth.

The rock is planet earth.

Third rock from the sun.

The water is Kabbalah.

And the source and bottomless well of this wisdom is the Zohar.

This whole website is a stream, a river, a sea and an ocean—if enough of us speak.

Share the people’s miracle stories that appear on this site.


Speak up loud.

Speak up strong.

Don’t just read and go “wow.”

Make someone else go “wow.”

Words have power.

Sharing is speaking.

Now go change the world.

And water the earth!