Two years ago I wandered onto a website from Forward magazine. There was an article posted on Jesus and Judaism and I felt compelled to respond. I had no idea that the back and forth comments would heat up and develop into an in depth discussion on Kabbalah and Jesus. Mid way through, there were some negative comments directed at me. The miracle happened to someone I know. It occurs at the very end of the comments section at the end of this page. It happened almost two years to the day of the original post.

This is heavy reading. So I  just included the key comments from the original article. There is great stuff here about Jesus and Kabbalah, and of course, the miracle story that happened to this person called B.C.M. (BCM).  Below is a picture from the website and the article that I responded to.


billy phillips Thu. Apr 30, 2009

The true authorities of Torah, the Kabbalists, such as Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, his disciple and Mashiach ben David, of his generation, Rabbi David Valle, Kabbalist Abraham Abulafia and others all concur that the negative writings about Jesus found in rabbinical texts are corrupt, falsified and fraudulent. They paint an entirely different picture. Jesus was the Messiah of his generation who came to bring the pagans and gentile nations back to the true Torah. According Valle (the Messiah of his generation), the rabbis distorted the teachings and story about Jesus, just as the Erev Rav (Mix Multitude) wreaked havoc while Moses ascended Mount Sinai. Same story. Different period. Valle says Jesus would have brought the final redemption if he was allowed to carry out his work. The same way the rabbis distorted, slandered and persecuted the great Kabbalists, like Ramchal, (R. Luzzatto), they did the same thing about Jesus and Christianity. Son of God, Trinity, Resurrection and Messianic Salvation, all the tenets found Christianity ARE Torah and are found in the Zohar. According to Chaim Vitale and Maimonides and others, all these secrets were put into Christianity to preserve them and to give pagans and assimilated Jews in Christianity a way back home at the End of Days. Christians have no conception that their teachings are Torah and they too do not understand who Jesus was. Valle says both Jews and Christians have it wrong and only Kabbalah can reconcile and bring true peace to Muslims, Israelites and Christians.

VALLE: “Until now Jacob (Children of Israel) and Esav (Christian nation) fight with each other, two nations that contradict one another, that could have made an alliance to create the biggest force in the world.”

Valle is saying the contradiction is false. When you look deep into Christianity’s teachings, through the lens of Kabbalah, both Jews and Christians will see its all Torah. There is no contradiction. If these two nations would unite, the world would transform in ways we cannot imagine. But the Mix Multitude reincarnate in every generation to keep people from these Kabbalistic insights, as they did on Sinai, to delay the redemption. In addition to slandering Jesus and every single Kabbalist in history, they made tragic and malicious lies about the age of the Zohar, slandering the name of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai by denying that the Zohar is the Or Ganuz, the Hidden Light of Mount Sinai that Moses revealed by virtue of the Second Tablets and then he reincarnated as Rabbi Shimon to reveal the Or Ganuz in the form of the Zohar manuscripts. The delay of Messiah is solely, absolutely due to the lack of Zohar study, acceptance and dissemination in the world. This is why they killed Jesus, Akiva, Gamalial, R. Ishmael and other Kabbalists during the Second Temple era. It was to be the Second Revelation. The same way the first two tablets shattered, the two temples shattered because Kabbalah and the teachings of Jesus/Akiva/Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai were not embraced and shared.

VALLE: “The first dove that Noah sent out and came back with nothing, that was Jesus. He came into the world and tried, but did not get the job done at that time. The second dove that brings back the olive branch, that is the Messiah who gets the job done.”

The world has bled and endured horrors for twenty centuries. Kabbalists say when the truth about Jesus, Kabbalah and the Zohar are finally revealed, it will be the end of pain, suffering, and death itself. The truth is subtle. Both sides are right, depending upon which lens you view it through. When you view through Kabbalah, you see there is a higher truth and the whole last 2000 years has been one giant misunderstanding by the children of Israel and the Christians. It’s a family feud that has caused more pain beyond measure. I came across manuscripts that had such secrets ripped out. Universities threatened us for delving into this subject matter. Books have been censored or destroyed. And it is the world, including the perpetrators who have suffered. No one has to suffer any longer, not you, not your enemies, not anyone. The entire world can experience what is the ultimate destiny of mankind. Peace. Immortality. Kabbalist Abraham Abulafia and others say the 72 Names of God can unite Muslims, Christians and Israelites. So instead of looking for reasons to engage in debate. Lets just share the wisdom and end this once and for all.

Either way we will get there, according to the Zohar. Our only choice is to choose pain/judgment or the path of spiritual transformation, which means we all give up the ego. Of course, man has died for 2000 years protecting his ego, so its easier said than done. Nonetheless, the choice is ours. There are two Messiahs. Mashiach ben Joseph and Mashiach ben David. If the former is killed, we will achieve the goal through pain and suffering. If our egos are killed, then Mashiach ben David will arrive and will seal the Messianic era with peace and joy.

Jacob Isaacs Thu. Apr 30, 2009

billy Philips: I don’t know where you got all that unadulterated nonsense from. Literally every word you write is not only crude ignorance but outrageously ridiculous rubbish.I suggest you get yourself either a good psychiatrist, or enroll in grade 1 of a Hebrew elementary school and then after a few years of intensive study perhaps you may be able to study Jewish texts and to understand the Jewish concept of Messiah.

billy Phillips Thu. Apr 30, 2009

Dear Jacob, I see no reason why you are slandering me. I am quoting Rabbi Moses David Valle, who according to Ramchal, (Moses Chaim Luzzatto, considered to be one of the greatest minds of Jewish history) was none other than the Mashiach ben David of his generation. So you are, in effect, slandering and insulting the potential Messiah of the 17th century. Read the manuscripts. Read the handwriting of the Kabbalists. This is what they say. Second, if you choose to disagree with their opinion, that is your right. But why engage in insulting rhetoric. Why not disagree with dignity and just agree to disagree? Did you know that Kabbalist Moses Cordervero, Rav Ashlag, Rav Isaac Luria and other Kabbalists say it is the unkind, disrespectful speech exchanged between two Israelites that contributes to the darkness, disease and destruction that afflicts our world.

Your intolerance has been the trademark of Jewish history for two thousand years and this is why the blood of Jews runs deep and runs rampant (not my opinion, so i respectfully ask you not to insult me but direct your insults to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai).

I wish you and your family nothing but love, Light, blessings and good fortune and I hope we find reasons to come together instead of reasons for engaging in hurtful comments.

billy Phillips Thu. Apr 30, 2009

Further to Jacob Isaacs: I have no view of the Messiah. I only share what the Zohar says, what Rav Isaac Luria, his student Chaim Vital and other Kabbalists such as the Ben Ish Chai say. And what they say is this:

There are two Messiahs:

Mashiach ben Yoseph and Mashiach ben David.

The first comes to wage war. But not physical war, according to the esteemed Kabbalist of the 20th century, Rav Yehuda Ashlag. It is a war against consciousness, against false teachings, lies and the illusion of the material world. There will be Jews who rise up against the Messiah (see Zohar portion called Naso) who will wage war against the Messiah.

According to the great Bagdad Kabbalist, Ben Ish Chai, the Messiah son of Joseph does NOT necessarily have to die. If enough people embrace the Zohar and the path of eradicating our sick, ugly, intolerant egos (evil inclination in the parlance of traditional religion) then we can effect global change with mercy.

The Zohar says that it WILL be the Ark of our generation. And those people who taste from the Zohar will leave the exile with mercy.

Stop the insults, open up your mind, if only for a a few minutes, and climb aboard the ark. I am extending an unconditional hand of friendship. Don’t fall into the trap of scholarly debate and intellectual self pleasurement.

Life is only about unity, coming together and finding ways to respect each other.

The whole purpose of Torah study and “Hebrew school” as Hillel says, is to “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself. All the rest is commentary.” Your commentary about my commentary did not reflect Hillel’s commentary about the Golden Rule. Peace. Salaam. Shalom.

billy Phillips Thu. Apr 30, 2009

Finally to my good friend Jacob Isaacs: Kabbalist Moses David Valle (Messiah son of David of the 17th century) says we must fix the lies surrounding Christianity, Jesus and Kabbalah, in order to quicken the arrival of the Messianic age. He explains that Christianity was founded for one reason. To give the Jews a place to endure the exile as a result of the sin of the Golden Calf. It was decreed that the Jews be sent into the exile for 2000 years. Christianity, containing the truths of Zohar/Kabbalah/Torah, is like an umbilical cord and lifeline so that the Jews and Pagans will always retain some connection to the Light of the Creator. Maimonides echos a similar statement about Christianity. He says it preserves the idea of Salvation and a Messiah and Resurrection.

Christianity, if taken literally, says Valle, is idol worshipping. But its an illusion. When you understand it through the lens of Zohar, its pure Torah. This is the miraculous way in which the Creator creates an exile while still giving us truth a the same time. It all depends upon our consciousness.

Christians and Jews suffer because both are lacking the true Torah, Kabbalistic secrets that govern all people. Black. White. Yellow. Christian. Israelite. Muslim. Hindu. Atheist. We are all God’s children.

billy Phillips Thu. Apr 30, 2009

In regards to the major tenets of Christianity belonging to Torah and Zohar here is a quote from the Zohar. Sit down. Take a deep breath. This passage was actually censored in the Soncino edition of Zohar cause it is so explosive. Ready? Read slow. Read it a few times. Its dense. Packed with meaning. And it shows everyone is arguing for no reason whatsoever. If you still have reason to argue with me or anyone after this regarding Jesus, Kabbalah and Torah, you did not understand. Here it is:

“HE NOW INTERPRETS THE GRADE OF THE SON, SAYING: Happy is the portion of the son, who deserves to strive to know his Father’s secrets and all the mysteries of His house, like an only child whose father gave him authority over all his secrets. It is to the glory OF THE SON to have power over everything. He who strives in the Torah to know the Holy One, blessed be He, and His mysteries is ‘the son of the Holy One blessed be He,’ and in all the heavenly hosts, there is none that will stop him from entering his Father’s presence at any time he needs to.

HE EXPLAINS FURTHER. A son is always bound to his father without any separation at all, and no one stops him.

From that day onward, that man is known and recorded in all those worlds. In his time of need, all the hosts and legions are ordered to be with him. And the Holy One, blessed be He, needs nothing but him alone, THAT IS, ALL THE WORLDS ARE SUPPORTED BY HIM. A voice stirs AND PROCLAIMS, ‘It is well for an only one, THAT MAN, to be with an Only One, THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED BE HE, and for the one to be occupied with the One.'”

Shlomo Ben Meir Nissan Thu. Apr 30, 2009

That’s a lot of information. How do you reconcile Moses David Valle as being the son of David for the 17th century? Would Issac Luria be as well for the 16th century? I never understood there to be multiple Mashiach – perhaps one or less per generation/era; can you expand on that?

Jacob Issacs, relax. No matter what another says, you can learn. And Billy Phillips is right: what about the Golden Rule?

billy Phillips Thu. Apr 30, 2009

Bottom line. Anyone who masters the wisdom of Kabbalah, which means transforms from self interest to selfless love for his fellow man, elevates to the grade called SON OF THE HOLY ONE. It say God needs him and him alone. This explains Christianity’s view that Jesus was only Son of God. He was. And so are You, when you make the transformation.

