Wanna know a secret?

A really, really cool secret?

In the Torah there is a strange instruction.

From God.

To Moses.

God said to Moses, “Speak to the rock and water will come out.”

Moses didn’t speak to the rock.

Moses hit the rock, instead.

The Zohar is clear about this: the water that comes from the rock isn’t water.

It’s wisdom.

Kabbalah wisdom.

The Zohar’s wisdom.

The Torah story wasn’t really about water.

Water is just a code word.

Every Kabbalist knows that.

The story was about the revealing and sharing of wisdom.

What wisdom?

The raw, naked power of the Zohar.

So why did Moses hit the rock?

Why did Moses not speak to the rock?

The hitting of the rock is a metaphor for physical, materiality.

Speaking is a metaphor for consciousness.

Moses hit the rock because the people’s consciousness was not yet ready to achieve control over the world.

They had doubts.

They weren’t prepared to go all the way.

They weren’t prepared to give up the ego.

Because in order to unleash the power of consciousness, you have to reel in the ego and dismantle it.

For good.

Instead, the people just wanted to take.

Not share.

They wanted to make their own dreams come true instead of making other people’s dreams come true.

The key is to make other people’s dreams come true.

Then billions of people in the world will be working to make your dreams come true.

That’s the formula and wisdom that was gushing forth from the rock.

But the ego of the people made them want to take selfishly.

Instead of sharing selflessly.

Get it?

If not read it again.

Okay—now it’s time to flash forward.

Some sixteen centuries later.

 Ready for a hard and harsh truth?

You sure?

I mean, are you really sure?


2000 years ago, the Romans outlawed the literal and mystical teachings of the Torah.


The wisdom and technology that would strip away selfishness and leave only kindness in the hearts of humanity.

One day, a handful of negative Jews ran to the Roman Government and ratted out Rabbi Akiva for teaching Kabbalah to his students.

Akiva was then skinned alive by the Romans.

His flesh was torn off.

From head to toe.

A gruesome, diabolical death.

Another one ran to the Roman government and squealed on Kabbalist Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai because he spoke truth out in public.

Rabbi Shimon took refuge in a cave for 13 years.

Kabbalist Yehuda ben Baba was sliced by 300 arrows by Roman soldiers.

Kabbalist Rabbi Ishmael had his face (not his head) sliced off.

It didn’t end there.

Some Jews went to the Roman government speaking bad about Kabbalist Rabbi Yehoshua (Jesus).

They made up lies about his true Kabbalistic Torah teachings.

Jesus tried to hide the truth of what he was doing  by only revealing these Kabbalistic secrets to his closest disciples.

To the masses, he spoke in parable to conceal the power of what he was revealing to the world.

But the Jews called him a criminal.

He was hanged on Passover eve.

Which is why the New Testament says: “”The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.” (Acts 5.30.)

And also: “And we are witnesses of all things which he [Jesus] did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree” (Acts 10.39.)

And also: “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness” (Peter 2.24.)

And also: “And when they had fulfilled all that was written of him, they took him down from the tree, and laid him in a sepulchre.” (Acts 13.29.)

Akiva and Rabbi Shimon had tried to bring Kabbalah to the Jews.

To turn them into Israelites.

Jesus mission was to bring Kabbalah to the pagan and gentile nations.

To bring them salvation from the darkness and chaos of the world.

But all these great Kabbalistic sages were stopped. Dead in their tracks.

Which is why the world continued to burn for the last twenty centuries.

Flash forward to the 18th century.

Jews ran to the authorities in Germany and Italy.

They made false claims about a great Kabbalist.

An Italian.

Rav Moses Chaim Luzzatto.

They excommunicated him.

In Frankfurt.

In Italy.

Burned his Zohar.

Buried his writings in a graveyard.

Drove him from his homeland.

So whose fault is it?

Is it the people who ratted out the Kabbalists and slandered them?

Is it the fault of the persecutors?


It was the people’s fault.

They refused to rise up.

Refused to speak up.

Because part of speaking up is leaving the ego at the door and speaking from the heart and being willing to take the heat.

Ain’t easy.

Good news.

Now it’s now time for the world to change.

This time, the people will speak.

This time our voices speak.

You speak.

We speak.

It’s time bring the secret teachings of Jesus to the entire world.

It’s time to bring the technology and wisdom of Rabbi Shimon to the Children of Israel.

It’s time to speak to everyone.


Read it.

Share it.

If you love what you read, and you do not share it, you are taking.

You are not giving.

