Talk about timing. Wow.

It is NOT coincidence that this week’s energy radiating out of the Torah portion includes the profound power
to end plagues and illness. So how do we tap into this energy right now?
Listen carefully…

The Zohar says the following in dealing with THIS coming Shabbat:

“It is written about Aaron, ‘And he stood between the dead and the living and the plague was stayed.'”

Got that?

The power of Aaron stopped a plague.

For those of us not familiar with Aaron, he is the brother of Moses and he channels the force of Mercy into our universe (boy, I wish I had a brother who could that every day).

Good news: We have that power right now, today, and this week, to stop the coronavirus courtesy of this week’s Torah and Zohar portion.

Let’s continue…

The Zohar says:

“He bound the Angel of Death, so he could not have power at all, nor carry out punishment.”
Got that? The power to stop the negative spread of death, plagues and the Coronavirus is in this very verse and this week’s energy.


Mic drop!

It’s not a coincidence that this power in the Torah is being revealed at this moment coinciding with the virus. As the ancient Kabbalists teach, along with the disease, comes the remedy.

We now have the metaphysical DNA weapon to wipe out a plague and Coronavirus.

Let’s keep reading to find out exactly HOW we accomplish this task:

The Zohar tells us:

“Wherever the section of the incense is said with intention and a willing heart, death has no sway over that place, nor can it harm.”


This is the power to eradicate death and plagues from a community. A city. A state. A province. A nation. And a world.

All we need to do is tap and unleash the power of the ancient incense that banished the Angel of Death.
Let’s do that now.

Visually scan or recite these eleven words attached below, very carefully, and meditate to banish the Coronavirus, death, illness and fear.

We must do this twice a day. Once in the morning. Once in late afternoon, before sunset.

These 11 words are like computer codes that activate the full raw power of the ancient incense. This is the most powerful technology in history for stopping plagues and viruses and death itself.

Let’s learn a bit more….


The Zohar makes a stunning and remarkable point:

The Zohar says that these words about the incense are more powerful than even our regular prayers. Whoah!

The Zohar says this incense connection below removes all filth, negative energy and it creates unity between ourselves and the upper dimensions where the Source of all healing and prosperity reside. The Zohar says this incense connection brings MORE Light than even prayer. Crazy powerful!


Now, please pay extra attention. Not only does this 11 word incense connection below ignite the supernal Light to banish death, darkness, disease and plagues, but these very Zohar verses that I also posted below, they too unleash the pure power of the incense, when we read, visually scan, or meditate upon the Aramaic verses.

Are you following this? It’s 25th century physics.

It unleashes the power of human consciousness and it uses the divine high tech cosmic computer language of Aramaic to ignite the profound forces of healing.

So now we have exponential power to heal the world, heal ourselves and banish the Coronavirus and the fear and the illness and Angel of Death from our midst.

Share with people. And then share it some more.

Share it with people in Italy, the UK, Iran, and all over the US etc!

Wherever the ugly head of a Corona plague rises, wipe it out with the incense and blazing, scintillating Light of the Zohar.

This just “happens” to be the week to do it.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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