Rabbi Moses David Valle (again, he was Messiah of 17th century) says Jesus IS the connection for the gentile world to come back to the true Torah. This is why they gentile world will not let go of him. They are not supposed to. Just as Kabbalah students over the last 2000 years hang onto Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. These two leaders will lead us to one place, one tent, that will house Muslims, Christians, Jews and everyone. Abulafia says the prophet Muhammad, Jesus and Moses all knew the truth. It’s the people, through their bickering and intolerant debate that prolong the suffering of children and all mankind.

billy Phillips Thu. Apr 30, 2009

Hi Shlomo,

The Ari (Rav Isaac Luria) was Mashiach ben Yoseph (16th century) while Chaim Vital was Mashiach ben David. In the 18th century, Ramchal (R. Moses Chaim Luzzatto) was Moses, of his generation, while Rabbi Moses David Valle was Mashiach ben David. Moses and the two Messiahs appear in every single generation in a state of potential. They are not here as saviors but rather waiting for a critical mass of people to achieve transformation (repentance, which means the Hei, in the Tetragrammaton returns to the Vav, the spiritual realm) and then they will be here to seal the final redemption. It is up to the people affect change. Moses and the Two Messiahs can inspire and enlighten us by sharing and disseminating the Or Ganuz (hidden Light lost on Mount Sinai) which is the Light and energy of Zohar/Kabbalah. But its up to the people to embrace the path of change through Torah, which is the conditioning agent that uproots the negative ego from our nature.

Stephen L. Gomes, Ph.D. Thu. Apr 30, 2009

It is amazing to me that with all the scholars and experts out there, few have bothered to really understand who Jesuah ben Josef (Jesus) was as Jew. For those who have the patience to make the effort at unearthing the history of those times and what the historical Rabbi Jesuah ben Josef was actually preaching, the reward in understanding is well worth the effort. First and foremost it is quite clear that the historical Jesuah ben Josef never intended to build a church or anything else. What he was as near as can historically be determined was a Jew who practiced gnosticism and focused on the spirit of the law instead of the letter of the law. He was influenced greatly by his stay in Egypt from the age of 12, most probably studying with the Greek Jewish sect of the Therapeutae in Alexandria and going to the great Jewish Temple of Onias (see description below).

There Jesus learned about the tenets of Gnosticism which came from the Greek phrase, “Gnosis Kardias” – Knowledge of or by or from or through the heart. It is interesting that the earliest followers of Jesus, all Jewish, including his brother, james, established what has been called the Church of Jerusalem (City of Peace) and that it was there that Jesus’ real message was understood, respected and adhered to, a message of Jewish Gnosticism. The message that stated that belief is an insufficient and totally inadequate way to understand G_d. The true path and the only path is to “know” G_d personally and that each and everyone of us has that capacity. There is no need for intermediaries, rabbis, priests, ministeries, gurus, only a sincere open individual with a intense desire to “know” G_d. For this Jesus was reviled by the staunch Orthodox Jews of his day, and later by the Christians who hijacked his message and built a new religion in his name but without retaining the essence of his message.

It is indeed the ultimate irony that the powerful message of Jesus and his best disciple, Mary of Magdala, was squelched by the offical Roman Catholic Church and hidden for 2000 years. It is a cruel joke that both Christians and Jews have been duped by power driven men to follow a false and bankrupt faith in the hopes of personal salvation. If you really want to understand some of the swirling churning currents of the gnostics and their practitioners such as Jesus, do not look to the official Constantinian scrubbed and cleaned Roman state Gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. Instead go read the Nag Hamadi scriptures which were found not terribly far from where Jesus would have been in Egypt, buried in jars to be saved for posterity and thus not suffering the fate of nearly all other non Constantinian gospels, burning in the bonfires of the ignorant.

Jesus real message and his real teachings and practices where about the glory and ecstacy of the immanence of G_d within each and everyone one of us. He met the old paternalistic Jewish idea of G_d head on said no to it. G_d is not some vengeful old puppet master pulling strings and watching humanity writher. What a anthromorphic projection for a G_d this old Jewish G_d was. No the G_d Jesus knew in his heart was the essence of love, soft nurturing and caring, completely the opposite of the venegeful, wrathful G_d of the old Orthodox Jews of his day. For that the Jews in power at the time could never forgive him for their whole power structure and cushy domain of sacrifices and worshippers gifts was at risk. The Greed of men, both Jewish and Gentile, condemned millions upon millions of people to untold suffering because a few men with faulty visions wanted to hijack this message of love and twist it to their own ends. So sad.

But there is a ray of hope. Gnostics like Carl Jung, Emerson and many many others have paved the way for a new opening of light into the shadowy world of hidden secrets and whispered heresies. Let there be light; let the Dan Brown’s of the world work their story magic and bring us out of our naive slumbers into the broad glory of the true nature of life, consciousness, awareness and creation. It is time.

Dr. Stephen L. Gomes Thu. Apr 30, 2009

The Land of Onias (Greek: Oneion)[1] is the name given in Hellenistic Egyptian, Jewish, and Roman sources to an area in Ancient Egypt’s Nile delta where a large number of Jews settled. The Land of Onias, which included the city of Leontopolis, was located in the nome of Heliopolis. While accounts differ on the details, it is known that the Jews of Leontopolis had a functioning Temple, presided over by kohanim of the family of Onias IV (for whom the “Land of Onias” is named). Like its predecessor the Jewish Temple at Elephantine (destroyed in the 4th century BCE), the Temple at Leontopolis was the only Jewish sanctuary outside of Jerusalem where sacrifices were offered. Aside from a somewhat uncertain allusion of the Hellenist Artapanus,[2] only Josephus gives information about this temple.[3] The Talmudic accounts are internally contradictory. The establishment of a central sanctuary in Egypt was probably undertaken in response, in part, to the disorders that arose in Palestine under Antiochus IV Epiphanes, the desecration of the Temple at Jerusalem under his reign, the supplanting of the legitimate family of priests by the installation of Alcimus, the personal ambition of Onias IV, and the vast extent of the Jewish diaspora in Egypt that created demand for a sanctuary of this nature.

billy Phillips Fri. May 1, 2009

RE STEPHEN: First, there is no such thing as “jewish”. The correct term is Israelite. And Kabbalah predates all religions, all spiritual doctrines and thus scholars get lost in a maze of endless currents and streams of intellectual and religious thought as different peoples throughout the ages have tried to make contact with the spiritual reality of the Divine.

But Kabbalah was the DNA and blueprint, since the time of Adam that reveals the technology for all mankind. Israelite is derived from the story of Jacob wrestling with angel of Esav. After defeating him, the Torah changes Jacob’s name to Israel. The story is a code. you and i are jacob. Our selfish ego is the negative angel. When we use Torah to triumph over self-centeredness and we truly transform, we are called Israelite. Moses was NEVER given a religion on Mount Sinai. He was empowered with tools and a path to allow us to change from selfish to selfless because only then will Messiah arrive for good. its that simple. Jesus was a Kabbalist, an Israelite who saw the corruption of the religious establishment and tried to bring Kabbalah to the masses by way of parable and simple teachings. To his disciples he taught the true mysteries of Kabbalah. There is no such thing as Jewish Gnosticism. It’s all Kabbalah. It is derived from the verse “Adam knew Eve and she bore Cain.” The Kabbalist asks, why does the Torah use the word “knew” to imply sexual relations. It’s a code only Kabbalah explains. In simple terms Adam is the supernal world, Eve the physical world. To connect the two, you must KNOW — as in Kabbalistic knowledge — the Divine Names and inner secrets of the Torah precepts to connect our world to the spiritual reality. Gnosis is a derivative of this idea. We tend to overcomplicate what is, in fact, a very simple explanation of Torah, the meaning of life, and the root and seed of all spirituality, which is and always has been Kabbalah.

Yahalomi Fri. May 1, 2009

To be an atheist is to breathe the air of religious freedom. Nothing exemplifies the deadening burden of religion, any religion, more than the tripe I have just finished reading. All of it, from the article in The Forward to the commentary which follows. It’s all just a crock.

billy Phillips Fri. May 1, 2009

RE YAHALOMI: I understand your feelings. Kabbalah agrees. Religion is an utter corruption and man made disease. Moses was never given a religion. Kabbalah is simply an understanding of how the universe works. It reconciles science and spirituality and it destroys the corrupt view of a God with a beard on a throne. Some of the biggest most dedicated students of Kabbalah were also atheists. Kabbalah blows the lid of off the corruption. There is no belief. No blind faith. You test it. You see if it works. If it does, great. If it doesn’t, don’t waste another second.

Wishing you much good fortune, blessing and Light in your life.

Geo Cosmos Fri. May 1, 2009

I don’t know. I am teaching History of Pseudo-messianism (official title) at the Rabbinical Seminary of Budapest. I wrote stories on messianic movements around Nijinsky in the 90s in Budapest in the Thirties /they were my grandparents neighbours /.It is at in English. Of course the Talmud does speak about the legend of Yeshua in a dozen of places, and quite negatively, all the Jay M-article is correct.:-) I also am glad to see that Billy phillips shared with us this beautiful story on David Valle./Except the Son mentioned in yr quote refers to Zeir Anpin so it is not so simply what it means…no need to provoke anyone I guess, but i may be mistaken. Bigots will get upset for less./ I also feel some fascination with Kabbalist universalist teachings as they show that Jews now are maybe more open than ever to actively teach their Unique Eternal traditions…and I am glad that both Ashlagians, Berg and Laitman work hard on this project in spite of mainstream outcry…it is a powerful philosophical-psychological tool, to claim that only thru humbleness (low ego) can one grasp the Teaching, Torah.It is said by everybody since Moses (including Maimuni, Nachmanides, Luzzatto, the Maharal, Caro, Luria, the Baal Shem Tov, the Lubaitchim)and yes it is also said by Paul and Mohamed – everybody agrees but for some reason the Pharao/Ego is still in power:-) Just my twocents on a side issue: the word “Jew” comes from the word “yehodi” which hints (hoda=grateful)/or also hed=echo/ at exactly this humbled loving relationship to a Higher Power (meaning “being” or “Future” hinted at the Ye syllable).I understand Billy why you say only “Israelites” exist – but it is a small side issue that cd be settled if we translate the yehodi-jew word too, not just the Yashar kel -Israel as you do. By the way Neo-Orthodox Gadol, Samson RAfael Hirsch (1800s years) taught that al the stories of the Torah are hints (remez) at inner soul processes…Adam was the first prophet so science of Darwin may go on…very similar to Kabbalah. It wd be great if we cd get in touch (I wd need exact sources for Valle for my Ph.D. is on this topic- is it in the Patai messiah-document book?), I am in yahoo dot com and my name is constructed by a hhebrew word that means “also this”=gamzo and then comes my age 48, :-)I hope it is not a problem that I try to mention my address and hopefully no one will notice or object. I hope Billy you will not miss the Laitmanists “Bne Baruch” seminary on the Zohar in Catskill near NY on the 15th of May.Sorry if it sounds off-topic: but they do teach the very same message you shared about and which in the past created Chistianism and Islam.So they are historically important even if they may be mistaken too – whatever one hopes.:-)

billy Phillips Fri. May 1, 2009

RE: GEO COSMOS—Of course, the Zohar explains that Zeir Anpin (the Vav from the Tetragrammaton) is also know as THE SON. There is no discrepancy, for when an individual completes his transformation of selfish desire to selfless desire to impart (unconditionally) he attains unification — spiritually speaking — with Zeir Anpin, the supernal realm. Thanks for the info about Laitman but I have a teacher in Kabbalist Rav Berg, Karen Berg, and rabbis Yehuda and Michael Berg, the true lineage of Kabbalists leading back to Rav Shimon Bar Yohai.

As much misinformation about Jesus/Kabbalah/Torah/Muslims/Israelites/Christians/Meaning of Life, that’s how much misinformation there is about Kabbalist Rav Shraga Feivel Berg.

