Below is a powerful short essay by the great 20th century Kabbalist and founder of our Kabbalah Centre, Rav Yehuda Ashlag. Before reading it, I’d like to share some simple insights of Rav Ashlag and The Centre’s teachings so that the essays will be simple to understand.

Rav Ashlag speaks of “similarity of form.”

Similarity of Form is the essence of Rav Ashlag’s teaching and the Centre’s teachings. Rav Ashlag says no one in the world will truly grasp Kabbalah until they understand one fundamental concept — in the spiritual realm of consciousness, which is true reality, opposites repel and like forces attract, also known as like-attracts-like.

The only reason the Vessel, we the souls of humanity and this physical earth, is separated from the Light and true reality, is because of our opposite form — our consciousness of receiving and self-interest, as opposed to the Light’s consciousness of sharing.

We are opposite of the Light and Energy that emanates from the Creator so we consequently find ourselves in an opposite reality: death instead of immortality, darkness instead of Light, time instead of timeless, pain instead of pleasure, uncertainty instead of certainty, Godlessness instead of Godliness, lies instead of truth, chaos instead of order.

We are in this world to transform our consciousness and behavior so that we may attain a similar form of consciousness and behavior as the Light of the Creator.

The Creator shares and is the cause of Happiness.

Therefore, we are here to share with others become the cause of their happiness. It’s that simple. But not easy to do.

When we receive and strive to receive our own happiness we are opposite of the Light and that is why we experience an opposite world of the Light.

This is why the ego is the sole cause of all chaos in our lives.

As Rav Berg explains, the path of Kabbalah — its wisdom and tools, including the Torah — are the conditioning agent and the methodology that gradually transforms our consciousness so that we will learn to receive for the sake of sharing with others.

When our bodies, along with all of our innate talents and skills, are utilized in service of others, then our bodies are no longer considered an opposite form of the Light. Bingo!

We have now attained Similarity of Form with the Light.

When that happens, the gates of wisdom and blessings fling open wide and the world will be overrun with new technologies, ingenuity, wisdom and unity that will create a world of never-ending peace, paradise, including the biological immortal state for mankind.

Until we get there, we develop technology and we engage in politics through trial and error and we do not yet have the formula for global peace and prosperity. And, our trial and error is based on self-interest instead being based on the betterment of all mankind.

And that is dangerous as the essay below will explain:


וכבר דיברתי מזה, שיש שני דרכים לגילוי השלימות: או דרך תורה או דרך יסורים. ולפיכך סיבב הקב”ה ונתן את הטכניקה לבני אדם, עד שמצאו את פצצת האטום והמימן. שאם עוד לא ברור לעולם החורבן הכללי, שהם עתידים להביא לעולם, יחכו עד למלחמות עולם שלישית או רביעית ח”ו,

I have spoken already about the two ways of revealing the perfection of Geulah (Salvation, Redemption): the way of Torah and the way of pain and suffering. Therefore the Creator enabled people with new technology where they reached the level that they developed atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs. This indicates that if the future total destruction of the world that these bombs will bring to this world  is not yet clear to people (because we did not transform using the tools given to us) than let the people wait for World War III or World War IV, heaven forbid.


ואז יעשו הפצצות את שלהם, והשארית שישארו אחר החורבן, לא תהיה להם עיצה אחרת, אלא לקחת על עצמם עבודה הזו “שהן יחיד והן אומה לא יעבדו בשביל עצמם יותר ממה שצריכים לקיומם ההכרחי, ושאר כל מעשיהם יהיו לטובת זולתם”. ואם כל אומות העולם יסכימו לזה, אז יתבטלו המלחמות מן העולם, שהרי כל איש לא ידאג כלל לטובת עצמו אלא לטובת זולתו.

Then, their bombs will do, and those who will survive after the destruction will have no other choice other than to take upon themselves this spiritual work. “Both the individual and the collective will work [and take] no more than what they need to sustain themselves and the rest of their activity will be to benefit the others”. And if the nations of the world will agree to that then there will be no more war anywhere in the world. After all, everyone will stop caring for themselves and start caring for others.


ותורה זו של השואת הצורה היא תורתו של משיח, ועל זה נאמר: “והיה באחרית הימים, והלכו גוים רבים ואמרו לכו, ונעלה אל הר ה’ ואל בית אלקי יעקב ויורנו מדרכיו ונלכה באורחותיו, כי מציון תצא תורה ודבר ה’ מירושלים, ושפט בין עמים רבים והוכיח לגוים עצומים עד אין רחוק” (מיכה ד’).

And this Torah of Similarity of Form is the Torah of the Messiah as the verse says: “And many nations shall go and say: ‘Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Creator, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of His ways, and we will walk in His paths’; for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the God from Jerusalem. And He shall judge between many nations, and shall decide concerning mighty nations afar off” (Prophet Micha, 4:2-3)


דהיינו שהמשיח ילמד אותם עבודת ה’ בהשואת הצורה, שהוא תורה ומשפט של המשיח ו”הוכחה לגוים עצומים”, דהיינו שיוכיח להם, שאם לא יקבלו עליהם עבודת ה’ ישמדו כל הגוים ע”י המלחמות.

 Meaning that the Messiah will teach them the spiritual work of Similarity of Form, which is Torah and justice of the Messiah which is “decision concerning mighty nations.” (ibid) He [Messiah] will show them that if they will not take upon themselves the [spiritual] work of God they will be destroyed by war


ואם יקבלו תורתו נאמר אז: “וכתתו חרבותיהם לאתים וחניתותיהם למזמרות לא ישאו גוי אל גוי חרב ולא ילמדון עוד מלחמה”.

And if they will accept his Torah it is said: “And they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” (ibid)


נמצא, שאם נלך בדרך תורה ונקבל תורתו, מוטב. ואם לאו, נלך בדרך יסורים. דהיינו שיתגלו המלחמות של פצצות אטום ומימן בעולם, ואז יחפשו כל אומות העולם עיצה, איך להמלט ממלחמות, ויבואו אל המשיח לירושלים, והוא ילמד אותם את התורה הזאת.

It means that if we will walk in the way of Torah it will be for the better and if not, we will walk in the way of pain and suffering, that is, the wars of atomic and hydrogen bombs will be revealed in the world. All the nations will seek advice how to avoid war and they will come to the Messiah, to Jerusalem and he will teach them this Torah.

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