Big mistake.

You must share it.



Or the mistakes of history will repeat.

To share an article, to share a miracle story, to share any truth from this website IS to speak up.

And we still need to fix that.

The only reason the Messiah and world peace has not yet arrived is because we have not brought this Light to the entire world.

Only when a critical mass of people are empowered with the wisdom of Kabbalah and they achieve true, inner, deep fulfillment, only then will the  Messiah arrive to forever banish all darkness and death.

It’s up to us. It always has been.

Jesus gave the nations of the world the path and teachings.

It’s all rooted in the Zohar. Every single word.

Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Akiva revealed the wisdom that can  forever transform the Jews of the world into a true spiritual kingdom of Israelites.

The time has come to speak.


We need to speak to the rock and bring forth water; to water and nourish the earth.

The rock is planet earth.

Third rock from the sun.

The water is Kabbalah.

And the source and bottomless well of this wisdom is the Zohar.

This whole website is a stream, a river, a sea and an ocean—if enough of us speak.

Share the people’s miracle stories that appear on this site.


Speak up loud.

Speak up strong.

Don’t just read and go “wow.”

Make someone else go “wow.”

Words have power.

Sharing is speaking.

Now go change the world.

By watering the earth!

With the wisdom of Jesus, the wisdom of Akiva, the wisdom of Rabbi Shimon.

And let’s finish what they started.





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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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32 Responses

  1. Malkahs@yahoo.com says:

    Actually, this is inaccurate, while I commend you for hour desire to bring the inner light of Torah to the world it is important to be accurate. During the period of Rabbi Akiva it was the Hellenised faction of the Notrim sect that aligned with the Romans. The sect which grew from Yeshu hanotzri had split into two factions, those who kept to Halacha and those who abandoned it. By this time the vast majority of them were not even halachically Jewish. They appealed to the Romans against the other faction and many Righteous Jews were brutally masacared. In including Rabbi Akiva.
    Those Hellenised Notrim had a deal with the Romans and that was they would give them their ‘book’ their book was a collection of writings including Egyptian magical Incantations which the Hellenised faction of the Notrim used in their prayers. This gave the Romans access to Jewish teaching all be it teaching that was encased in klippot. From there grew Christian theology.

    • Thank you for the comment. I am sharing what the Kabbalists teach and why it happened. The Kabbalists, like Moses David Valle, former teacher, then colleague of the Ramchal (Moses Chaim Luzzatto) says Jesus was the Messiah of his generation sent to bring the soul of Torah to the pagan and gentile world. But they made up repugnant lies about his teachings. On a bigger picture, Christianity was set up to hold within it the secrets of Kabbalah for fear of their destruction after the killing of the Rabbis and the destruction of the Temple. This was ALSO God’s way of fulfilling the decree that the Israelites be exiled among idol worshipping nations. Christianity, taken literally, appears to be idol worshipping. Through the lens of Kabbalah it is pure Zohar and Torah. Son of God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Golgotha etc., all originate in the Zohar (see my lecture for explanations). This would provide the assimilated Israelites and future gentiles who would embrace this new religion with an umbilical cord to the true Torah, in a concealed way, while also creating an idol worshipping “nation” for the Israelites’ exile. This would also make the arrival of the Messiah in the distant future easier for the Christians to accept because it’s all Kabbalah. And so when Kabbalah is finally revealed at the End of Days, they will embrace it, and thus, the power of the Zohar will pave the way for the Final Redemption. That is where we are now. How the events played out in the details of the physical reality is secondary. Scholars have their interpretation and viewpoints but the Kabbalists tell us the big picture. And the big picture here, the point of this very article is not to get into a scholarly debate about the political events that had occurred but rather to empower people and ignite a call to action to finally, once and for all, share the the Light of Torah, the soul of the Torah, which is the Zohar, with the entire world. Why? That is the ONLY way, says Kabbalah, to ensure that the redemption of the world occurs through mercy, as opposed to judgement. The Zohar says that those who embrace it will be attached to the Tree of Life and will not suffer at the End of Days. Blessings and Judgment will co-exist side by side. We want to ensure as many people as possible find themselves on the side of blessings. Look around. The world is getting crazier by the minutes. And there are amazing things also happening in the world through the power of the Zohar. Since the Zohars were planted on the Atlantic coast of Florida 5-6 years ago, not a single hurricane as struck South Florida. After we surrounded the exclusion zone in Chernobyl with Zohars and 25 tons of Kabbalah water, the levels of radioactive Strontium 90 and Ceaesium 137 decreased and now life is blooming in Chernobyl and scientists have no clue as to why. I can tell you hundreds and thousands of stories in peoples’ individual lives who have experienced insane miracles in their lives thanks to the arrival of the Zohar. All we need to do is battle doubt, and cynicism, and share this wisdom with others. Because that is what the Israelites were called to do back on Mount Sinai. Change themselves and draw down the Or Ganuz, the Hidden Light, the Zohar, and then become a Light Unto all the Nations of the World. Living Kabbalah and sharing Zohar is what turns us into that beacon of Light.

