Regeneration means our organs and our body parts regrow and come back to life, same way our hair and nails regrow after cutting. This is one of the secret meanings of the concept known as resurrection of the dead. Regeneration was in the news a few days ago, making a big splash in newspapers around the world, including the Los Angeles Times. What happened?

Let me first give some Kabbalistic context before sharing the big news coming from the world of medical science:

The Kabbalists tell us that the Israelites are the spiritual beating heart of humanity. The heart is responsible for nourishing all the organs of the body. How do we do that as individuals? By emulating the heart.  What does the heart do? The heart receives blood. Then the heart shares blood pumping it throughout the body.

This is what we are supposed to do as people. Receive and share. Share our happiness. Share our talents. Share our gifts. Nurture and nourish all our friends, our enemies and all the nations of the world.

Good news: You won’t have to worry about running out of things to share. Why? Because the same way fresh blood always returns to the heart, more positive energy and blessings will flow into our lives. It’s a paradox. The more we share, the more we receive. That’s the secret no one gets yet. The more we share, the more we receive.

What does this have to do with regeneration?

The Kabbalists say the consciousness and behavior of the Israelites influences the entire physical world. Further, the Zohar says we will see a reflection, a sign and indication of where the Israelites are by what’s  happening and unfolding in the day to day physical reality.

If the consciousness of the Israelites is selfish, intolerant, reactive and ruled by reactive egocentricity, the world at large will experience chaos, darkness, in the form of financial strife, disease, disasters and other forms of turmoil.

When the Israelites are sharing, allowing their ego to become diminished, then the world will experience a flow of blessings (the heart sharing the blood with the other organs) and you will see goodness manifest all over the world.

Of course, it’s not all or nothing. Why? Because each individual contributes to the collective consciousness. It’s the totality of our actions that act as the heart that nourishes the world with blessings, or clogs the arteries with fat (ego) causing spiritual heart attacks, spiritual strokes and spiritual gangrene etc. So gradually, we affect the world, some positive, some negative.

We also must realize that an Israelite is NOT someone who lives in Israel. That is an Israeli, not an Israelite. An Israeli has to do with citizenship in the state of Israel. It’s about politics. An Israelite is a state of consciousness and mind. It’s about spirituality and life.

An Israelite is also not someone who calls themselves “Jewish.” That word, in that context, never appears in the Torah. It’s a made up word. The closest word to “Jew” is Yehudi and it refers to one particular tribe of the Hebrews, just one of twelve tribes. It does NOT refer to a religion or a nation. That is a big corruption, according to the Kabbalists of history.

According to ancient holy Zohar, an Israelite is anyone who uses the tools of Kabbalah to uproot the ego, change and transform and walk this path.

That’s it.

Kabbalah says the Israelites, when they reach a critical mass and threshold of transformation, they will bring immortal existence, resurrection of the death and the end of death to all mankind. Organs will regenerate, aging will come to an end, and all kinds of other wondrous changes will unfold. We are still waiting for the ultimate.

But there are signs that change is happening

The progress in science, technology, medicine are indicators. The Zohar was revealed for the first time in human history in the early 20th century. In 1922 Rav Ashlag opened up the doors to the Kabbalah Centre. Remarkably, the 20th century immediately witnessed an explosion of progress. In fact, there was more progress (from horse and buggy to cars, buses, trains, airplanes, space shuttles, electricity, air conditioning, elevators, phones, radio, TV, movies, computers, Internet) in that one single 100 year period, coinciding with the Zohar’s public appearance, than all other centuries combined!

Absolutely stunning.

Kabbalists said in the Hebrew Calendar year of 5760 (The year 2000) a new age will begin where chaos and blessing will exist side by side and the mysteries of immortality will begin to be revealed.

Guess what?  The front page of Time Magazine recently had a story on immortality being a few decades away, according to science. All kinds of biologists and physicists are now talking about biological immortality becoming a reality in the near future. This subject was taboo before the year 2000. It was ridiculed throughout history. Suddenly, mainstream science is talking about it.

