Each “nation” on earth holds a piece of the “truth” puzzle but none alone holds the ultimate truth. The one ultimate truth is humanity.

What role, what piece of the puzzle does the nation called Israel hold?

Consider this compelling tract from the Zohar:

“The Holy One, blessed be He, made Israel the heart of the whole world, and the relationship of Israel to the other nations is as that of the heart to other parts of the body. And just as the other parts of the body have no existence, even for a moment, without the heart, so it is that none of the other peoples can exist in the world without Israel. Jerusalem, too, has the same relationship with the other countries, being as the heart to the parts of the body, which is why it is in the center of the whole world just as the heart is in the center of the limbs.”

The same way the heart pumps blood to the other organs, Israel’s function is to “pump” the spiritual blood (which are the truths and Light from the Zohar) to all the nations of the world to nurture them and make them strong and happy and fulfilled.This is why Jesus came to the world according to Kabbalists. Jesus’ role was to bring Kabbalah’s wisdom to the rest of the pagan world. He taught his closest disciples what we now know as “Kabbalah 101” or “The Power of Kabbalah” book and the “Ten Luminous Emanations” that we learn in the Kabbalah Centre. But to the masses Jesus spoke in parables to make it simple for them. But it’s all Kabbalah. All of it. Every single word. Jesus came to bring the pagans (there were no Christians yet) back to the truth, to connect them to the spiritual blood flow which is the Light that pumps from the wisdom of Kabbalah via the Torah. Rabbi Shimon, who is imbued with the soul spark of Moses, performs the same function for the Israelites. According to the Kabbalists and to the Zohar, Rabbi Shimon came to complete the work that Moses began back on Mount Sinai, which is the revelation of the soul of the Torah — the Zohar and the Light immortality, otherwise known as Messiah. And the Prophet Muhammad came to bring these universal spiritual truths  to the Arab world. Which is why the Zohar spoke of Allah and why the Qu’ran speaks of the Book of Abraham, which is the Zohar and the book Sefer Yetzira (Book of Formation), the first Kabbalistic text, authored by Abraham the Patriarch.


On a practical level, Israel nourishes the Islamic and Christian nations each time an Israelite diminishes his own self interest and transforms his ego from taking to giving. The heart only takes blood in order to recirculate the blood to nourish the other organs. The role of Israelites is to take the Light of the Creator and share it, unconditionally, with our Christian and Muslim brothers. But it is the ego, the selfish, ambitious, internal desire that burns inside of us that tries to convince us to take for ourselves alone.

The Zohar and Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre are clear: When the Jew allows his ego to rule over his soul (Israelite within) then the Christian and Muslim nations will strive violently to rule over the Israelites. When the Jew allows his soul to rule over his ego, thus becoming a true Israelite, the Christian and Muslim nations will cherish the Israelites, the people of the book. At that point, the one collective body of humanity will be in perfect harmony.

Guess what happens next?

This is how and when we achieve immortality. In case you did not know, the atom is immortal. Atoms never die. The same atoms that were created 15 billion years ago in the Big Bang are the same atoms forming you and I and this world. So if our atoms are immortal, why are we not immortal?  One reason: Because our atoms stop bonding when space comes between the atoms. Now the form that is our body disappears and dies even though the individual atoms that create us live on forever.

Wanna know an ancient Kabbalistic secret?

When there is no more space between Israelites, Christians and Muslims, there will be no more space between our immortal atoms and thus immortal existence will become the new reality. That is what we call Messiah.

This is deeply profound, yet simple, and requires further reading over and over again until it becomes emblazoned in our consciousness.

The whole purpose of Zohar is to help the Israelite diminish his ego and repurpose our talents, our drives and our motivations for the purpose of serving others. This is how we remove the space between us.  The whole purpose of Zohar is to also radiate Light and energy to our Christian and Muslim brothers. This is how we remove the space between us.

How foolish we all have been these last 2000 years, fighting among ourselves and dying because of it. We have been duped to waging war against each other instead of waging war against our ego and selfish impulses. All this time immortal existence has been waiting for us in that one moment we unite with our fellow man.

And we will not have to worry about being happy or getting what we want when all mankind unites as one. Because the Light is infinite. That means there is an infinite range and diversity of pleasure along with an infinite supply of happiness to fill everyone. No one has to change their personal desires. Each culture, each individual’s personal taste will be fulfilled beyond measure. The only time there is a limited supply of happiness, resources and life itself, is when there is space and conflict between people.