  2. Andy Henik says:

    Dear Billy,
    I usually agree with you, and mostly you even take my breath away, but this time you went so fast, people can understand things the wrong way, and instead creating love, even deepener their hate for jews. You wrote that Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai had to hide 13 years in a cave, since he was wanted by the romans.
    Well that sounds like someone being afaid he might get cought, which does not sound so heroicly like somone who finished to write the Zohar.
    Some might think he was not such a great person after all, since people always think in the material way, from thair Ego.
    So it is important to give a little bit of historic information about this spiritual leader.
    About Jesus, you write what the holy church writes in the second testament, that the jews betrayed Jesus, and gave him to the Romans. Latest historians said, there was no Jesus, because there are no remaining Facts of his existance, and even if there was, it were not the jews that betrayed him, but the Romans them selfs wanted him dead, because he was a threat to the Roman Empire, since the Roman Emperor declaired him self a God, and a simple person such as Jesus could never compare to him, so they had to eliminate him, and they made it in pulic, so that no one would dare to call him self a Son of God again. So the whole process was actually made by the Romans them selfs, who had spy’s everywere, and yes some of them were jews, but not the whole population like the church likes to say. As Constantin changed his religion into christianity, he changed the books of all believing christian groups into what seemed right for him, and in order to show the Romans as a humain culture, it was easier to blame the jews for all the crimes the Romans had done. Remember what Nero has done to early Christiens, the same he did to the jews. Before Constantine, the jews and the Christians lived peacefully side by side, after that moment all history changed, and the jews where hated everywere. Ego is not just a part of the jews, it is something they ambrased after they where concered and being told to pray to other gods. They where not always a peacefull nation, but they tryed to do the right thing. Some how they lost the way, which is meaningly a part of their journey to find the way back today. Hope it’s not too late, because hate still rules in this nation, and many are mislead by their Ego. So this country full of Energy is about to explode pretty soon, or else we find a way to harmony and peace, Love and care. Have a nice weekend
    Kindest Regards
    Andy Henik

    • Thanks for writing Andy. I understand your point about Rabbi Shimon. Rabbi Shimon took refuge in a cave to bring down the Light of Zohar. The Romans killed all the Kabbalists but they could not touch a hair of Rabbi Shimon because he IS the Zohar, which is the Light of Immortality. I dont really concern myself what historians say about Jesus. I only care what the Kabbalists say.The Kabbalists say Jesus was the Messiah, son of Joseph. And Rav Berg always says the Romans are the effect, not the cause. The Romans are the “stick” not the hand that swings the stick to cause bodily harm. Scholars and historians and everyone cannot understand a word of Christianity or history without grasping Kabbalah so most have no clue as to what the truth really is. Constantine was an effect, not the cause. The birth of Christianity was an effect, not the cause. Read my response above to the other comment to grasp the ultimate point of this article. The Kabbalists and Zohar blame the Jews, the Israelites, Me, You, when we refuse to use the Torah, and Zohar and wisdom of Kabbalah to transform ourselves. The Zohar and the Kabbalists, like Rabbi Moses Cordevero (the Ramak) blames the religious establishment, the Rabbis and anti kabbalists for the exile, and all the suffering in teh world, including earthquakes and destruction of all kinds. I said it was a harsh and hard truth. But it’s also the quickest way to end all death and pain in the world because the moment you, as an individual, and me, as an individual, and the Israelites as one “people” accept responsibility and become the CAUSE of all chaos, we immediately empower ourselves to become the CAUSE of a solution. The world hates the Israelites when we are victims. The world embraces the Israelites when we become the cause and a beacon of Light. The Zohar says the Israelites are the heart of humanity and if the heart does not pump enough blood (Light) to the other nations, sickness and disease strike the body. The world has been enduring a spiritual heart attack for 2000 years. The world has been suffering with spiritual gangrene for twenty centuries. Instead of debating political history and “religious’ events of history, let’s spend that same five minutes scanning Zohar, finding our own negativity, and sharing Light with our Christian, Israelite and Muslim brothers. That’s all that matters because that is all that is left to do to bring about the end of pain.
      Do we want to win an argument or do we want to end pain? Do we want to debate the events that influenced Constantine or end the reign of terror and corruption that afflicts governments worldwide right now? To end all pain is to share the Zohar and transform ourselves, one individual at a time. That is the fast track to peace. We can never blame governments or others for any chaos, as hard as that is to do. The Zohar, the Baal Shem Tov and all Kabbalists tell us to find the cause INSIDE ourselves for any chaos and pain that we witness around us. Its hard. I know. Its really Hard. I fail every day. But i keep trying.