A Kabbalist is not surprised. Kabbalist Rav Berg started talking about immortality back in the 1980s. He told us it was our destiny. That it was coming. That the Zohar would help usher in the arrival of the end of death. People were freaked out when the Rav said it. But the Rav said soon we will see it happening in science and even skeptical physicists will talk about it. If someone said it would be on the cover of Time back in the 1980s, we would have fallen off our chairs.

So is Kabbalist Rav Berg surprised by this? No. Just happy. Why?

It’s just a reflection of the number of people who are taking responsibility and walking the path of Kabbalah and changing themselves. It’s a reflection of the amount of Zohars now spreading throughout the world.


A few days ago, in the Los Angeles Times, another sign appeared.

Researchers have discovered a possible cure for Diabetes 1. It’s in the early stages but what they are saying is incredible. Initially, after testing their technique on mice, scientists are saying the pancreas is regenerating. What’s amazing is that skeptical medical researchers who saw the amazing results, initially refused to allow the word “regeneration to be used in reference to their study and the pancreas.

They couldn’t cope with this word. They found it hard to believe that an organ can regenerate because medical science is convinced that once the pancreas is dead in terms of the ability to produce insulin, it is game over forever.


As the Los Angeles Times reports: “Researchers have always assumed that insulin-secreting cells could never be regenerated. Once they are gone, they are gone forever, the theory held.”

Turns out they found away to resurrect the dead and regenerate the pancreas.

Kabbalah explains the ego, by design, (The Adversary) will force us to doubt that regeneration and immortality can exist. So when a medical researcher sees it happening in the laboratory in mice, his or her natural reaction must be to doubt the idea that its true regeneration. Of course, scientists are not aware of Kabbalah and the idea that the ego is a separate force of consciousness in our minds, and that it has been programmed to make us doubt and disbelieve in good news, such as regeneration. So they remain blindly skeptical not knowing their very skepticism is by design and that it must be eradicated if they want to see true miracles in their lives and in the field of science.

After more successful testing on mice, the most that scientists would allow to be said was that  this technique caused “restoration of insulin secretion.” This itself is miraculous news because its the first time in history that insulin was produced in a diabetic after the pancreas ceased operating.

Now more good news:

Medical researchers now admit that what’s happening is regeneration of the pancreas. Why? They tested it on humans. And it worked! The Los Angeles Times article states:

The first trial in a handful of humans has suggested that injecting patients with Type 1 diabetes with an inexpensive vaccine normally used to prevent tuberculosis can block destruction of insulin-secreting pancreatic cells in humans and allow regeneration of the pancreas. Such a finding, if confirmed and expanded on, could lay the foundation for freeing the estimated 1 million U.S. Type 1 diabetics from their daily insulin shots. It brings up a word that is rarely or never used in considering the disease: “cure.

Dr. Denise Faustman, who did the research and made the discovery, was finally allowed to use the word “regeneration” in a published study appearing in the Journal Science.

Dr. Eva Mezey, director of the adult stem-cell unit at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research says the results are “fascinating and very promising.”

Dr. Rober R. Henry of UC San Diego says “This could be a phenomenal finding.”

Kabbalists tell us that all disease is caused by the immune system. Either because it’s too strong, or too weak. And they say the Third Meal of Shabbat corresponds to the immune system. If the Third Meal is performed with the proper Kabbalistic tools we balance the immune system of the individual and the planet. And we heal.

Of course, this secret has been concealed for centuries. No place in the world performs a Kabbalistic Third Meal—except Kabbalah Centres worldwide.

This latest finding from medical science regarding the regeneration of the pancreas is a sign and indicator that the tools of Kabbalah and the work of the Israelites are pushing the world forward towards the complete regeneration of the human body. Exactly like Rav Berg said.


It’s interesting to note that Diabetes 1 is caused by the immune system attacking the pancreas. What no one yet realizes is that human consciousness — specifically the ability to “resist” ego — that is what affects the immune system. Resistance IS the immune system. If we do not resist ego, selfishness and intolerance and anger, the immune system goes out of balance.

