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As I mentioned previously when writing about Trump, I do not comment or share opinions about politics. Rather, I share the Kabbalistic wisdom that I learned and lived thanks to Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg. Trump simply provides a powerful spark plug that can help us grasp this ancient wisdom for reasons this article will make blatantly clear momentarily.

This is not about Trump the man. This is about Trump the phenomenon. The individual person, from the Kabbalistic perspective, is merely a pawn on the chessboard that is our world. He is a messenger. He is a reflection, a mirror and a spark plug, that ignites the engines that drive our world. This does not only apply to Trump. According to the Zohar, all members of government and the establishment, are mirrors of our individual interactions and current states of consciousness.

In other words, what truly makes the world turn are people like you and me. It is individual people, through their interactions with family, friends, and their relationships in the business world, that determines the state of the world. The state of our world is merely the sum total of our states of consciousness.


We influence and change the world with every single action we do — positive or negative. The reason we find it difficult, almost impossible, to detect our individual global-changing impact is because the person beside you also impacts the entire world at every moment. We all do. Each of us tips the entire world to the side of darkness when we hurt someone. We tip the entire world to the side of pure Light and perfection each time we resist our impulse to react rudely towards another human being. This has zero to do with morals and ethics. Zero. This has to do with our unique ability to exercise free will for the purpose of transforming our lives and this world.

Here’s how it works: The only free will we have in this world is to resist, or not resist, the negative traits within our nature. Everything else is is pre-determined and designed to trigger our reactive nature and dark side.

All of our negative reactive traits were implanted within us for a reason. We compete, we envy, we hate, we despise, we judge, and we begrudge others because those traits are part of a negative consciousness called “the adversary” that allows us to the free willed opportunity to resist these impulses.

It provides us the chance to transform our nature, which only looks for the bad in others, into beings who look and find the good and Godliness in others.

Now, in order to make this game challenging, the good inside of us hides behind the facade of the dark traits that were implanted within. Now it becomes near impossible to find the good in others.

In other words, our dark traits are easily incited and, in turn, they incite the dark trait inside others. This prevents us from easily detecting our deeper essence, which craves to connect to others. This prevents us from seeing the deeper essence in our friends and enemies. In other words, our inner adversary wages battle against the inner adversary inside other people.

And this is why our world is such a mess. We have no clue that the adversary is a force of consciousness inside of us that sabotages our lives.

We know something is good for us, yet we procrastinate. That is the influence of the adversary.
We know something is bad, and yet we do it anyway. Again, the influence of our adversary.

We find it easy to get addicted to everything that is unhealthy. But we do not get addicted to a bowl of steamed zucchini.

This is all part of a game known as the Game of Life where we—not God—transform this imperfect world into a world of perfection by our own transformation and defeat our adversary inside of us.

Again, the sum total of our behavior and state of consciousness is what determines the state of the world and thus, the people who rule the governments of the world.

Which leads to Trump.


The Trump phenomenon. Wow. What a phenomenon it is, from a Kabbalistic perspective. What an opportunity for all of us to truly redeem our world and bring forth the Messiah and the transformation of our world.



Trump ignites and enflames our reactive nature like no other leader before him.

Trump wakens our inner adversary to the max.

And the divide between the pro and anti Trump forces is galactic in its size. This provides us with a rare galactic size opportunity.

The opportunity is the ability to choose to transform our consciousness, which is the sole key to bringing for the Messiah!

First, we must understand a truth about the concept of Messiah. There is a two-stage process to igniting the Redemption of humanity and manifesting the Messianic world of perfection.

Make no mistake, there is no Messiah that is coming to save us. It’s been well over 2000 years already and it has happened yet.

Rather, there is a “messiah” consciousness that already dwells beneath our innate rational consciousness, which is under the complete control of the adversary.