  4. Nicolas says:

    But he answered and said, I was not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. (Mateus 15:24-25)How you can say that He comes to all the pagans and gentile world?

    • Nicolas, I did not say that Jesus came to all the pagans and gentile world. That is what the Kabbalists say, specifically the Messiah Son of David, Rabbi Moses David Valle who lived in the 18th century. He teaches that. I just share what the Kabbalists say.

    • Archie says:

      …. And we are the lost sheep of the house of Israel – the pagans and gentile world.

  5. Jaime De Los Reyes says:

    Grandiosas sus enseñanazas Billy. Agradezco a Usted, al Centro de Kabbalah, y a la familia Berg, por la hermosa posibilidad que nos encontremos Judíos, Cristianos, Musulmanes, etc. Bajo un mismo techo, y como parte de un gran cuerpo.

  6. Dear Philip,
    Thank you for sharing what you know.
    In what writings do the Kabbalists talk about Jesus? Is there any references to Jesus in the Zohar or even in the Talmud?
    I wonder if the sages left clues to conceal the light.

    • I will reveal that answer in the lecture October 4th. Basically the Kabbalist Rabbi Moses David Valle (Messiah son of David in his generation, according to Ramchal) and Kabbalist Eli Benamozegh, Rav Isaac Luria, the Zohar etc. all reveal secrets about the origins of Christianity and Jesus.

  7. charles kaplan says:

    You have some interesting things here Billy, but there is much error. You are looking at this through the lens of your prior learning and have not yet learned to see the truth as it really is. You are making the same mistake as Cain in that you are offering up an inferior sacrifice. You are holding the Zohar to be above all else, including Jesus, and God will reject that. There are a few more years to get it right, but that’s it. Keep learning and don’t be scared to learn the truth. You may ask who am I to comment on this and I will tell you, but this will be my only post. I am he of whom you speak. You can ask the Rav if you want. Shalom

    • I merely share what the Kabbalists teach. These are not my views or my opinions. What I post are the views of the Kabbalists — notably the Messiah Son of David of the 18th century, the Kabbalist Rabbi Moses David Valle among many others.

  8. Billy,
    I was looking for something else online, when I was led here. I know there are no coincidences. It is time we communicate.
    I read your post and found that at last I had found someone who understood the fact that Jesus was a kabbalist.
    I was blessed one evening while singing on a local Christian television program a song called,
    “Rise Again”. While I was singing I found myself flooded inside and out with light. It was a living intelligent loving light that knew me. I don’t know any better way to describe the experience. There I was on live TV cry with love and joy, sobbing out the song feeling a love coming from me and mingled with a love coming into me.
    Shortly after that I began researching, and now trying my best to sincerely study Kabbalah. I just want to thank you for verbalizing what has been revealed to me and validating what I have known about Jesus instinctively. Someday I will have the money to buy my on 23 volumes of the Zohar. In the meantime, I scan the 72 names nightly, and being a Catholic Priest, I now wear a medallion with the 72 names and the 10 commandents inscribed, but in secret, Church Authorities being what they are.
    Monsignor Michael Lyles, s.s.c.; A.O.C.C.

    • Monsignor there is a scholarship program at the kabbalah center for people who cannot afford it,you can also go to Zohar.com and download the entire Zohar,and the UKabbalah.com.which have a free classes for a period,or Kabbalah center international.com
      Love you Billy for sharing the teachings of our beloved Rav.

    • Thanks for posting your comment Monsignor. I will email you directly shortly.

  9. Yossef says:

    Interesante, pero siempre haces mención sobre lo que los cabalistas dicen o esta escrito. Tu eres un cabalista?? Entones tu a través de la sabiduría tienes discernimiento?? Cuál es tu punto personal??? Saludos

  10. Penny says:

    Dear Billy,
    You are opening an interesting conversation but I must say, when others disagree or offer nuanced alternative understandings, you remain firm. You are showing a side of you ego that needs to be right, 100% right, and this negates your authority as an advanced kabbalah student.

