It’s rare that I share comments on politics. However, I believe we should look at the world of politics and government for just a moment to understand why so many Obama supporters are heartbroken and disappointed with his policies concerning Syria, Guantanamo Bay, drones and a host of other issues that seem to mirror the policies of his predecessor George Bush.

A few days ago, I received a question from a gentleman in Israel asking if I knew what Kabbalist Rav Berg might have to say about the US position on Syria. I offered this gentleman a simple response which basically stated the following:

The Rav’s position is always peace, human dignity and Light. Kabbalah and the Rav do not deal with the 1% physical issue. War and conflict only add darkness to darkness. We must bring Light to darkness. So Kabbalists work on the level of the spiritual and the realm of consciousness using weapons of Light, Love and Dignity while the rest of mankind works on the physical level.

Most students of the Kabbalah Centre  know this already. I remember the Rav once telling me a story of how an Israeli journalist once asked the Rav what would happen and how would Israel look, if the Rav were to be elected Prime Minister of Israel. The Rav’s response was simple but deeply profound. The Rav said, “The day that Israelis are ready and prepared to elect someone like me to the position of Prime Minister, Israel will no longer need a Prime Minister.”

So why is it that Obama and other seemingly positive political leaders constantly break campaign promises, alter their agendas and reverse policies once in power?


The Zohar explains that the negative force that we call the Opponent has total control over the political and religious establishment. That’s the way the world was set up by design.

So no matter how moral, high-minded and honorable a political candidate’s ideology may be, once in power, he or she falls under the absolute  rule of a different field of consciousness, a consciousness that embodies the Opponent — the negative, dark force of self-interest whose agenda is conflict and darkness.

It works like this:

According to Rav Ashlag and the Zohar, the world mirrors the individual human being, specifically the Israelite (who or what is an Israelite is beyond the scope of this article).

Such a man is made up of two forces of consciousness — the body and the soul. The body (ego) is given complete dominion and rule over our soul when we enter into this world. Our task in life is to use the tools of Kabbalah to transform the body’s consciousness of extreme, relentless self-interest into a consciousness that embodies the will of the soul, which is about human dignity, unconditional kindness and what the ancient Kabbalists Rabbi Akiva and Jesus refer to as “Love Thy Neighbor.”

The world mirrors this relationship. All of the nations of the world are the body and its various organs. The Israelites are the soul of humanity.

When individual Israelites allow self-interest and body consciousness to rule over their soul, the world mirrors this relationship and the other nations will rule over the Israelites. This consciousness will bring out the worst in the other nations, causing their material consciousness to rule over their own souls and thus a dark force of consciousness will be in positions of government and religious power.

When Israelites transform themselves and put the needs of their neighbor ahead of their own, when they use their talents, ambition and energy to bring Light and blessings to other nations, they have achieved a perfect harmony between the soul and body. In Kabbalistic terms, the desire to receive for the self alone, has been transformed into the desire to receive for the sake of sharing. Perfect harmony. In other words, we are not here to destroy our ego but rather, we are here to tame it, nullify it, then transform it so that it serves the soul, and all of mankind—instead of itself.

When this profound shift in consciousness happens the Israelite nation suddenly achieves harmony with the other nations of the world. We bring out the best in all people.

Thus, the same way our body is given dominion over the soul to give us the chance to transform it, the political establishments of all nations are given the power to rule over the Israelites and all good people in all the nations of the world. Put simply, ego and radical, extreme self-interest is the order of the day and this is what causes all conflicts, distrust and war between nations.

The absolute only way to change the course of human history is to stop waiting for some political savior to change the world. It’s not going to happen. By design, when an individual is in power they must submit to the will of the Opponent.

Debating one political party over another, arguing the merits of one candidate over another, is merely succumbing to the manipulations of our Opponent. He likes to play both sides against the middle so that we never spend a moment of our lives focusing on the real enemy — the adversary within!

We must achieve a critical mass of people who have the guts, courage, wisdom and determination to wage this inner battle and transform. Then the world’s governments will transform as the effect of this vital change.