Perhaps this is why Kabbalist Rav Berg and the Zohar refer to the Satan, our adversary and ego, as space. The space that exists between people and then between our atoms is the cause of all pain, suffering and death.

Only the Zohar removes space from the landscape of human nature and the entire planet.

Looks like that all roads lead back — not to Rome — but to the sacred teachings and energy of Zohar.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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11 Responses

  1. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy just to be sure, although I understand what you are saying the Zohar defines by israelite, we are still constrained by the conventional meaning of “jew” for 1% activities, right?…meaning achieving Minyan or who gets to fulfill mitzvot,etc. ? In other words, although we might not know for sure, yet we still have to follow the conventional meaning of “jewish” (mother is Jewish, Bar Mitzvah,etc) for the above mentioned situations right ?

    • I am just saying change the word “jewish” to “israelite”. Everything else stays the same. its the wrong word. Does not exist. So the minyan and everything stays the same. Whoever is called “JEwish” should be called “Israelite” or “Bnei Yisrael” which means the sons of Israel, Israel being Jacob the Patriarch.

  2. Rajel Alonso says:

    Billy, i am agree with the fact of Israel nurishes the christianity and muslim world, but what about the idolatry, idolship, politeism of the catholics? Is there an opportunity to get the reunion with the ppl of Israel?

  3. Charlie Moran says:

    Billy, this would be the role not only for Israel?, but for every nation and every human being. I understand the word “Israel=Soul” Love thy neighbor as your self, so the space between everyone (No matter if they’re Muslims, Jews or Cristians) will be reduced.

    • Israelites as the heart of the one body of humanity must take the lead role FIRST in pumping the spiritual blood (Light) to all the other organs of the body (nations of the world). When the Israelites master this art of sharing, the rest of the world will follow suit.

    • Guillermo Del Solar says:

      Billy; what still confuses me about this definition is two groups:

      ONE is people like me, who are not sons of Israel , but who yet voluntarily choose to connect to Rabbi Shimon, the Zohar and Kabbalah and are struggling to change themselves, and….

      TWO, people who might not have heard of Kabbalah or do not want to connect to Kabbalah , yet may truly live a life of constant struggle to change themselves and live thy neighbor, but do it according to the principles of their faith.

      So for the first group, will that group be considered israelites under the Kabbalistic definition (even if not sons of Israel)?

      And for the second group, will those be also considered Israelites, even though they are not connecting to the teachings?


    • There are righteous gentiles, the Kabbalists teach, who are good, decent, human beings. Any negative people among the gentile nations are a result of the Israelites who have refused to transform and bring Light to the world. You are considered an Israelite if you use the path and tools to transform at the deepest level of your being. True transformation (as opposed to performing good deeds and helping and assisting your fellow man through a life of service) are different things. True transformation is the most difficult thing of all and it pushes you to the brink of quitting daily, hourly, weekly and it must truly uproot your entire nature. The person who achieves that transformation is an Israelite. Don’t get hung up on wondering who and who is not an Israelite. No one knows. No one. The Kabbalists say only the Messiah and Elijah the Prophet know for sure. I just gave a broad definition because no one can judge who is transforming and using the tools correctly or not. And it does not matter. We are all children of God and we all have a unique role to play and Light to contribute to the world.

    • Guillermo Del Solar says:

      Ok Billy thanks for your response.

  4. Norman Hauptman says:

    I agree about space. When I think/feel unity about my close and far neighbors, I deeply feel closer to them, with compassion and love.

    Few years ago, I had a mystical experience. Sitting in my parked car upper West Side NYC, I glanced into the street to see a young man
    crossing. I “merged” with him emotionally, spiritually, physically. Human description cannot adequately describe my feelings and experience. He and I became one.

    Perfect Together

  5. Norman Hauptman says:

    About space – When I think/feel unity about my close and far neighbors, I deeply feel closer to them, with compassion and love.

    In 2007I had a mystical experience. Sitting in my parked car upper West Side NYC, I glanced into the street to see a young man
    crossing. I “merged” with him emotionally, spiritually, physically. Human description cannot adequately describe my feelings and experience. He and I became one.

    Perfect Together

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