The problem with the statement, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” is that we do not understand that consciousness is the foundation of all reality. An atom is not really an atom. It’s consciousness.

Self interest — the electron.

Sharing — the proton.

Free will — the neutron.

The material world is just an illusion of our senses. The material world is just different forms and configurations of “frozen” waves of consciousness. Therefore, a gun is not just a gun. It is an influential force of consciousness whose essence is only about killing and harming another human being—for all the right reasons. A gun therefore influences the world, influences the environment, influences human consciousness merely by its presence. That influence is negative and destructive, even for all the good reasons.

How naive are we to not yet realize in the 21st century that only through the transformation of our consciousness can we bring true, authentic security to the world and to people. And I am not referring to some new age, touchy, feel, positive thinking. We are talking about 25th century physics, according to Kabbalist Rav Berg.

For the last few decades science has started to catch up to Kabbalah. Science has been starting to realize that consciousness influences our reality. Better yet, some physicists are starting to sound like Kabbalists as they claim that reality is only made up of consciousness.

Still, the vast majority of scientists have not yet let go of ego and self-interest and so they are still having a hard time coming to grips with this truth. Their delay is hurting the world because people remain blind and ignorant to the power that lies within their very minds. And so the solution to everything that ails us—consciousness—still has not caught on.

And so we continue to search for ways to cope with the madness.

Security and peace of mind for people will never come from more metal detectors and more guns and more guards! This is just the insane technique and maddening deception of our inner adversary and opponent, the negative force of self-interest called ego. This fear-based, egocentric consciousness prevents us from realizing that IT alone is the only enemy we have. There are no other enemies. Despite what the ego tells us. The ego prevents us from realizing that on the other side of the ego awaits paradise for every man, woman and child.

To protect itself, the ego ignites deep cynicism and  arrogant skepticism so that we scoff at the idea of mind over matter. The ego makes us wage war against our fellow-man so that we do never think to wage war against the ego.

We have been duped into believing the ego is us. What a freaking deception.

It’s ego is not us. The ego is not who we are.

The ego is a separate force of negative consciousness programmed into us at birth so that we could eventually overcome it and transcend it’s influence and thus earn and become the creators of the very paradise we seek.

Paradise awaits us on the other side of our ego.

And because true reality is infinite, the solutions, the happiness, the delights and all of the pleasures that are found there are also infinite. Guess what? That means that each human being will receive all they want, forever, without end, without ever worrying about having less than someone else. There is no one on earth who could object to living in such a world.

More guns and more metal detectors in schools and more searches at airport security only deal with the effects of our chaotic world. They absolutely do not address the cause. Worse, they amplify this negative consciousness in the world  which only breeds more chaos and more darkness.

Instead of being tricked into wasting time worrying about the effects, we need to uproot the cause of all pain and darkness if we want to cure, NOT COPE with the problems that ail this world.

And that my friends leads us to the heart of the problem.

We always cope.

We never cure.

Know why?

The cure hurts.

The cure is the most frightening thing on earth.The cure is the recognition that the ego is not who we really are; that our very own consciousness creates our reality. And if we don’t believe that, then our consciousness will even make us right by creating a reality where we have no control.

Think about that.

That is the stunning and dangerous consequence of being blessed with the power of consciousness.

Whatever our consciousness happens to be, it then creates a reality that reflects it. So, if we believe matter is more powerful than mind, then the power of our mind literally hands that very power over to matter. So now you will be right! You will be right and you will remain in a miserable, frightened, anxiety ridden world. But don’t worry, the ego will make you feel wonderful for at least being right.

The only way to unleash our consciousness to create heaven on earth is to remove the ego.

But first you need to know that the ego has two primary objectives:

1. Make us doubt and disbelieve that consciousness is creating our reality every second of every day.

2. Make us doubt and deny that the ego is not us, so that we never realize that it’s really an opposing force of intelligence that seeks to ruin our lives.

All your doubt, anger, worry, and rage is merely the ego’s way to protective itself. When the far right argues with the far left it is the ego doing all of the arguing for both sides. We sure look foolish when you realize that. The ego has entrenched us into our own opinions and blinds us to the merit of the other side.

Take a look around. The world grows more insane by the moment.