When someone is bleeding, there must be first responders to care for this individual. So we need to look after the 1% physical reality as well. However, we also need first responders who respond to darkness on the 99%. We need to fight and assist on both levels.obama

The true Israelite is the one who accepts the Kabbalistic path of Torah as the mighty weapon and high technology for waging the inner spiritual battle.

Most people are not meant to wage this war and therefore, they would find such a path totally unrealistic as a solution to what ails our world. That’s because their job is to better the world and assist on the 1%.

However, for those of us whose destiny is to embrace the true wisdom of Kabbalah and to fight the true Opponent, this wisdom and strategy touches a nerve deep inside us resonating with our soul.

From the Kabbalistic perspective, Obama, Bush, Putin and Assad are not the problem.

I am the problem.

In Kabbalah we know the ego, along with the words “Me” and “I” should be ignored at all costs. In other words, we’re not supposed to make our lives all about the “Me.”

However, there is one unique time when we should use the word “I”and “Me.”

It’s when we are looking to lay responsibility and hold accountable the true culprit for the world’s darkness.






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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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8 Responses

  1. resh says:

    how could anyone live without the ‘soul’?

  2. Sue says:

    Thank you Billy.

  3. Billy, this is an amazing article! Thank you so much for writing it.

  4. Coldda says:

    So utterly convenient to try to get the 99% to take responsibility for 99% of the world’s ills, and suggest the 1% are a fabrication of our own lust for all things driven by the ego. Utter nonsense, and a consistent ploy by zionists responsible for murdering, poisoning, betraying, stealing, and bankrupting 99% of the planet, time and time again.

    Your leaders, not mine, in concert with other cowards, stewards and sponsors of hardships, hunger, unnatural catastrophic events, and betrayal of their fellow man/woman, are fulfilling the orders of the most dark and egotistical of them all – the fallen, and his army.

    Passing the blame on to others is a ritual with zionists, never taking responsibility for the leaders they put in place, across the planet, for the atrocities they commit daily. When the Jews take responsibility for their leaders, the world’s leaders, bankers, lawyers, deceit of every imaginable kind throughout the ages, then maybe we the “Unchosen People” will open our hearts to your false calls for respect of and peace with others across the planet. If you have compassion and sincerity in your heart, and you have truly quelled your ego, then assemble those like-minded Jews and prove it – disclose the lies and subjugation the zionists spew everywhere.

    My aim and prayer is that all people are able to survive the onslaught of the zionist beast. That we may soon embrace the wisdom of your good tidings and wishes for all men, but history cries out that your words are but a veneer, and yet another magik trick to ensure slavery continues another 1,000 years.

    Your leaders are determined to thrust the planet into yet another world war of zionist-making. U.S. criminals under fire: Obama, Reid, McCain, and his puppet Graham, like Israel’s Netanyahu, take their orders from the Rothschild-Rockefeller banks, the Vatican’s jesuit facilitators, together with the British Monarchy, all working under the same allegiance of wicked zionist aristocracy. Work to share the Truth about these inconvenient facts, and all the world with show their loving souls once again.

    Will you and your readers break the mold, seek a higher plain, or sit back and watch the destruction of us all? You must know this won’t end well if all people don’t race toward Truth now, before its too late.


    • Merlin Edmonston says:

      WOW! constantly blown away by what I have recently discovered in your videos and writings on Kabbalah and Christianity,Zohar,and also insight on the ego.freakin mind blowing man..currently reading The Rav’s book”The Essential Zohar” As a believer in Yeshua,and Torah,all these teachings are a blessing.may The God of Abraham Issac and Jacob bless The Rav in The World To Come

  5. rivka says:

    i, for one, want to let it be said that i am a person who wants to “fight” the darkness on the level of the spiritual and the realm of consciousness using weapons of Light, Love and Dignity… and personal responsibility for my own transformation ….

  6. Paul says:

    Tom, like I’ve been saying. You are the problem. I guess that means me too.

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