Also, acquiring intellectual assets and scholarly research is not my goal or objective. The sole purpose of study is to purify and elevate and become a nicer person, as it simple as it may seem. Once again, it’s all about Love Thy Neighbor. Nothing else. At all. Whatsoever. And i was a terribly egocentric individual concerned and focused solely on the ME. I am not saying i am a transformed person. I am saying that i am striving for transformation. There is great danger studying Torah and Kabbalistic history if its for academic reasons or for self righteousness.

Rav Ashlag says the Torah — yes the Torah — becomes the drug of death when pride is involved.

By the way all the slander over the years against the Rav is not bad news or a complaint. It’s good news. Why? Cut to the 13th century. Kabbalist Rabbi Abraham Abulafia. His insights sum up the feelings and words of all the true Kabbalists of history. He said if the Rabbis call you crazy and persecute you, the Kabbalist should make himself as strong as a lion for God does this with all true Kabbalists. When you read what they did to Ramchal and other Kabbalists, and you read the words that rabbis spoke about them, it sends a cold chill down your spine, it is so reprehensible and vile. All the more tragic when those who spewed venom were lost to history and the Kabbalists like Luzzatto became giants recognized by even the rabbinical establishment. The days when slandering living Kabbalists and then honoring them after their passing is over. We are in the process of our redemption right now which is why the world is as chaotic as it is. Never in history has the Zohar and Kabbalah been so widespread. And the Zohar and Kabbalists are clear — when a dumb shmuck like myself can enter into the world of Kabbalistic study in order to become a more decent human being, then the words of Torah are true — everyone young and old will come to KNOW the Light of the Creator.

By the way Abulafia further confirms the importance of uniting Muslims, Israelites and Christians. Abulafia says the name MOSES, JESUS AND MUHAMMAD = 765, the same as “Shem, Hashem Meyuchad” (The Name of God Unified).

Only Kabbalah can unify Yakov, Ishmael and Esav, (their respective nations) according to Abulafia, specifically the 72 Names of God.

Geo Cosmos Fri. May 1, 2009

I quoted someone (R.Hendel) who claims rabbi S.R. Hirsch (a contemporary of Darwin) has tried to solve he controversy on the age of Creation in the Bible and in science. S o Yafeth i am not “trying” to “restart” “cycles”. I don’t understand your tone, I mentioned some academic facts. People die even if they never read Nietzsche. /With an s before the c after the z:-)/ Thoughts lead to othe thoughts but also to the opposite thoughts. But i want to say sorry to billy Phillips for naively inviting him to a Laitman seminary in NY on mid-May as Billy Phillips is a spokesperson of the Madonna-promoted Bergs of L.A. and it seems to me there is some controversy between the Berg Kabbalists and the Laitman Kabbalists (although I do not see any important difference in their ideas – from a distance – except some details that led one of them to be very capitalistic and the other openly socialistic: an interesting side topic for psychohistory). Still i came back to say sorry to rav B.Ph. because it wd seem evident I was kind of trying to be ironic or witty. But no. I never heard your name before Billy, i am sorry. really sorry. (As I never heard Laitman’s and Berg’s name before a few months. In spite of yr huge PR work – which I do respect – of both groups for decades – and I am teaching history of kabbala since decades…in Hungary in my Conservative school founded in 1878 by my great-great-grandfather… But i wish you good luck to both of your movements. Such groups are always surrounded by tragic misunderstandings and it is a brave and much needed thing to stick to yr ideas in spite of these attacks.)

billy Phillips Fri. May 1, 2009

RE: GEO COSMOS: Valle material did not come from published books. We found too many odd discrepancies that made me question the validity of the text. So i went to his original hand written manuscript, which i got from the Jewish Theological Seminary. Not surprisingly, when i got to the sections with all the juicy material on Jesus and Kabbalah, suddenly the pages were missing in that one section. Same thing happened with other manuscripts by Kabbalists and Kabbalistic scholars such as Benamozegh. When they start revealing the truth about jesus and Kabbalah, the paragraph stops in the middle because the next page is missing. Everything i shared on this site was culled from the pages that we do have and it was painstaking. We did this over six years ago. Without mentioning names, i found one scholar who literally changed the text, censored and added his own text to change what was actually written.

I trust no published books at all. I only look at the original hand written manuscripts and even then, there was a lot of hanky panky going on. As Rav Berg taught me, the real war, the war no one talks about or knows about or will even understand when i mention it right now…the real was was fought in the books. The history books were changed. Altered. Censored. And rewritten in many cases. But the true story, was passed down orally through the chain of Kabbalists. It would blow your mind if you really knew how the Zohar appeared in the middle ages after being hidden away at the time of the second temple and after its redaction many decades later. Afraid we cannot reveal that right now. Soon.

billy Phillips Fri. May 1, 2009

RE GEO COSMOS: Absolutely zero need to apologize. We are sharing together and i did not feel any hidden agenda on your part. Thank you for sharing all that you did and it is my hope that you deepen your connection to your loved ones, friends and the endless Light that radiates from the source we call Creator.

Geo Cosmos Fri. May 1, 2009

OK now again I must ome back because I only read your kind comments after I sent my previous letter apologizing for mentioning Laitman to you. Next time when I answer to someone I will resarech his name before on google…:-) I am very happy to hear that you say you are helped by these teachings. I feel the same actually. Some of my students have ran away because they wanted to learn only the names of the Sefiroth and when a few weeks ago I aóstarted to assign them to read the bookmof Kaen Berg, well…I try to keep my job so now I am more careful and I am able to find all the teachings of Berg in the Ramchal and this reassures the academic minded students. MAy I ask someting? The techings of Laitman are clearly the same (from Ashlag) as those of R. Berg. I have nothing against either. But you know here in the ex-Soviet Zone people simply do not have the money to buy yr /wonderful/ books and other services(a monthly salary average is around 300 USD) so people here tend to flock to Laitman where you may get a book for 20 USd or even free video study groups exist 24/7. It is that simple. I really mention this in the hope that this unique opportunity – that an East European ex-scholar like me met by “chance” you Rav Billy – shd be used to some common good that helps others…But I know it is futile: I could never bring together Laitman and Berg as I cd not even bring together less reknown rabbis from two diffeernt shuls…if there is a controversy, it will stay. Anyway, i congratulate you, I think yr work is important as I said before. have you heard about the donmeh site? they are full into this three-religion-are-the-same stance. is the site name…As a professional you better know all the parallel movements I suppose. Just my twocents.Wd it not be possible for you to write me privately – I told my address before at yhoo and that I am called gamzo48 – on some job related stuff as I am Ph D in history of Kabbalah and not affiliated with anyone and not working presently as I still have a study grant this year – maybe you wd need someone able to do something for yr movement here? or I am being naive again it does not work this way…:-)

billy Phillips Fri. May 1, 2009

I am not a Rav. At all. That was one of the key points. A simple, formerly secular, religion hating, money hungry, not-nice-human being could change a little and become wiser in the ways of life so that he could treat others with dignity. That’s who i am. Nothing more. Nothing less. And when others like me get the opportunity to learn (which they can thanks to the internet etc.) then we will reach a critical mass of regular people like myself. I was literally pulled up out of the mud, muck and mire, in spite of myself, by a true Rav, Kabbalist Rav Berg. Everyone has that chance.

If you didn’t know, the Centre offers an amazing scholarship program for people who cannot afford to learn. Thousands upon thousands all over the world study for free thanks to the Centre. And we give away tens of thousands of Zohars free, all over the world, to Muslims, Israelites, Christians, Hindus, to people from all walks of life, because the Zohar, merely by its physical presence, protects and infuses the individual with the divine energy. There is no greater gift on earth than the giving of a Zohar.

The biggest deception ever pulled on humanity — even bigger than the Jesus/Kabbalah concealment –is the fact that people think the Zohar is a book.

It is not.

It is Light.


Is IS the Light of the Second tablets that Moses received in a cave after the First Tablets were shattered.

Kabbalists from 1000 years ago, to 500 years ago, confirm this. This Light takes the form of a book, just as the Torah takes the form of stories on a scroll, because that is the cable, the conduit through which you transmit and transfer the God Current. Call it Light. So having the Zohar brings you Light which removes any darkness. is there anything more important to people than removing their chaos, pain and suffering. Would one want to be smart, wise and an intellectual powerhouse, but miserable and sad? Or be of average intelligence, a regular person, but filled with Light, happiness, serenity and true ( i mean real true) inner peace and comfort.

I am easy to reach. my first name. and i am at the domain.

I am off for the evening. I wish you a Shabbat Shalom.

ari K Fri. May 1, 2009

Hi I think Geo you shd beware of the Bergs and the Laitmans. Both can be drawing you into misudnerstandings if you do not have a stable inner balance. Kabbalah was always dangerous for Jews. Maybe it is a good way to reach non-jews and I do not doubt it is important for some desperate souls. They will both tell you that it does not count if you teach historyof Kabbalah, because what counts is if you can diminish your egoism. But whatever you say they will decide if it is egoistic or not. It is like the tale of the Naked King who believed those tailors claiming zthey are weawing a cloth hat is invisible for non-celever (or egoistic) people so the King pretended he sees the cloth and eventually went out on the street naked. Of course all jewish teachers always said that the Torah is an inner path and the key to it is humility. There is nothing new in the Berg-Laitman Ashlag version except that they are humbe enough to go among the non-Jews. But for ethnic Jews this is a trap. You will probably get some free stuff ow that you gave yr address but after a while…who knows? Look at rickross. Berg’s defense is that among thousands or millions of students it is natural that a few of them has controversial claims of coercive and humiliating incidents…Laitman cd even explain to the sectbuster rickross that he is transparent and doing it for free…(But ten percents do trickle to them too – and both do deseve the contributions…Except it just cannot be financially transparent, religions never are.) All sects can be dangerous – except if you are in therapy or have an exceptionally stable constitution. I had my share that is why I am telling this to you. (Though not with them.) I do not doubt their good intentions, and it is not a personal attack – I just am worried as it is clear you never heard about Billy Philips and the Bergs before or did not know enough about them (because it is not possible not to hear about Madonna). To invite Billy to Catskills to seee Laitman was hilarious! Why not inviting Ahmedinedjad to Tel-Aviv gay Pride? 🙂 They are in a marketing battle like Coke and Pepsi! But it is possible to hear about Madonna and not look closely on the stuff. Or not understand the possible dangers involved. I am sorry if I sound paranoid.I hope you will be able to dismiss my warnings if they are not coming true.

billy Phillips Fri. May 1, 2009

Once again, history repeats. You have jews slandering Kabbalists and students of Kabbalah in the name of Judaism when Judaism and the “Jewish” religion does not exist. There is the path of Torah. Period. Quoting scholars as opposed to the true Torah authorities — the ancient Kabablists — is why we have suffered for twenty centuries.

We cling to the same old ways that brought nothing but destruction.

Rabbi Moses David Valle is clear — there is nothing wrong if someone, ignorant of the supernal worlds/sephirot, humanizes God. Honi the circle drawer called out Father Father bring us rain. Valle explains the humanized view of Jesus as God is NOT the problem and this is a misunderstanding propagated by the rabbis.

The personal attacks and slandering by earlier comments is the problem. The only problem. You don’t know anything about me. My teacher. My life. My experiences. Yet you judge. The typical “jewish” disease. All your facts, figures, “torah insights” mean zero. Nothing. Its only about Love Thy Neighbor. Two opposites coming together for the sake of unity, not being duped into the “right versus wrong” argument of the Evil Inclination. Messiah will come if we are wrong about everything but unified in our hearts. Messiah will not come if we are intellectually right, but disunified, jealousy and bitter towards one another.

How many more centuries of bloodshed before we all realize this?

Herb, if that is all you got from my posts, i suggest you read again with an open heart. We can bring much Light to the world this Shabbat by coming together, regardless, or we create further separation.