The more we resist ego, the more balanced our immune system becomes. When the ego is gone completely, the immune system will achieve perfection. How? Why? Atoms are immortal. That is a scientific fact. And we are made of atoms. Why aren’t we immortal if we are made of immortal parts? Because the “form” that atoms create are not immortal. Why?


Atoms bond together to create forms. That bond is a relationship between two atoms. When a form comes apart and vanishes (death) the individual atoms still live on. All that really happened was that atoms stopped bonding. Their relationship ended. Immortality is the only reality. All atoms, which create everything in the cosmos, are immortal. But what is not immortal are the relationships between our atoms. The bonds; as well as the forms these bonds create, be it mountains, pizzas, people, or a nice pair of shoes. Everything “wears out” only because atoms stop bonding. Master the bond and we master immortality.

All of these bonds in our body, ultimately, break apart because of deficiencies with our immune system. Once it is perfected, the immune system will keep all of our immortal atoms in their place, maintaining the form that you and I, and we will become immortal because the parts that build us are immortal.

Deeply, deeply profound.

Our relationships with our fellow man is what determines the strength and balance of the immune system. Relationships. The quality and strength of our relationships with people (especially our enemies) determines the strength and quality of our atomic bonds in our body. Our closeness to achieving true immortal existence correlates perfectly to our closeness to our enemies. In other words, when enemies no longer exist, death won’t either.

Peace pays. Peace is not a moral or some noble ideal to aspire to. Peace is greed, pure and simple. Make peace to make paradise. And live forever. Duh.

Third Meal on Shabbat repairs any damage we caused from the week before. And it eradicates the ego that caused us to react with anger, envy and intolerance in the first place.

The path of Kabbalah removes the negative influence of our ego and thus strengthens the immune system. This is why we have Shabbat. It’s a tool to heal us and to diminish the ego so that we will no longer need Shabbat and Third meal to heal us. So powerful.

The planet also has an immune system. Earthquakes and natural disasters are simply a result of weak or too powerful immune system.

Human behavior, specifically our interactions and our relationships are the key. This is why Kabbalah says “Love Thy  Neighbor” is not a moral. It’s a technology and formula for achieving health, healing and ultimately, unending existence. Only our ego makes us believe that death will never end and that this world that we live in is true reality.

It’s not.

It’s only a temporary dream. But you will only realize that when you get rid of the ego.

Where you going to be spending your Third Meal Next Shabbat?

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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6 Responses

  1. Stuart Lewis says:

    Good stuff and again reminding us that if we work together rather then independently as we do now we can accomplish a return to Gan Eden and the final redemption or better yet the Eternal shabbat where we can share the 3rd meal for eternity.

  2. Elham Khiabani says:

    I believe in the Resurrection of dead bodies & Immortality but am not sure if the LA TIME “Immortality” is the one that I wanna try. The picture reminds me of Matrix Movie & the way those bodies in a glue like liquid were kept alive….I really don’t want to need injection 24/7 to stay alive in this world!!! But I would love to see the 3rd temple Messianic Era….I call that Immortality….That’s Eternity & definitely won’t try “immortality” by “injection”. But overall interesting article. Thank you.

  3. Rachel Yesenia says:

    Wow! Awesome insight, thanks for sharing!

  4. Paul Goodman says:

    I was fascinated by this. I’ve been an insulin dependent diabetic for many many years. When this year’s Omer started, I made a conscious decision to try some serious restriction in an effort to rid myself of diabetes – not just diet, but giving up quite a few negative habits I’ve had for a long time which are not food related – bad habits my ego had convinced me I could never give up. The result? I’ve reduced my insulin intake by almost 75%. How? My pancreas has once again started producing its own insulin. You could say it has regenerated. Your post really resonated with me on a very personal level.

  5. Yasaryah says:

    Interesting and appreciated. You are indeed invited to the next third Shabbath meal in Trinidad.

    • Thank you Billy.Yasaryah I was just in Israel on a conversion journey and funny thing there was another Trini in my class,Is there still a Schul in Trinidad?it’s so hard for me on my visits to my Mom,No place to do shabbat.

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