  11. Lloyd says:

    Wow!!! This was AMAZING!!! Thanks Billy for your tremendous efforts in bridging the gap between Christianity and Kabbalah. I will share this with my Christian friends here and in Jamaica for the Jamaica Zohar Project! HaShem Bless You!

  12. yael says:

    I am a student of Kabbalah since 10 years ,but I first needet to learn english properly ( and still learn) and every study is even more difficult because of the language bariere . I am german and I wish they would be some Kabbalah classe in germany ,but NOT . I cant shere this wisdom or article because most of my german friends and Famalz will not understand it in english …this is so very sad….I have tried a loot of klasses …very disapointing . I came to Israel because I wanted to study and ONLY here I found finaly the food for my hungry soul . Again what a loos for thous that dont understand enough english ,the have hardly a good chance to learn an benefit.

  13. Tony Martin says:

    I heard that there is a portion in the Zohar that desribes a’ Messiah son of Joseph will be rejected, and thrusted through and killed’, (by some Satanic entity) and then ‘after “2 days” Messiah son of David revives him’. Can you tell me wher in the Zohar that is and maybe expound upon it?

    • Many Kabbalists discuss the roles of Messiah, son of Joseph and Messiah, son of David. There is a lot writing on it. In the Zohar you can read, for instance, the portion of Shlach Lecha, section twenty, which discusses the death of Messiah, son of Joseph by the hand of the King of Persia. However, these are all coded statements that have many layers of meaning. You can also read in more detail about the coming of the Messiah in the Zohar book of Shemot, section fifteen. Hope this helps. By the way, the real war is fought on the level of consciousness, according to Rav Ashlag. Its to so much a physical war on a battlefield. The battlefield always begins in the mind. Its the wisdom and consciousness that the Messiah wants to bring to the world that people rebel against.

  14. Mystical Wisdom says:

    While I agree with the majority of your post and the overall message you wish to convey, it is not about making people Israelites. That is the primary problem with the mindset of Kabbalists. It’s about freeing the mind, opening up to universal love and being of service to others. Seeing other selves as Self. One does not need to follow any religion to know God. One does not need to convert to Judaism. In fact, the most effective way to utilize Kabbalah and recognize that you are a Son of God and deep down you are the Creator, is to not identify with any particular religion. Truly I tell you, the Kingdom of God is within you. All religion has meaning. Eastern religions are more direct in their approach. The concept of Kundalini in Hinduism is very much similar to Kabbalah. Jesus was aware of both methods of thought, hence the beast that hath ten horns and seven heads in the Book of Revelation. He was referring to the subtle body of the chakras as well as the Tree of Life. While some may prefer to seek a Rabbi to gain wisdom as they have no starting point, others may feel the pull of the magnet, so to speak, without a teacher. One only needs the will to seek, the will to serve.

    Love and Light

  15. Mystical Wisdom says:

    Also, you may already know this but if not you may find this very interesting. There is much argument within the New Testament between Jesus and the Pharisees, known as the Woes of the Pharisees. During the time of Jesus, there were primarily two major Pharisaic schools. The House of Shammai and the House of Hillel. The House of Shammai believed only worthy students should be admitted to study Torah. The House of Hillel believed that Torah may be taught to anyone, in the expectation that they will repent and become worthy. The beliefs of Jesus were very much in alignment with Hillel the Elder, while the House of Shammai were those negative Jews you spoke of that ratted out the Jews teaching Kabbalah to the Gentiles. Those negative Jews are the people ruling the world today and the reason the Jewish people are so often despised. Thank the greed and manipulation of the Rothschilds for taking advantage of the human condition. The entire world could have free energy and poverty could end overnight if they weren’t such a sickening and disgustingly selfish people. They will not enter the kingdom of heaven and they stop others from entering. There is a special place reserved for them when they leave this life.

  16. Will says:

    Hi Billy,

    Great article. Can you tell me why at the Center we don’t really speak about Jesus or have a day of elevation for him ? HE was the Rav Ashlag of his time and an important Kabbalist.

    • The secrets about the true Jesus and his connection directly to Kabbalah and his role in the world are not to be revealed till the End of Days, so no one really knows much about the truth. But the Rav began speaking about this for years back in the late 90s and early 2000’s. And now we are beginning to reveal this wisdom.