Everything rides on our interactions.

I wish you and your loved ones blessings and Light on this Shabbat.

Joel Hecker Fri. May 1, 2009

The polemics continue. An important article by the Israeli Kabbalah scholar Yehuda Liebes, “Christian Influences on the Zohar”, available in an abridged version in the collection, Studies in the Zohar (SUNY Press, 1993), points out the ways in which the Zohar both polemicizes against Christianity and yet finds itself adopting certain theological formulations that were current in the time of its composition (mostly late 13th century in Castile). My own reading of Zohar has led me to see many, many times, that Israel’s identification as the true son of God, while not explicitly polemical, can hardly be interpreted otherwise. Joel Hecker, Associate Professor of Jewish Mysticism, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College.

billy Phillips Fri. May 1, 2009

Liebes argument becomes mute and invalid if the Zohar predates the emergence of Christianity. It does. The proofs are there. Which means Christianity is a product of the Zohar/Torah, which it is. Zohar itself explains the entire concept of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, where Father is the Sephirot of Chokhmah, The Son is Zeir Anpin and The Holy Spirit is Malchut, the physical reality.

A book will soon be published that will end the last 12 centuries of misinformation.

Again, the Torah concepts of Trinity, Son of God, Resurrection, Repentance (the true word is “return”) were embedded into Christianity for the purpose of giving the Israelites a connection to truth while enduring the exile. The Kabbalists say this truth will only become known as the End of Days.

Geo Cosmos Kex-Quemetti Sat. May 2, 2009

I agree that there are diff’t ways to be or feel “jewish”. We shd maybe simply translate the word from Hebrew: yehodi. Hoda is thanks. /Hed is Echo…/In The Bible when Jehuda gets his name from his mother it was meant to signify gratefulness. (Sorry I repeat it, no one listened before but I suppose it was Shabbat.) Similar for the word Christian (Anointed but only those giving offering of Gratefulness got anointed.) And similar for Islam (also having a level in its meaning hinting at gratefulness and acceptance.) Of course most followers do not grasp the inner meanings – maybe the Founders did. I am still recovering from the shock that I was told I should “beware” of Kabbalah. I never exchanged words with someone dealing with Kabbalah and so I was maybe a bit stirred and forgot we are here to speak about the Jesus-in-Talmud issue.(he generally is disguised though, like the Four lepers or Ghehazi…for instance, I am sure it is mentioned in the book.) I happen to teach the history of kabbalist and messianist conroversies at a University in Europe since years – and I am surprised – all the more – to be left in the dark about the real truth about this Bergian teaching…I think I simply let myself be carried away by prejudice (although I have an actor friend who worked with Madonna and I was sure it is a God-send – for “Jews” in general /if they exist in general/ – that someone so influential among the masses turned to Kabbalah…(About which people think is Jewish lore.)

and I agree absolutely with Billy Philips that it is a good sign if people are against my way …it means they feel I have something they lack…or something like that…As I am far away from the US I simply do not know these movements and have only hearsay and gossips in /there is no institution where no student ever commits suicide etc./ But all I have seen now as I researched it on the net on the content and text level was very positive and absolutely in harmony with major writers (Pirke Avot or later the Maharal, Luzzatto, Tanya)- Yes sometimes in a simplistic popular language (which is pedagogically sound)…so the only problem may be that this group is also talked about in the circles of Madonna fans and Jagger fans…so what? I congratulate you, Billy – and to yr Rav too – and I think it is a very humble gesture on your part that you also care about what we Forward readers think…(I hope no one at my University reads me here though.)(generally they either do not read English well or are not interested in jay M or Jesus…hopefully.)

On the other hand it is evident that for many different reasons mainstream religions will not embrace the Kabbalist ground level…It wd be a geat leap for them and I do not see how it cd happen…but I respect those who dare to hope in such radical terms. From China the three Bible-based religions surely look the same…so it can be imagined that a few more decades of Chinese stgrength will bring about a need to unite Moses-Jesus-Mohamed people…this wd be the natural way (with some painful crises and wars)- if Kabbalists cannot explain their case before that.

by the way Jake, there is an interesting theory forwarded by Lloyd DeMause at about the different Rapture movements and their cycles.

ari Sun. May 3, 2009

Hi Geo, you are making funny comments. We shd come back to the J M text. This movement, probably started by Paulus of Damascus has started exactly like your favourite Kabbalists, Laitman and Berg. They thought it wd be high time to reach the non-jewish masses. But the result is always that they must incorporate pagan myths. It might be helpful to some, as Jesus can be helpful for J M. I am not surprised that you know about hese 12step groups too: they are based on the Kabbalah (and C.G. Jung) too.But you will see, billy Philips might be a genius, but he will not consider your offer of fan-ship. It might be alluring for you that he sends you a book and you may think they are interested in your problems – but they are not. The only thing I can imagine is that they will want you to participate at some program for training instructors if they deem they can snatch an academic they are happy. But if you are so well advanced in 12steps you will be able to deal with the eventual dumping and ensuing frustration. They are a movement – they are not interested in individuals. Still, i understand that you fall for them, Billy Phillips seems to be a fascinating person and clearly does real research too. But if he pretends to be interested in you it is only because you are working as a University lecturer. I used to particaipate in a similar moveemnt and has rather unpleasant experiences. By the way I do not understand atheists comments by the way. Even atheists say “Nature wants us to care for the environment”. So “Nature” can say what it wants. But there is no difference basically between Nature and “God”. And in the Bible its name (yhwh) is simply a Creator force, like Nature. Jesus must have known this – otherwise he wd not have said that the outward precepts are not always valid.

Geo Cosmos Sun. May 3, 2009

Hi Stan the atheist,I do not agree that all gods are false.

1. they or the names that hint at them do mean sthing for their users. We all experience a Higher Power (higher than us, like electricity or air) and as we can say “Thou” to our car when it does not start and we say “Go!”…in the same way we can turn in a personal way to the All-Maker. It is psychology.

2. The earliest documented god-name is YHWH which means “make-be-er” existenciator or even futurator or Will-Be-er…an instance that creates the next moment…It stems from the word haya or yihye (was and will-be)- hinting at timelessness…I do no think this concept is false. It is the best approximation of this Force that does dictate situations (we certainly do not by our egos-)

3. What is a person? Do we know why “I” am “I” – where is this “I”? So why not project it onto the World? Solipsism cannot be disproven…(that only one “I” exists and everything is just its projection- so if I change myself inside the world gets etter – that is the basic stance of all religions.And also of pragmatists in psychology.)

4. Shit stays shit (bad things happen to good people) even if you delete the concept of God in yr mind. But than there is no cause to good things either. So you are there in the same Bad or Evil scheme- and you cannot even try to console yself with a bit of self-talk.

5. No one can persuade a religious person that he is an idiot.

So thank you.

I am not religious an d I dont believe in any god. But i know it is real need.

But I respect others doing so and understand them. It is diffidult to see why you come at a blog where most people are probbaly intereste din religions and state that we are simply dumb…:-) geo

ari, I really appreciate yr concern. As you know we do not have power over situations and other people. I think that people are equal in that they do stimes good stimes bad things and they average out at the end. So I do not think that I cd demand anything from Mr. Phillips – and I have the right to be grateful for even that few instances when he did seem to care. And I will happy to get a real Zohar maybe or any other book. It is perfectly natural if they are interested in academics. You may write me personally if you have further advices I wrote my address and fo instance Billy did write me. So please…lets stay on topic. What wd Jesus say? 🙂

billy Phillips Sun. May 3, 2009


Dear Ari, The Kabbalists of history agree that pagan myths were partly incorporated into Christianity. But there was a reason for this.

It would help make the true teachings of Kabbalah(disguised as Christianity) more palatable. It was done out of respect to the masses, to talk the language of the people in order to bring them closer.

Kabbalists teach us that we have no right to talk at a higher level than a student. A true Kabbalist will lower himself to the lowest rung of the ladder in order to reach a student and help pull them out of the darkness. A Kabbalist will even take on some darkness in order to descent into the chaos and help transform it into Light. This latter point is the most least understood and most misunderstood by scholars and religious people alike.

Anyway, this idea of using a little “deception” to ultimately help another human being reach a deeper connection to the Creator happened at the burning bush with Moses.

Moses did NOT initially hear the voice of God. He heard his father’s voice. Only later did he realize it was God who was speaking.

What do the commentators say about this?

Moses would have never approached the bush (the bush being a metaphor for the difficult, challenging path leading to the spiritual reality) if he heard God’s voice and saw the challenges that lied ahead.

This is life, according to Kabbalah.

If we saw true reality and heard the pure voice of God, if we saw the forces that swirl in our midst, we’d drop dead of a heart attack, according to Kabbalah. If we saw our tikun, if we saw all the negativity and darkness that we brought into this world through our intolerant actions, we’d be too frightened to confront these truths. So initially, we taste the pleasantness of the Light of the Creator to summon us forth (Moses hearing his father’s voice). Then, once we have acclimated to this new surrounding and have tasted of the Divine, we then must work to eradicate and cleanse ourselves of all ego, the source and root of the darkness we brought into this world, this life and past life.

So, infusing some pagan myths into Christianity, along with the Torah truths of repentance, salvation, etc, was to make it more accessible and draw into the path a pagan world that had no conception of true reality and the path of Torah. This is what Christianity is all about today. Christians, according to the Kabbalists, have no idea of the truth of Torah and the true essence of Jesus, the Rav and Kabbalist. But they say this is fine. This is okay. They can taste the truth of Torah through his teachings and will ultimately lead them back to the Torah in the End of Days. As i said in an earlier post, Christianity has a dual nature and it all depends upon how you view it. If u view it literally, it looks like idol worshipping. If you view it and understand through the lens of Zohar, it is pure Torah. This is how the Creator creates an exile and a place for that exile without disconnecting the Israelites from their root. It’s deeply profound and a bit difficult to expand in a post to an article. But hopefully you can feel with i am sharing.

Second, to question my actions in regards to sharing a Zohar with Geo, unconditionally, is simply another sad and tragic example of why the world bleeds. We always have two choices:

1. See the good.

2. See the bad.

Why couldn’t you see the good and thus help create that reality in our world with your consciousness? It is not you who saw the bad. It is the ego, the Evil Inclination that dupes us. Why listen to it? Why delay the redemption. When a critical mass of people “choose” to only see the good in our fellow man, the pain is over. The dying is over. But there is a force that delays it and we feed it each time we see only the bad.

It is the force the Torah calls “the Adversay” (The Satan) that distorts our view of a simple kind action of sharing Zohar, the original Light of Mount Sinai. Think about that. I mean, really think about that.

We can be puppets of the Light or puppets of the Adversary. If we ever see anything but negativity in another person, the Baal Shem Tov says it’s a reflection of what is inside of us.

Look a little harder. Is it possible that we are sharing a Zohar with Geo simply to help restore some of the Lost Light of Sinai so that today a little darkness is in our world?

Is it possible?

I wish you connection, unity, Love and Light.

billy Phillips Sun. May 3, 2009


The only way the Messiah arrives with mercy and not pain and suffering is through the dissemination of the Zohar into the Christian, Islamic worlds. The three brothers must unite, Ishmael, Esav and Jacob. This is why the Centre reaches out to everyone.

Second, millions of Israelites were exiled after the second temple was destroyed. Christianity was then created to house those Israelites during the exile. So how many Israelites, (true soul level and physical level) do you think are among the Christian nation? Do the math.

Second, the mix multitude, the Erev Rav, are mingled in with the Jewish nation since the time of Sinai, up through the Second Temple period, to this very day. How many among the so called “jews” are really, spiritually and physically, the mix multitude.