Each of us must first transform and unleash the messiah within us. What does this mean? It means we must transcend our fears, our anxieties, our anger, our rage, our jealousy and our envy until we reach a state of true inner happiness where nothing in the external world can trigger a reaction from us. In other words, we must attain a state of mind where we alone control our own happiness instead of other people and outside events controlling our happiness. Not easy.

All of us our slaves. We are slaves to other people’s perceptions. We are slaves to everything around us.

The key to authentic happiness is to free ourselves from this slavery.

Here’s the good news: We do NOT have to achieve perfection in this endeavor. Rather we must strive. And we only need to reach a critical mass of people who achieve a certain measure of inner change towards this end goal.

Enter Trump.


Here’s the formula for transforming our personal lives, and, in turn, the world into perfection, beyond what we can imagine: Whether you are pro Trump or anti-Trump, find someone who is adamantly opposed to your personal view. The more you differ in your views, the better results you can achieve. In other words, those of you who are pro Trump, find someone who is absolutely anti Trump. If you are anti Trump, find someone unchangeably pro Trump. Finding the exact opposite person is the perfect scenario for this formula.

Now, for ten minutes, each of you must relinquish your tightly held passions and opinions about Trump and you must now argue the opposite view point to the other person. You must resist your desire to say “no way I can do that” and, instead, find a way to do it, only for this one exercise.

You must truly adopt the opposite consciousness and genuinely argue the opposing view. The more it hurts you, the weaker your adversary inside is becoming.

So, if you are Pro Trump, you must sincerely argue and debate fiercely, but fairly, the opposite viewpoint and become anti-Trump. If you are anti-Trump, you must now argue and debate fiercely, but fairly, the pro-Trump viewpoint. And you must both strive for sincerity. You must truly find the reasons for your new point of view and feel them. Taste them. No matter how bitter. And strive to make that bitterness sweet.

The more you can do this, the greater the results in your life.

Each of you should do this for ten full minutes, or longer, until you begin to really feel the other point of view.

Then, when you’re both finished, meet in the middle. Do not go back to your original point of view. Do not adopt your newly argued point of view. Meet in the middle, with dignity and with an open mind that there exists in this world a higher truth.


When Kabbalah speaks about the middle it is not referring to the political middle. Here’s what it means: A light bulb has two opposite poles—a positive pole and a negative pole. If the two poles connect directly, there is a sudden bright and blinding flash of light as the bulb short-circuits. Light is generated for a moment but then the bulb flames out into darkness. This is our life.

To create lasting light there must be a third element, the filament, which sits in the middle of the two opposite poles and creates…resistance!

When the filament resists the current of electricity, the filament glows and now Let there be Light manifests before our eyes.

Resistance is the key creating lasting light.

When a critical mass of people in this world truly succeed in resisting their existing opinions and passions, and they embrace opposite view for a few minutes in this exercise, we will see the media change, we will see the government change and we will see the world change. The more individuals who engage in this exercise, the greater the results.

When we reach a critical mass of people who complete this transformation in the truest sense, we will witness the birth of the Messiah.

Kabbalah is all about uniting opposites.

This lack of resistance is what is preventing the Light of the Messiah and a perfect world from manifesting. This is the opportunity at hand.

The very purpose of our existence is to achieve this new state of consciousness, which is about uniting with people and opinions that are opposite of our own by resisting our inner adversary and treating others with dignity by meeting in the middle and only finding the good in others. Period.


Kabbalists tell us that our consciousness creates our personal reality. Therefore, when we only find the bad in others, we strengthen and empower that bad and the world becomes worse. When we resist the innate and natural urge to find the bad in others (justified or not, makes zero difference) and we find the good in the other person, we strengthen and empower that good in the world around us.

Each day we are getting sucker punched by our ego, the true adversary that has been implanted within human consciousness.

This is the lesson we came to learn. This is the meaning of life on earth. We must stop our judgments and the universe will stop judging us.