    • Doron Maizel says:

      Yosef in the Torah was on a highly classified, secret mission from the Creator to save the world and Israel from starvation. Un be known even by his own brothers who had sold him to foreign slave traders, Yosef’s Israelite brothers went on to convince they’re father Yacov that Yosef was dead.

      After Yosef’s ’descension’ into Egyptian prison and then ’ascension’ to ’Viceroy of Egypt’, he became the most powerful man in the world at the time, second only to Pharoah himself. Yosef then went on to execute a plan that would save all of the gentile nations and then later Israel from starvation.

      When Yosef’s brothers came from Israel to talk to the Viceroy of Egypt about getting some food, they had no clue that it was theyr’e own brother Yosef. They did not ’recognize’ him. They were not suppose to recognize him. (Yet) The Creator always has a plan where timing is everything.

      After putting his brothers through a series of tests, Yosef wanted to see what kind of men that they had evolved into and to see if they had trully devolped hearts of Tshuvah (Repentance). After telling them to ’bring back to Egypt they’re youngest brother Benyamin’, and that ”you will not see my face until you bring back your youngest brother”, he sets them up in a bait and switch tactic with 20 pieces of silver. He then announces he is keeping Benyamin and to go back home. Judah, knowing that the news of Benyamin’s captivity would break they’re father Yacov’s heart and bring him to his grave, offers to take Benyamin’s place as a slave. (Kind of like a human ransome)

      Yosef, so moved with tears from the obvious state of Judah’s self sacraficing action, revealed himself to his brothers and declared to them that ’it was in the Creator’s plan all along to send out Yosef into the gentile world to make a posterity for them and a great salvation for the world’. (paraphrased) Yosef’s assumed Egyptian name even meant ’the saviour’.

      Likewise, Y’shua ben Yosef (Jesus) is not yet recognized by his own Israelite bretheren, was given over to the gentile world to be ’saviour’ of worldwide spiritual famine and has been feeding the nations with layman’s Kabbalistic teachings for two millenia. Unfortunately, the major meat of those teachings have been dilluted and hidden by various religious and political factions. But, keys unlock vaults that have other sets of keys in them as we draw closer to final Redemption. (Achieving critical mass)
      But as the honarable Billy Smith once said, ’we don’t know exactly who Jesus was but we soon will’ (paraphrased) and that the Reb. Valle (considered the Moshiach be David of his day) said that ”Y’shua (Jesus) was Moshiach ben Yosef” is quite a clue and revelation to his identity. (Hidden, and then revealed) Separated to fulfill his mission and then reunified. Redemption is a beautiful thing!
      Kabbalah means “the Recieved”. When we recieve Moshiach ben Yosef’s suffering as a beautiful necessity for final Redemption, we then will recieve the revelation of Moshiach ben David’s template of T’shuvah and spiritual conquest over the Satan (Ego). The Lamb was bound (the ego) like Isaac was (Moshiah ben Yosef hanged) and then the Lion emerges (Moshiach ben David) conquering darkness with Light. We are One. Moshiach is One. We are all part of Moshiach! Blessings

  17. Doron Maizel says:

    Correction from Doron Maizel’s last comment on Nov. 1, 2016. I wrote “the honorable Billy ‘Smith’ ” and it should be “the honorable Billy’ Phillips’.
    Sorry for the mix up.

  18. Limor Noy haagit says:

    Shimon bar yohachi hid because God told him so. He was so powerful that with his eyes he could ruin a person or a place. God asked bar yochai him “did i create the world so you will destroy it?” Bar yochai so his error and when the romans came looking for him he hid in a cave i think with his son. When he came out of the cave bar yohaci so how beautiful the world is. The romans however killed him.

  19. Sacha says:

    I was about to share this then deleted my post… because of anti semitic thoughts that are taught within Christian churches related to Jesus death .You know and I know…but you may want to included a buffer, background knowledge for Christians who may read this…they blame the Jews for killing him and have no interest, knowledge or understanding of him as a rabbi or a wisdom keeper of Kabbalah…let alone a jew. However, I think this post can begin to spark interest if you somehow, creatively adjust the parts about the jews running to the Romans…which I’m not too sure is all that accurate considering Jews would have been indoors that night for Pesach or in the temple because they were commanded to do so…fix it…maybe mention this then say a few spies, etc…

  20. Sacha says:

    to Mystical Wisdom…The House of Hillel is the ruling house in Israel today and has been since…

  21. Hester Aleph says:

    In fact Rabbi Akivah was a CONVERT. He was born an Edomite.

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