The Kabbalists tell us that only the Messiah and Elijah the Prophet know who is a true Israelite.

Bottom line, the Christians and Muslims and all people from all walks of life want the Light of the Creator, (Light being simple happiness, the end of suffering and death). This is what the Light of the Tablets of Sinai was all about. The whole world experienced immortality at that moment. Not just 600,000 Israelites. The world.

And the world will participate in the redemption as well. Reaching out to Christians with the truth and Light of the Torah/Zohar is how we quicken the arrival of the Messiah.

Second the Zohar says all humanity is ONE body. This is why we are different. A liver is different than a heart. A kidney has a different appearance and function than a spleen. But together, when unified, it creates one healthy body.

We need all people, all the organs that are the other nations to work together to create the one peaceful, healthy body that is humanity.

The Zohar says the Israelites and the path of Torah/Zohar is the “heart” organ of humanity. On a physical level, the heart furnishes all the organs of the body with blood to nourish and sustain them. Without the heart performing its function, the other organs suffer. Disease sets in. Gangrene can set in if there is a lack of blood flow to an area of the body.

Israelites must perform this function spiritually with the LIght of the Creator. Only Kabbalah/Zohar connects us to the Light so that we can share it with the OTHER nations of the world so they can be nourished.

What is hatred towards Jews?

Spiritual gangrene caused by a lack of “bloodflow” and “Lightflow.”

Now do you see why the Centre shares Zohars all over the world?

This is why i am sharing one with Geo.

billy Phillips Sun. May 3, 2009

ARI: By the way, it is only “paganism” when you don’t understand Kabbalah. It is only “idol worshipping” if you interpret the Christian texts literally. When you read the Zohar, you see Christian tenets mean something else, such as the trinity and Son of God. It was all designed by the Creator in such fashion that both sides see what they want to see, during the exile. If you say “Father, Son and holy spirit” are three individual forces, this is incorrect and can be called Idol Worshipping. When u read the Zohar and u find out that Father if Chochmah, The Son is Zeir Anpin and the Holy Spirit is Malchut, you see the oneness of reality and it becomes a Torah truth.

So which is it?

It’s up to our free will to interpret the text as we see fit.

This is how the Creator devises an exile that has both truth and falsehood existing at the same time. From the perspective of the Creator, its truth. From our limited fragmented perception, it appears like idol worshipping.

Now, each time you look at another human being, and disconnect yourself from that person, by only seeing the bad, you are committing the same mistake.

Deep. Very deep.


Sun. May 3, 2009

ER…I am quite awed by your arguments and I am sorry if I sounded too egoistic or even harsh against you…I am willing to admit that maybe my attitude was partly prejudiced. I have no business of judging you. I just tried to explain to geo who might not grasp that from his country (where the average income is ten times lower than the one here) that even a huge organization like yours, even you cannot help him – except with a Zohar, but he has it in his university Library, and clearly one cannot understand it only after years of study (and he himself said he just teaches its historical aspect and all these egoless idea was news to him. I went to read you online and I see that your views are consistent and helping, so again please forgive my hutzpe, arrogance. I think it is a very original approach – basically in a solipsist way (“only itself exists”)considering the whole World a huge Self projection (in the form of a human person with body parts) you claim that by diminishing our ego we can change the world around us – if bad things still happen they are just a test to strengthen us and all things have endless causing factors (sefirot and partcufim). No way to prove or disprove solipsism but yes, most religions use it – so they stem from you (Kabbalah). And yes it does help probbaly in more than 50% of the cases so it is a benevolent trend, i am glad you help people with it. What I am not so sure is the drive to go to very poor countries (like Geo’s in eastern EU or like Malawi that is even worse)where people are maybe betters erved by the services of “Rav” laitman promoting the same ideas for almost free. I wrote to Geo on his yahoo address and I see he has real hopes of visiting a Kabbalah center in a nearby town – with your assistance he hopes… and this is what I wanted to warn him about: to accept or to beg such dependence causing help…for someone who knows 12 Stepping (which was based on the Zohar and CG Jung as he claims), well i think this is a game I have to warn him about – even if I acknowledge that yr teachings are beneficial. I was in a sect and only 12steps helped me out so I have a right to talk to him on this and try to diminish his hopes. You should not even answer him on his sudden enthusiasm: imagine being a far away small-town teacher meeting the world reknown Guru…I think I have to warn him, and you also should be aware it can be even dangerous for him and his career (at his University he said students left his course when he started being positive about Kabbalah.)It is OK you think Jesus was a Kabbalist: wd he tease a naive but peaceful stranger to follow him if that wd cause harm to that person (like leaving his family etc).(Ok i see yr answer is yes.)

billy Phillips Sun. May 3, 2009

RE ARI: My new good friend Ari: It is not my intention to engage in an endless dialogue about facts, history and information, despite the fact that I posted a lot Kabbalistic insights earlier. My ultimate intention was to extend the hand of friendship with the wisdom of the Kabbalists and truth being the bridge upon which we meet.

Thus, i respect and acknowledge your opinions and because the Light of the Creator and the realm called “zein anpin” is infinite, all opinions and viewpoints are present there (with the exception of those fueled by intolerance).

Thus, the real point and goal is to find common ground and just exchange a little bit of caring and consideration for the purpose of injecting the force called “kindness” into our world. I hope we accomplished that today.

Thank you for sharing and acknowledging my earlier concerns and no apology on your part is necessary as per your earlier post. We are all brothers. It is the Adversary who blinds us to this truth and causes us to display intolerance. I make this same mistake constantly and I strive (but not hard enough) to eradicate it from my being.

So i choose to see your soul, the real you, the authentic you, and i appreciate the opportunity i had to engage in a dialogue with you today.

With warm regards,


B. C. M. Mon. May 4, 2009

Billy, Your comments are well thought out and almost sound staged. I am quoting your comment above where you say that your were a religious hating, money hungry, not-nice-human being and you changed. Now you treat others with dignity. What about all of the families who have split up because of Kabbalah. I unfortunately know that even your extended family could not escape the negative repercussions of Berg’s Kabbalah. It’s ironic that someone like you can say words like, and I quote “the real point and goal is to find common ground and just exchange a little bit of caring and consideration for the purpose of injecting the force called “kindness” into our world. I hope we accomplished that today”, when you don’t feel those seemingly heart felt words towards your own parent and siblings. It’s easy to spew out words, what is difficult is to accept everyone, especially family, even when they may not agree with your view points. It’s time you practiced what you preach, then perhaps we can take you seriously and believe in the words you say. It’s a sad world when someone talks about love, light, acceptance, and does the exact opposite. Remember Billy, love begins and ends with family. You are lucky to possess the gift of gab, as I too could have fallen under your spell, until I realised you don’t really understand tolerance, love, or the light. Remember, you can’t escape your past, so you should reconcile with it. I am an old friend from your past who just happened to come across this forum it just reinforced my belief that you are not the person who you want us to believe you are. Remember, it can’t be “slander” if it is the truth! I wish you connection, unity, love and light.

Barry Mon. May 4, 2009



I have to first say “WOW” to all the jaw-dropping revelations that Billy put forth on this blog. They are simple, well documented, but most importantly, profound insights that really made me think. Great job billy.

However, the second “WOW” has to go to reading all your responses to billy’s messages. First, some of you spout your own theory/rebuttal, then condemnation…then apologies with egg on your face. However, I have to say that i’m truly surprised that few of you have really commented on, or considered the VAST implications of these astounding quotes from sages and the Zohar.

Here it is…the beginnings of an answer to an age-old question that has caused nothing but pain, loss, death and confusion for millions of people…for more than 2,000 years, yet few comments here seem to even be the least bit fazed. WOW!

The great debate over the separation of Judaism and Christianity seems to be completely erased by these Kabbalistic texts — written by those who are inarguably to be considered some of the greatest “Jewish” sages who have ever lived — and again…we’re arguing about “the color of the drapes”.

I don’t say this to criticize anyone here. You all seem to care about what you are saying…and passionately serious about the subject. I just hope, that perhaps if you are reading this, that something will awaken inside you that might address the real questions.

1. Does it really matter, who is a “jew”…and who isn’t? Will this bring about peace between nations?

2. Who is…and who is not “entitled” to study Kabbalah? Will the answer to this bring us any closer to removing pain and suffering from this world?

3. Was “that” person really Mashiach Ben Yosef…or Mashiach Ben David? If we establish a comprehensive “who’s, who”, will that get us any closer to loving each other?

and finally….

4. Was Jesus a Jew…a Kabbalist…The Messiah…or a Carpenter? Does the answer to this really matter, as long as it completely distracts us from discovering the answer to, perhaps, the only question that’s worth answering…HOW DO I LOVE MY NEIGHBOR…AS MYSELF???

What i really appreciated about what Billy had to say, was that it reminded me how caught up i get in the intellectual debate, and distracted from the real mission at hand. Sure, I can’t wait to read more about Valle, and his remarkable writings…but hopefully, i will seek this information as a tool for further personal transformation and awakening.

Thanks to you Billy, and thanks to everyone who participated in this compelling dialogue.

I wish you all love and happiness.

billy Phillips Mon. May 4, 2009


It’s funny. When ever someone has something negative to say, they are afraid to identify themselves. In response to your comments I can only offer this. The Centre has brought together thousands of families, they have saved lives, mended broken relationships and transformed the lives of thousands. Thankfully, i witnessed it with my own eyes, but more importantly i have lived it.

Granted, those who were not willing to embrace the path of losing the ego and becoming accountable for the chaos in their own lives — though they are few — they have left the path of Kabbalah. I am not here to convince anyone or persuade anyone. You either feel it or you don’t. Everyone has free will.

If you don’t feel it or agree with Kabbalah, why waste a second of your life on this subject? Just to spread negativity? Life is too short. If a sibling relationship or old friendship was lost because a person moved onto to a different path in life, and this person is happy, be happy for them. That is unconditional love. If you find yourself complaining or angry or in need, then go help a stranger and bring comfort to someone else’s life instead of lamenting over your own complaints. There is a big difference between love and need. Love is when we are only concerned for the happiness of the other person. Need is how we want a person to treat us and we focus upon how they make us feel.

I learned in Kabbalah that its far too easy to point the finger of blame instead of being accountable for everything — and i mean everything — that happens in your life. But you clearly choose to blame me, instead of accepting the responsibility and asking yourself “why did this happen to me?” No problem. You are entitled to your feelings. I was the same way. I was worse. The old me would have written a comment far more stinging, biting, and mean-spirited than your comment.

I learned, the hard way, in spite of my self, and only through the graciousness and unconditional love of my teachers, Rav Berg, Karen Berg and their sons Rabbis Yehuda and Michael, that I could stop being a victim and a self righteous, obnoxious moron, and start changing myself so that i could treat my wife with more respect, more dignity and unconditional love. Ask her if she is happy with me.

The Rav taught me how to play with my children and truly enter their world and give my time when my kids needed it and wanted it—NOT when i found the time or made the time to offer it. Ask my children if they are happy with me.

You cannot please everyone. I chose to focus my life on my wife and children and soon my children’s children, in terms of becoming a nicer, more decent human being. I have no idea if i am successful. You have to ask them.

And if you want to blame me for choosing to focus my life on making my wife and children happier and hopefully succeeding, well, i hope the entire world makes the same “mistake” i just made.

I found it takes a long time to say “I am responsible for everything that makes me unhappy or mad or aggravated.”

As an aside, but no less profound, Kabbalah teaches that our biological family give us temporary birth into the physical reality, of which death is a part of. But our spiritual teachers and spiritual family give us birth into immortality and the spiritual authentic reality which is eternal. This is the purpose of studying, learning and of course transforming along the path of this wisdom. This is why it was given to mankind on Sinai.