The same way the human body is made up of diverse organs, some of which perform opposite functions, in order to create a healthy human body, so too is the body of humanity made up of diverse organs. The different organs are the different races of people and the different types of consciousness that define our character. When we unite through the power of resistance, we will create a healthy body of humanity.

But not only that…

Here comes a stunning secret and profound benefit.


We are all made up of immortal atoms. Atoms never die. So if atoms never die, why do we die?

Simple, says Kabbalah.

Atoms stop bonding. Space comes between our immortal atoms. Suddenly the forms that atoms create come apart.

That is the cause of aging and death.

The space between air atoms is what causes our forms to decay and die.

Forms are not immortal. But the individual atoms are.

If our atoms bond forever, we will live forever because our forms—our bodies—will remain intact forever.

This is how the messianic era will produce immortal human beings and an immortal world.

The space between people (opposite views) is what creates space between our atoms.

When we meet the in middle and treat each other with dignity, there is no more space between us.

Thus, there will be no more space between our atoms.

This is the power that awaits us when we defeat our inner adversary and ego, instead of trying to defeat the people around us.

Now, go find someone opposite of you in their opinions and feelings about Trump and let’s move this world forward.

And know, with complete conviction and certainty, that all your doubts and skepticism about this exercise is merely your inner adversary challenging you.








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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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5 Responses

  1. Doron Maizel says:

    Simply the Best! Thank you YHVH! Thank you Rav and Karen! Thank you Billy for that wonderful expose’ of Truth on how to bring the Messiah within and without!

  2. Amazing BILLY. Now how do we get your words to the rest of the world? Let’s think. Alright i will Share but that’s not enough. I will mediate tonight and ask Shimon for help. That should do it. Bless you BILLY

  3. Tziporah says:

    Amazing, Billy. This is spot on.

    On a side note, I was and still am for Bernie Sanders, should he run 2020. I like his message of peace. Seems like he got so many spiritual signs like the bird landing on his podium and an endorsement from the Pope. Those seemed like messages to me.

    Do you think Bernie plays any role? I remember him graciously saying something to the effect of how his loss wasn’t a true loss but rather a win because he did what the other two politicians failed to do: Bernie planted a seed in people…one that will grow and ultimately bring us more positive people in positions of power.

    Kind of made me stop and think. And not politically. Just blown away by his humility and understanding of the bigger picture and the role he was meant to play–that he accepted that perhaps he was never meant to win.

  4. James hue says:

    You lost me at “how to bring messiah.” I’m down for unity. I’m down for paying attention to the energy each and everyone one of us put out into the world. I get cause and effect. But Trump is pure negativity! Yes i would agree he is a messenger absolutely. How he behaves is something we all need to check within ourselves and not repeat NOT TO BE like lying, being a racist, being homophobic, being sexist, screwing people financially so he can profit. Your “How to bring Massiah” exercise sounds absolutely rediculous. This man has absolutely no compassion for humanity or our environment on any level. I think your better off just talking about the ravs teachings and leave trump
    out of it.

  5. A.Moccia says:

    Thanks for manifesting this view point but i must correct one aspect of your world view as well as answer Mr Hue’s confusion which your article brought to him. Firstly your article speaks of the adversary as being something which has been set against and you are correct however it is not by diminishing or dissolving or ridding yourself of the adversary that you become complete it is by accepting the adversary and making it your ally. When you use the power of the ego (which really is a self preservation mechanism) through your souls will to love, you affect change in the world around you. This is what moshiach will come to teach. Mr Hue, Donald Trump represents one of the most over inflated egos on the platform of fame we see today, the fact he is the US president should reveal to you already the days in which we live. The writer is merely suggesting that Trump acts as a mirror for all of us to see that part of us which if left unchecked will control us and ultimately lead us to a path of destruction. Fortunately for us all Trump is a smart guy and is merely playing the role of provocateur. Im certain beneath the bravado and facade is a very loving husband and father.

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