There is only one thing wrong with Kabbalah in the eyes of the Rabbis 
and Jewish scholars of history, and a few disgruntled students, out of millions, who despise it: Kabbalah reveals the true inner beauty and soul of Christianity, of Islam and it reveals the ugly ego of myself — the Jew — demanding that I, alone, change into an Israelite, which means “Love thy Neighbor as Thyself”.


Everything else is commentary. Having said that, below is the ancient Kabbalistic formula for peace. If we dare.


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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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14 Responses

  1. Rachel Yesenia says:

    This is a great video!
    I hope the world gets to see it!

  2. Rina Rachel says:

    The world needs to see this video!! The truth is finally out –

  3. Rina Rachel says:

    The truth is finally out – wake up and unite – We are all one!

  4. Lezlie says:

    great video; great presentation…i would love to see a world where we all love eachother!…

  5. Ari says:

    It sounds good…..but its not real. And why it doesnt include buddhism, hinduism, ect?

    • christians, muslims and israelites are like the electron, proton and neutron. buddhism, hinduism are included as sub branches, like other particles. all humanity is part of one collective body.

  6. Jose Ramon Varela says:

    Excelente video!!!

  7. Rosemary Preter says:

    Thank you,it is amazing.I love Kabbalah.

  8. erin gray says:

    id like to spread this message more ! its so important to the world that they at least were informed .MOSTLY ITS MORE IMPORTANT FOR ME TO LIVE THIS MESSAGE

  9. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Fantastic ! The task is big but at least we have a path

  10. Ryan Kiss says:

    A rational framework and metaphysical formula for unifying the 3 monotheistic paths, based on the evolved and amended wisdom of Kabbalah throughout the ages. I love it. One question, however, is in designating Freedom and Submission as a polemic between negative and positive. I worry this may be offensive to Christians. Also, Christian history has shown Church leaders to have forced submission in the past as well, so the framework and formula is difficult to accept as timeless. Is the solution for all Christians and Muslims to adopt an awareness of being, in actuality, Israelites? If so, how can this be resolved based on Abraham having sent Ishmael into the wilderness based on G-d’s instruction? How may these questions be answered? Also, is the framework and formula infallible? Is it a message for Rav Berg’s generation or generations to come? Has the Rav written about this in any of his many books? If so, which books? Please advise at your convenience. Many thanks. Rodef Shalom. R. Kiss

    • It is timeless. Kabbalah speaks of the essence of the three faiths, their consciousness. Submission means bending to a greater good, yielding to a higher calling, tolerance, etc. The western world of Christianity is about freedoms. If the Church corrupted the freedom or caused submission, this is the very corruption and imbalance of the three columns that Kabbalah speaks of. Its because the Israelites did not inject the Central column to balance freedom, submission via the reduction/diminishing of ego. The formula is infallible, according to the Zohar. The problem with the world is the lack of the Central Column within the Israelites. Period. When the Central Column performs its function, the world will experience perfection. No different than a filament causing the light on a bulb to shine. The Rav writes about this in all his books. read Kabbalah for the Layman, 1,2 and 3. Read all of the Rav books and you will see the recurring theme.

  11. Reuven Yisroel says:

    “For mishpat is the center pillar” (Tikkuney Zohar, Introduction). Each sefirah indicates its function and each of the three Patriarchs personifies a particular trait corresponding with these sefirot: Chesed (lovingkindness) manifests benevolence (Avraham), Gevurah (strength) manifests strict judgements (Yitzchak), but Yaakov manifests the balance and beauty in Tiferes. Yaakov/Israel is mishpat, the center pillar. More precisely, the balancing element within Tiferes is the quality of mishpat. Avraham, the embodiment of Chesed, fathered Yishmael – who inclined too far to the side of kindness. Yitzchak, the embodiment of Gevurah, fathered Esav – who inclined too far to the side of judgment. It took Yaakov, the balancing center pillar to father the 12 righteous sons from whom the Israelites descended.

  12. David Magen says:

    Yet another masterpiece, and another piece of the puzzle revealed.

    Sincerely, thank you Billy. Well said.

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