Spiritual bonds of Light are much stronger than physical bonds of blood, but people who are governed by ego and self-interest and the physical reality cannot fathom, grasp or embrace that truth. If one’s own siblings happen to also be spiritual, then you achieve both levels of relationship, physical and spiritual.

Thankfully, I have that with my wife and children. I sure didn’t have that growing up.

Past life incarnations, karma etc are all different for each person. Kabbalah teaches sometimes you are born into a family for certain karmic reasons and once that karma is paid back, you move on. Real, lasting relationships between human beings are only based on spiritual ideals and the mutual objective of removing pain, suffering and death from the world by eradicating our own egos. Period. If you are blaming another person, right or wrong, for anything at all, you still have ego.

My own barometer for success in life is not the comments people have about me from my past. It’s whether my wife, my children, my spiritual friends and my teachers are happy in THEIR life and that i am bring a good friend, husband, father, and student by helping them achieve that very happiness.

What is so beautiful about Kabbalah and this world is that the moment anyone decides to stop the negativity, the blaming, the victimhood, and the complaining and they choose to become accountable, then a whole new universe opens up for them. The door is always open. Eventually, we will all get there. If not now, next life.

But the decision has to be theirs to make.

The truth of the matter is, we don’t truly choose the path of Kabbalah. The path chooses us. One has to have the merit to be on this path and that merit is often acquired through many lifetimes.

The merit can be achieved in the moment we say, “I am blaming no more, and only looking at the good in others, not the bad.”

billy Phillips Mon. May 4, 2009


You hit the nail on the head. What you said is the very reason i responded to the article in the first place. And isn’t it ironic that some responses were even personal. Talk about arguing over the color of the drapes.

We like to hit people over the head and condemn in the name of God or in the name of our own good intentions.

Yet we never see the hand of the Adversary (the ego) behind the scenes fueling our intolerance or our hostility and of course, never once, looking in the mirror and taking responsibility. I battle this every second. right now. always.

Reminds me of a wonderful quote from Andre Gides. I will paraphrase:

“One must have a belief in the Creator in order to serve him. But one does not need to believe in the devil to serve him.”

Gides said he too did not believe in the so-called devil and that concerned him because he knew, paradoxically, that his disbelief only strengthened him.

BCM Tue. May 5, 2009

Billy, Thank you for your comments. I can see that you truly believe what you are saying. It’s wonderful that you have such a spiritual and loving relationship with your wife and children. That is something that we all aspire to, however you mentioned unconditional love. How is it that you can’t accept your extended family just because they happen to have taken a different path than yours? Do they not deserve your love just as your wife and children do? Have they stopped loving you because you have chosen your path in life? I think not. I have seen your siblings and they have expressed nothing but love for you, your wife and children. They have expressed a desire to see you and to be a family with you. They have expressed how heartbroken they all are because you have chosen to keep your children away from them and their children. Billy, one thing you must rememeber, even if you have chosen not to believe it, BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER. Your family will always love you, always be there for you and always accept you for who you are. You have not given them the same respect. Your past was not the typical Ozzy and Harriet family, nobody had that. That kind of life is a fantasy, but I do remember love and caring in your family, as crazy as it was. Your siblings came from that same house yet they have remained close, and their children are best friends. You have selfishly kept your children from experiencing and knowing their extended family. You have poisened your childrens minds against their blood relatives, who happen to want to know them and love them. that my friend is a sin. I don’t think your actions reflect the goodness and light that you preach about. Loving unconditionally Billy, this is something that you have not done. Your wife and children of course come first, but that does not mean you do not have enough love and acceptance for the rest of your family. Like I said in my last posting, you have the gift of gab, you have always been charming so you can convince people who really don’t know you that you are a man of love and peace and that the teachings of Kabbalah has changed your life for the better, but if they could see what your actions of distancing yourself from your family has done, nobody would want Kabbalah in their life. You actually make Kabbalah look bad. Kabbalah is suppose to bring the light to people, not teach people to shun anybody including family who choose not to study it. I have known you long before Kabbalah came into your life, and I do see that you have become less angry and probably a better family man towards your wife and kids, but you have lost your spark. You talk about blame, yet you obviously blame your family for issues that you have tried to rid yourself of. In the process you gave up your extended family and you believe that this is ok. It’s time you actually put Kabbalah to good use and do what it says to do. Go to your family, love them, accept them for their faults, understand your faults. G-d does not promote nor accept people who treat each other with indifference, especially not family. You should be teaching your children love and acceptance. They need to know their family, they need to have that connection. I shutter to think how you and your wife would feel if one of your kids did this to you. Stop using Kabbalah as an excuse to stay away from your mother and sisters. You obviously harbor some kind of resentment towards your family, don’t you think it is time to let that go? Your family was not exactly the norm, but I do remember the love and caring. Your mother went through hell and back yet she never stopped loving you or your siblings. You and your siblings also had it rough, yet your sisters still can love each other and you. If you look at the whole picture, it is them who is stronger, more accepting, and more loving than you. You could learn a thing or two from them. Billy, love your family, before it is too late. I choose not to identify myself because I fear your rejection just as you have done to your family. The difference is, should the day come when you want to see your past friends and family, we will all be here with open arms. We can’t say that about you right now and yet you are suppose to be the one who preaches kindess and acceptance. May you finally see the light. As always, I wish you only love and peace.

geo Tue. May 5, 2009

Hi I am astonished at this personal attack. I can very well imagine that if I am part of a quite revolutionary world movement (Kabbalah) that wants to change the peception of most poeple about basic identity things (who am I what it means to be religious or Jewish or Muslim …or living) that someone might not want to spend too much time with people who do not share these beliefs and especially I can imagine that I do not want my children to spend too much (or any) time with those family members who probably think our (kabbalist) aspirations are ridiculous or futile or failing. Leaders (and Billy clearly you are kind of a leader in unkown terrotories) must accept of course that they are toxic containers and community members will use leaders to “contain” their hatred and un-processed doubts…Otherwise I cannot understand how anyone could disclose such personal matters on a public site – there are millions of estranged family members (of course without such a valid reason as a completely different world view) , and we do not hear about them…there are lots of forums and probably most people even here could get some long-forgotten “friends” accusations, but only Billy is singled out – this Kabbalah idea must be really strong provoking other’s Egos…On the other hand it is refreshing to see that apublic figure is willing to explain himself – Billy could have simply stay mum, but he chose another way. But all this is not off-topic: Kabbalah clearly is a present day Christian movement , trying to disseminate “Love Thy Neighbour” ideas…and (similarly – I am sorry this is not a pejorative list – to charismatic Christians and Communists or Islamists)all value reframings do arise severe antagonism. Before I discovered my Jewish family members I did find Muslims and Christians in my family and I did – for awhile – try to learn their customs too. And in all groups there were split up families – it is not easy to accept each other. But no one has the right to judge others anonymously shaming someone – and yes it is lashon hara even if it is true. By the way Kabbalah says that anti-Jewish hatred is the consequence of our not disclosing Kabbalah’s secret (the anti-ego stance) to the world at large – so they feel kind of “missing sthing” which we do have…and also, that probably the soul of a Jew-hater may be part of the Lost Tribes, otherwise why would he focus on Jews (there are lots of other factors in the world.) But if the Jewish biblical Being-god’s name YHWH is really the closest to the real Name and everything is onnected to this Name and its contextual words…then the Zohar /which explains these letter’s connections and meanings/ is an important secret to share. I hink we shd welcome the Jew-hater users in our site, they are just people with a lot of bad feelings and where shd they complain if not at a place where we deal with the only Be-er, the Jewish God, and to whom shd they complain if not us, who failed to explain them what it all means? They fear some partly imagined Jewish presence and they are projecting Jews everywhere without even knowing that Jew means simply yehodi, “religious” or “grateful”.And we are afraid of them, because we do know from the past that nasty words and imagined wrongs by us will lead them to bombs and killings. What if the Zohar (or Christians) where right and someohow we should try to enhance the quality of our practice of educating everyone in a way that will not feel oppressive? If it is possible, who knows. But I do appreciate those who at least try it. WE all have personal failings, stimes we are okay stimes less so- we are average. But to attack Billy here was not the expression of your best side, BCM. We almost all have family members we shun. And we have a right to do so. But when someone shares new insights at a site like this, to raise such un-provable personal misgivings will simply cause the opposite: I certainly will respect Billy’s stance even more.

Barry II Tue. May 5, 2009

Who’s Messiah? While much of what Billy says I find so on target. I would challenge him by asking “who is the Moses of this generation”? Your Rabbi, is he also the potential Messiah ben David or ben Joseph too. This is not a put down, it’s a point. To often when it’s about the teachers the lesson is about to be lost. When we make it about the lesson and not about what’s been learned. We are at risk of not really learning much at all. At mount Sinai we made it about Mosses hence the golden calf & let’s stop blaming the Arivrav. Mosses was the “Messiah” or “Mosses” for them as well. If we rule out everyone we perceive as a non Israelite, non Jew or a non Kabblaist we may miss this generations chance at Messiah ben Joseph. He may come as a black Baptist preacher form the deep south or a short thin Indian man dressed in simple cloth & sandals. After all Mosses apparently came from the house of Paro.

Here we are again the Jews (who still have faith) await a Jewish Messiah, the Christians (who still have faith a wait) a Christian Messiah and the Mausoleums…

I will just pray for the wisdom to recognize the Anointed One & that my actions will be a harbinger for that day. Now I fear, unfortunately almost everyone will have a problem with this.

billy Phillips Tue. May 5, 2009


Hi Barry,

Who is the Moses of our generation? You. Seriously. What I am saying is, no one is coming to save us. No Kabbalist. No Savior. No Messiah. It does not work like that. Yes, Moses and the two Messiahs appear in every generation. But only in a state of potential, waiting to see if mankind, you and I, reach that critical mass of people, the specific threshold of individuals who have transformed themselves, defeating their Evil Inclination (The Satan) or Ego. When that threshold is achieved, the Messiah arrives to not to save us, but rather SEAL the deal on our behalf. He is sealing the peace that we have brought to our lives and this world by our transformation. This was the problem at Sinai and throughout history. Everyone is waiting for Moses or the Messiah to do the work and they cannot.

Moses and The Messiah reside in each and every single person on earth. First we must achieve a personal state of Messiah, which is peace of mind, freedom from fear, anxiety, envy, jealousy etc, and all influences of the ego, and then when a critical mass of people achieve their personal messiah, the global Messiah appears to cement and finalize the transformation of the world and all the dead are resurrected.

However, keep in mind, the dead rising is not what you might think. The dead are still among us. They are in a different dimension right before our very eyes but it is our ego, our selfish nature that blinds us to this hidden reality. When the Global Messiah arrives, the blinders are removed and we see all those souls who have been here the entire time.

And we realize this whole 6000 years was one dream. The Zohar says it will feel like the dream lasted but a moment once this illusion has ended.

The role of the Messiahs and Moses who return in each generation is to help waken up the world to spirituality and the path of transformation. But they will not and cannot do the work on our behalf.

We all must participate.

So, as you say, you want to pray to recognize the Anointed One? Your prayer is answered. Look in the mirror. You have the power to change your life and this world using all the tools that were given to ALL mankind (Not just the Israelites) 3400 years ago.

The Zohar is simply the fast track to change and the fast track to igniting the LIght to stamp out all darkness.

But every true path, like Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, etc. if u probe to their spiritual core, beyond the literal meaning of their respective sacred texts, they are all teaching and offering the same thing as the Zohar. The tools to change EVERYTHING.

Kabbalah simply helps each “organ” of the body of humanity become a better organ. The Zohar helps a Muslim become a better and more fulfilled Muslim and Christian a better and more contented Christian.

This is why it says if the Messiah has not yet arrived by our time, the Zohar MUST be shared with all peoples of the earth to quicken our transformation.

You see, there are two ways to end the rule of our ego.

1. Pain and suffering.

2. Or proactive transformation.

The Kabbalists (Abraham Azulai 17th century) say that starting on Rosh Hashanah 2000 the world entered into a new era where the dividing lines will be drawn and time will speed up.

The egocentric will become more egocentric and the spiritual people will become more spiritual. No more gray. Thus, we’ll see more insane chaos and we also see amazing positive changes. The Zohar says it will happen side by side and the people enslaved to selfishness will be totally confused wondering how so many people can be experiencing blessings while so many suffer.

Its up to us. It’s up to you.

Louise Dotter Tue. May 5, 2009

You think Jews are nervous? We atheists are, and have been since time began, self censoring out of fear. It is time for all non-christians to stand up and declare our rights. ” Under the law of nature, all men are born free, every one comes into the world with a right to his own person, which includes the liberty of moving and using it at his own will. This is what is called personal liberty. ” (Thomas Jefferson, 1770)

billy Phillips Tue. May 5, 2009


Dear Louise,

You might be surprised to know that Kabbalists, from 2000 years ago, to today, would agree with you. No one has the right to tell anyone what to believe or what not to believe. If (i use the word “if” out of respect to your views) there is a God, clearly God does not show Himself to mankind overtly, clearly and blatantly.

His concealment is by design. The point is, “if” God does not impose His presence upon us and leaves it up to us to figure out how the universe and life works, than man has no right to impose his views upon others.

The fact is, the God spoken of by mainstream establishment of Judaism, Islam and Christianity is not the God of the Torah, Koran and New Testament.

The truth of God’s essence and nature was concealed at the time of Creation, which ancient Kabbalists described as a big bang. Literally.

If you plant an apple seed, the seed vanishes the moment it sprouts in order to create the tree. You cannot and will not be able to find that original seed that gave birth to the tree. It’s impossible. Yet the original seed still permeates the entire tree.

The moment God gave birth to the universe (big bang), He vanished like the original seed and cause of the tree. So Kabbalists explain we cannot detect the original Cause with our five senses.

This was on purpose.

Imagine playing hide and seek with your friends but no one hides. There is no joy, even though you find them. The joy and fun only happens when they hide.

We had paradise, joy and infinite happiness beyond our present understanding when we were originally conceived in another reality. But it was not enjoyable because it was handed over like a charitable handout.

We asked the Creator to hide everything, INCLUDING the fact that we ARE playing Hide and Seek.

As a result, false and incorrect conceptions of God emerged and they are wrong. There is no being in heaven with a beard. The entire Torah is a code. The ancient Kabbalists say who ever reads the bible literally is a fool and its better if he were never born.

The God of the Torah, as seen through the lens of Kabbalah, is the same force that gives rise to the atom, to subatomic particles, to the dark matter that permeates the universe, to the life force that animates a blade of grass and a human being.

There is no discrepancy between science and kabbalah when you read the texts. Kabbalah sounds like quantum physics, superstring theory and medical science when you read it. I have shown the texts and interviewed Nobel Prize winning physicists and leading physicists around the world. They were dumbstruck when they saw the texts.

For instance, Physicist Michio Kaku said “I am rather dazzled by the fact that modern day cosmology and and astrophysics is mirrored in the Zohar.”

It is religion that caused atheism because of its corruption.

And it was the Rabbis (according to all the Kabbalistic biblical authorities) who prevented the masses, Jew, Christian and Muslim, from discovering the truth about their sacred texts. And that beneath the literal meaning, lies a profound, stunning and elegant handbook that is part science, spirituality and the ultimate book, the book of love.

Barry II Wed. May 6, 2009

Your full of surprises! While I agree personal responsibility is paramount and in no way do I think a Messiah is on the way like a cosmic maid service to clean up our mess here. But nor would I think I can do it on my own. Or that the Messiah is just the final cheery on top ( excuse the analogue).

I would point out that the nature of man has always been to follow. The good or evil inclinations. Be it in the form of a Hitler or Gandhi a Paro or a Mosses. Our history demonstrates our need to be lead. All history since Barashis has demonstrated that all we really have is some free will her to select who or what we follow. Hashem or the snake, now ultimately perhaps our faith needs to be bigger then an immediate presences. To experience Mosses as being present even while he’s atop the mountain. To cling to G-D when all we see is the snake & the tree of Knowledge. That may be a “prerequisite” we, I need to do to prepare for Messiah. In that limited form could agree & as you pointed out look no further then the mirror. Now I freely admit a limited understanding of anything that approaches your grasp of Kabbalah. I am apparently unable to see the dead (in whatever form they may now be, nor am I sure I want or need to see them ). I do want see the resurrection of the dead & have a deep desire for the arrival of Messiah. I would say I attempt as the Lubavitch say to “welcome him with good deeds” and as you would suggest look for the Mosses in the mirror. Two fundamental truths I would hope we can agree on. We can’t do it alone. We need G-D & each other. Clearly with unity, so much more is always within reach, good or bad. If humanity could do it with unity alone & good intentions, wouldn’t communism have worked?

When I say we need G-D I am reaching for the broadest Jewish prospective. Not limited to the Tetragrammaton but inclusive of all his names and attributes. Now clearly you have the right to build toward a messianic age. Clearly a path of self examination & transformation can only help. But I would challenge you to see it in terms of merely building path towards the finial redemption. In a way like building the field of dreams. In my own way I hope to help you build it. But in the end, for me at lest. I know that something bigger is on the way, much bigger. Bigger then anything mankind can do on our own. Bigger then any sect or religion and when King Messiah takes the field. They will come, they will all come!

billy Phillips Wed. May 6, 2009


You are right. We are here to follow. To follow the longing of our soul as opposed to the whims of our ego and negative inclinations. Second, you are also right in that we need a teacher. A teacher is critical, vital and paramount to this process because, as you say, we cannot do it alone. This is why we need community as well, of like minded individuals who share the same goal and objective. The sole reason the Zohar was revealed 2000 years ago was not because of the brilliant minds of the Kabbalists, or academic prowess of the scholars, but because Rav Shimon Bar Yochai and his colleagues shared unconditional love within their circle. That was the sole prerequisite of having a SECOND revelation 2000 years ago.

So the tools of Torah/Zohar and a like-minded community, led by a teacher is the path of how we change. Rav Ashlag, founder of the Centre in 1922 says we must make one teacher for life and stick by him for the teacher plays the role of the Light, of Moses, of Rav Shimon in the life of the student.

Likewise, we must also become a teacher to someone else.

Quite profound.

You say we need God. Absolutely. God is an infinite force of Light, Energy and Power that gives us the ability to accomplish anything and everything. But we must first “plug in” to this Force.

God does not answer our prayers. WE answer our prayers by connecting to the Source of the answers — the Light of the Creator.

Don’t blame electrical current for the darkness in a room if the lamp is unplugged. Man must plug the lamp into the source of power, the wall socket and electrical current in order illuminate the room.

Man must plug himself into the “God current” to banish the darkness in his life and this world.

We plug in each time we use a tool of Kabbalah to uproot and eradicate a small morsel of ego and self interest. The more difficult it is to let go of self interest, the stronger our connection and the bigger the Light.

But to give us free will, the Adversary, the ego, injects us with doubt, cynicism and skepticism.

Paul Freedman Sun. Feb 14, 2010

Billy, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Zohar is Midrash and the Messianism of such figures as Luzatto or Shabbatai Tzvi is not the Messianism of Jesus and the followers of Christ but an intensely more neurotic form of textological idolatry. Laitman and Berg have both corrupted, perverted, and hellenized the teachings of Ashlag who did not intend the themes of redemption to be separated from particularist Jewish mitzvah-observant concerns. Beyond that, the historical record demonstrates that the Zohar is not a divine text but man-made aggadah and Ashlag’s work also has no prophetic force. The entire Torah is not a code and the pshat of its law is not overturned by the literary investigations of kaballah which are, however inspired, man made inventions. Without a grounding in Hebrew culture and Jewish family life naive followers of Laitman and more particularly the Bergs are only eating up vomit.

billy Phillips Mon. Feb 15, 2010

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the comment. For the record, Rav Berg’s teachings do not separate “mitzvah-observant concerns.” On the contrary, the teachings ignite the power of the mitzvot setting them aflame within the hearts and minds of students all over the world. Countless people have returned to the mitzvot connections because of the Rav’s teachings.

Second, if you had the opportunity to read the hand-written letters from esteemed Kabbalist and disciple of Rav Ashlag, the great Rav Yehuda Brandwein, written to his own disciple Rav Berg, you would see the Rav Ashlag’s work is truly embodied in every single action associated with the Rav Berg’s teachings in the most profound way. If a person cannot recognize the true Torah and the very spiritual DNA of Rav Ashlag’s teachings in the work of Rav Berg, Karen Berg and Yehuda and Michael Berg, then the very first sentence in your post applies to such an individual. In other words, they’d don’t get Kabbalah. They don’t get Torah. They don’t get Rav Ashlag. As you say, the reason for the hatred and unkind remarks — including yours about “eating vomit”– is the clearest example of “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” In other words, a lack of knowledge about Torah– whose sole purpose is to bring you and I and you and Rav Berg to a state known as “love thy neighbor” — is the only reason you are disagreeing with me in a manner that lacks human dignity. Love thy Neighbor does not mean you have to agree with me. It means we all must learn to agree to disagree…with human dignity!

I am afraid there was a lack of dignity in your response.

In regards to the origins of the Zohar and it’s purpose, I choose to listen to the Kabbalists of history. They know far more than I do. In terms of its “divine status” i choose to make my decisions based on personal experiences — my own and people that i know, love and trust. And based on personal experiences, the Zohar is beyond anything you might dare to imagine. The Kabbalists say it is the hidden Light lost on Mount Sinai. I have experienced that magic in my own life. I suggest you do NOT take my word for it but rather test it for yourself. If we just listen to others blindly, we are being “religious” which is a dangerous thing. If you test the wisdom, the book and the teachings for yourself, then you can make your own informed decision.

I wish you much good fortune and blessings and peace.

Darlene two weeks ago (BCM)


It has been a few years since I last posted, and in only those few years I have come to realize that, it was my ego that was lashing out at Billy and frankly anybody whose comments differed from mine. I didn’t allow myself to open my heart and mind and understand that it was me who was searching for something but just couldn’t figure out what it was. I now know that Billy’s words and passion throughout this article did make sense, and obviously stayed with me because out of no where I had an awakening. I actually felt the need to connect to Billy and not for the typical reasons but because I needed to purge myself of the negative feelings that I had as they were weighing me down and not allowing me to feel free. I realized that I was closed and could not allow positive energy to help me see the light. It’s a wonderful thing when an opportunity comes along that opens up a new way of thinking, and we recogonize this and grab hold.

Thank you Billy for waiting for me, understanding me, and sharing your wisdom with me. I am still learning and happy to be doing do.

Your sister, aka BCM


I was standing in the kitchen, i wasn’t even thinking about billy, when all of a sudden I got a wave over me. I heard in my head, you have to tell him the truth. I knew I had to email him and tell what I did. But I was afraid he would be angry because I held it in for two years. And the other scary thing was, is that my nephew and my oldest son both told me they had emailed Billy at the same time as this happened to me. For some reason, he was on all of our minds and none of us knew this. And it was well over a year since anyone of us had contacted him. I have no idea what came over me. It was just out of nowhere, and it really scared me. I was standing in the kitchen cooking and it just came out of nowhere. I felt thus compulsion to do it right away. And I could not stop myself from thinking about it, and that was what scared me.

billy · 8 minutes ago

i am profoundly happy for you that you found the truth that was always inside of you and that you had the courage to come to me. If i was in your shoes, i don’t know if i would have had the guts. But i am glad you did. Our greatest faults and sins and negative deeds actually become blessings the moment we fix them. This is a key and critical idea. Not only do we wash away any negative karma, but that actual darkness turns to Light, the sins become blessings when we admit and then remove the trait inside ourselves that caused the mistake in the first place. I hope this brings you blessings and that other families learn from this. I am proud of you and proud to call you my sister.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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20 Responses

  1. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    This is just another example of Kabbalah at work. I am constanty amazed at the power of these teachings and the Zohar
    Billy my heart goes out to you for fighting every single adversary ( I mean the Satan in fact)with human dignity
    I perfectly well know that you don’t seek recognition but it is well deserved.
    To the people who think we are “lured” into Kabbalah and that it is dangerous. I had no particular grave issues or needs in my life when I started studying kabbalah five years ago nor was I jewish or partiuclalry religious. I didnt even know what it was.
    The only lure of Kabbalah is that your soul feels it is the path of truth Plain and simple. and as for the rumors about the center , I have found only kindness and outstanding human beings willing to help others constantly

  2. Stuart Lewis says:

    Wonderful thoughts and discussion here. Yes, the choice is tolerance vs. Intolerance and light vs. Darkness in a nutshell. Let us choose light, amen!

  3. David says:

    Hi Billy,
    I found all these extremely interesting.
    Would like to exchange some emails with you.
    Would you please be so kind as to sending me an email so we can stay in touch re these
    vital issues?
    Thanks a lot in advance.


  4. Brindusa SES says:


    To a deep degree I understand what you are going through by trying to awaken souls and I have an idea about the strong fight that the forces of darkness/Ego (that are at work behind human consciousness) are constantly doing to us.

    Like the Rav says: “It is all consciousness” and when we are faced with the Truth the Ego fights back in all of us, stopping our soul to do the work. I personally THANH YOU from the bottom of my soul for all your heart’s work, dedication and incredible hard studies that you do to reveal all these secrets of the kabbalsits/Zohar with the world. You are a Light in the world of ignorance and the truth must prevail now in the Age of Aquarius.

    Some of the beautiful passages from the Zohar that you exposed in here (further up) I found them myself when I asked for guidance from the higher souls during my Zohar quite meditation times I had 2 years ago. I asked for the truth to be revealed and I remember that night when the 2 Messiah’s portion been revealed to me, when I opened the Zohar randomly after my prayer/request here it was in front of my eyes. I cried with tears gratitude in the middle of the night. I felt I am not worthy of such incredible secrets to be revealed to my soul. I’ve been looking ALL MY LIFE for the Truth to be revealed, knowing inside that things are hidden and much deeper that the literal stories of the Bible taken at literam. I studied the Bible many years and I knew inside that deeper truths are to be revealed when my soul is ready. Studying the Zohar is giving me the real truth about the Light, Upper Worlds and secrets of the Bible/Torah.

    Love and Light,

  5. Whether one accepts the antiquity of the Zohar (which indeed is not a book in any conventional sense but an ouevre) or not we needn’t neccesarrily think that it borrows from Christianity.

    Scholars such as Peter Schaefer, and others, are demonstrating that Christianity grew out of the second century Binitarianism movement. A kabbalistic understanding of Isaiah 53 is crucial.

    • You have it backwards. Christianity borrowed from the Zohar and Kabbalah. Most scholars have little or no understanding of the Zohar’s true wisdom, despite what they believe. They have facts, figures and historical data but if they truly grasped the teachings of Zohar and the Kabbalists of history, it becomes self evident. If one does not see the self-evidence, one does not grasp the Zohar yet. zohar understanding is NOT based on intellectual prowess. It is based on the level of purity, the amount of ego that has been diminished during the study. One has to merit the truth that lies within the pages of Zohar. The Kabbalists are clear — Christianity borrowed everything from Kabbalah and it serves a nobel purpose as i explained in my lecture.

  6. I agree with most everything you say Billy and I really appreciate your blog! Only I would only qualify your statement: Jesus, the literary figure and not a real historic personality, boworred from the ancient Kabbalah and Rabbi Shim’on Bar Yohai (Jesus’ age at his death alludes to the 33rd day of the Omer).

    I more or less follow Rav Emden’s estimation of the Holy Zohar. Which is that in essence it is the work of Rashbi and his circle. Some later commentaries were included the original writings or oral traditions at the time of the Zohar’s first publishing in Italy. The composition called Ra’aya Meheimna falls into this category (although it is a most profound work). It does not even try to conceal the fact that it is a medieval work.


    • According to the great Kabbalists, Rav Moses David Valle, the former teacher and then colleague of Ramchal, Rav Moses Chaim Luzzatto, we referring to the Jesus the historical figure. He came to this world to bring the soul of Torah, the Kabbalah, to the pagan nations in order to help redeem them from their miseries and suffering and pain, because they cannot extricate themselves from the the depth of the klippot. It’s like trying to lift yourself out of quicksand. Cannot be done. Jesus was sent to raise up the pagans to the one truth of Torah and the Creator. To the masses he spoke in parable. To his disciples he revealed the secrets. Christianity is simply Zohar in a slightly different garb so that if you take it literally, it’s idol worshipping and if you understand it spiritually, its Torah. This is how God fulfilled the decree that the Israelites be exiled among the idol worshipping nations. But at the same time, giving them a rope, a lifeline, an umbilical cord back to Torah. Its our consciousness that determines if Christianity is idol worshipping or truth. This insight is freaking genius when you truly grasp it. Jesus was supposed to be born through the union of Jacob and Bilah, but Reuben prevented that from happening. The gentile world would have been redeemed if Jesus was born at that time. Now its up to us, to bring Kabbalah to the world and help raise the Gentiles out of the poverty, pain, suffering, that exists in the world. We do that by losing our own ego, giving up our own self interest, and, in turn, sharing Zohar, the wisdom and being a living example of the Zohar’s splendorous Light.

  7. “Jesus’ nationalism, which occasionally spilled over into an unpleasant chauvinism, is illustrated by a story in Matthew: Jesus … withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon. Then out came a Canaanite woman from that district and started shouting, ‘Sir, Son of David, take pity on me. My daughter is tormented by a devil.’ But he answered her not a word. And his disciples went and pleaded with him. ‘Give her what she wants,’ they said, ‘because she is shouting after us.’ He said in reply, ‘I was sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.’ But the woman had come up and was kneeling at his feet. ‘Lord,’ she said, ‘help me.’ He replied, ‘it is not fair to take the children’s food and throw it to the house-dogs.’ She retorted, ‘Ah, yes, sir; but even house-dogs can eat the scraps that fall from their master’s table.’ Then Jesus answered her, ‘Woman, you have great faith. Let your wish be granted’ [Matthew 15:21-28]” (Joseph Telushkin, Jewish Literacy. NY: William Morrow and Co., 1991).

  8. Rav Valle, and later Benamozegh, spoke in the spirit of Rambam: Even Jesus the Christian, who thought he was the Messiah… was the subject of a prophesy in the Book of Daniel [11:14]: also the renegades of your people will exalt themselves to fulfill the vision – but they will stumble. Could there be a greater stumbling block than this [Jesus]? For all the prophets spoke of the Messiah who will redeem and save Israel, who will ingather all its exiles, and who will strengthen them in the fulfillment of the Torah”s commandments – while he [Jesus] caused Israel to be killed by the sword, their remnants to be dispersed and humiliated, the Torah to be switched for something else, and most of the world to worship a God other than the God of Israel! But – the thoughts of God cannot be fathomed by human minds. For our ways are not like His, and our thoughts are not like His. All these activities of Jesus the Christian, and the Ishmaelite who came after him, are all for the purpose of paving the way for the true King Messiah, and preparing the entire world to worship God together, as is written [Zephaniah 3:9]: For then I will convert the nations to a pure language, that they may all call in the name of God and serve Him together… How will this work? For by then, the world will already be filled with the idea of Messiah, and Torah, and commandments, even in far-off islands and in closed-hearted nations, where they engage in discussions on the Torah’s commandments: some say that the Torah’s commandments are true but are no longer binding in these times, while others say that there are hidden, deep meanings to them, and that the Messiah has come and revealed their hidden secrets. But when the true King Messiah arrives, and will succeed and will raise them up, all the peoples will immediately realize that they had been taught lies by their forefathers, and that their ancestors and prophets had misled them” (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings 11:4).

    • Not true. This is the danger of someone talking about Kabbalah or history without knowing Kabbalah. This was the Rambam’s problem. The Ari said Rambam had to reincarnate because he has to learn Kabbalah. You cannot take these words literally. Golden Calf was a stumbling block, Eve’s bite of the apple and the subsequent fall was a stumbling block. But they are NOT really sins and stumbling blocks. They are metaphors for an evolutionary process that HAD to take place as humanity undergoes a profound transformation to become the cause and creator’s of a world of Paradise represented by the arrival of the Messiah.

  9. Indeed according to Rav Haim Vital both Rambam and Ramban were named Moses because their souls were derived from “corners of the head of זְעֵיר אַנפִּין the Lesser Countenance.” But Ramban’s soul came from the right side and hence he was privileged to know the Kabbalah, whereas Rambam’s soul came from the left side and he was denied knowledge of the Kabbalah.

    The Arizal identified Jesus’ grave site. Jesus was a real historic personality or he wasn’t. He was a tzadiq or he wasn’t. He was Messiah son of Joseph or David. And so what of it!?

    Surely the Arizal and Rav Ashlag would not disagree with Rambam on this point: All these activities of Jesus the Christian, and the Ishmaelite who came after him, are all for the purpose of paving the way for the true King Messiah, and preparing the entire world to worship God together, as is written [Zephaniah 3:9]: For then I will convert the nations to a pure language, that they may all call in the name of God and serve Him together (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings 11:4).

    • I would not presume to speak on behalf of the Arizal or Rav Ashlag, I would only quote their writings and teachings. The Ari says if the Israelites do not go into gentile nations and raise the sparks, (by changing themselves and sharing Zohar) the gentiles will bring judgment and punishment upon them. Rabbi Shimon writes in a separate document that Muhammad and the Ishamaelites will play a key role in the redemption of the world. It’s all riding on the actions of the Israelites.Rav Moses David Valle says terrible “repugnant lies” were made up about the teachings of Jesus and we must correct that and reveal the truth about the Kabbalah/Jesus connection in order to bring our redemption.

  10. With regards to sin, let’s do away with the Christian notion of it which has attached it self to the Children of Israel the bitter exile.

    The Hebrew word חטא which is usually translated as “sin,” according to Christian attitudes, derives from archery (cf. Judges 20:16). In other words we “miss the mark” when we חטא. Therefore the Zohar calls the mitzvot 613 types of advice.

    I think we’re mostly in agreement here Billy. Exile Judaism i.e. Torah from the Tree of Knowledge is a two thousand year old stale argument. It’s due time to reveal Torah from the Tree of Life i.e. the Hidden Light of Zohar.

  11. Lew White says:

    “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares Yahuah.” YashaYahu / Isa 55:8

  12. Mell*day says:

    Billy , all of the posts that you make GENERATE LIGHT

  13. Bradley Ryckman says:

    Those comments from david valle are amazing but you didn’t give the specific book/page or verses please.

    • It’s a hand written manuscript, old a scratchy. Pages are jumbled.
      Order a photocopy like I did. From 800 pages. Jewish Theological Seminary. It’s written in Hebrew and Old Italian.

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