The pain and insanity and madness will increase and amplify beyond measure until we finally realize that it’s human consciousness that must change in order to cure the world and not to just cope with our chaos.

Human consciousness is not about an intellectual change. Nor is it for moral purposes. Rather, we will elevate this world and unleash a torrent of new innovations, ideas and solutions spiritually, physically, emotionally and technologically if we just remove that point of self-interest.

Enlightened greed should be our only motivation.

You see, ego taints all of the inventions, ideas, and wisdom that man has channeled into this world over history. So we get defective renditions and defective versions of what should be perfect forms of pleasure and progress. We get warped renditions of solutions for positive and causative changes in the world. All of our progress has come with side effects and consequences because we channel it through our ego instead of our true self, the human soul.

When we remove ego from our consciousness, we now tap into a perfect signal that radiated into our minds from true reality. That signal has infinite bandwidth which contains all the ideas, knowledge and answers to all the prayers of mankind. Without the side effects!

The whole purpose of the Zohar and Path of Kabbalah is to identify the culprit called ego, to help remove our blinders so that we finally see true reality and tune into that perfect signal and its infinite bandwidth.

The Zohar also brings forth Light.

The same way a gun is actually a force of consciousness that embodies killing, the Zohar is a force of consciousness that embodies the Light of the Creator.

Do you want to truly protect and ALSO enlighten school children around the world?

Put a Zohar in every school.

The increased presence of such bright Light will also tip the scale to the side of good for those negative people out there who are on the  brink of murder and madness.

Someone who is twisted and on the verge of losing it can reach that tipping point of murder simply because of the influence of dark consciousness that comes from the presence of guns and other selfish and destructive materialism in our world. Our own individual acts of anger and self-interest help tip those scales because consciousness is the only reality. Each time we resist our ego and share and give and let go of anger, we tip the scales to the side of positive for each human being on earth. Someone hanging between good and evil will turn to good by our own actions.

But of course the ego now says, “no way.”

The Zohar absolutely and unquestionably brought Light and protection during the darkest days of the 20th century during the Holocaust. The Moroccan Jews scanned the Zohar 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even though they did not understand the ancient Aramaic texts. They knew this was about igniting positive energy.

The NAZIs were unable to harm the Moroccans. This is a fact.

Imagine what kind of profound, positive, miraculous effect the Zohar would have on our airplanes, in airports, schools, business places, government buildings, police stations, fire departments and hospitals.

Not only would this bring unimaginable protection. More than that. It would also begin to purify and wash away the negative self-interest in all people helping to further tip the consciousness of the world to the side of truth and positivity. The signal of paradise and solutions would become clearer in everyone’s mind.

Slowly we would diminish our ego and raise the power of our positive consciousness and suddenly, extraordinary solutions, innovations and transformation would be unleashed across the planet.

Right about now the ego will freak out and implant doubt into our minds about the power of the Zohar and the power of consciousness.

That is the only battle we have to contend with.


Because there is only ONE thing better than receiving infinite pleasure and fulfillment.

What could that possibly be?

It’s being the creators and cause of the very paradise we are receiving.

This is the gift given to humankind.

The only way to be the cause, is to give up the ego, the doubt, and the skepticism, and the anger and unleash the power of positive consciousness.



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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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5 Responses

  1. Luisa says:

    Billy , it’s just scan 5 pages to see/feel the power infusing our soul and certanty

  2. LW says:

    Great blog, Billy. Gave me a legitimate, logical reason to go pawn the family guns. I now have the certainty to see that I don’t need them; I’ve got the Zohar.

  3. Shane Michael says:

    What, in your opinion, is the best way to rid ourselves of the ego? What daily exercise can I do to control my ego?

    • Its the tools and technology that diminish and transform ego. It’s not really an intellectual decision. 72 Names. 42 Names. Torah reading. The entire path is what helps us achieve this. On a more practical level, not answering back when someone is giving you a piece of their mind. Not trying to be right in an argument but rather looking for moments during the exchange where you can concede. Hope that helps. 🙂

  4. Jigo says:

    The names of God are on a level that if brought down to the Malchut, the mtearial world, it would break the vessel. Only the high priest on Yom Kippur could pronounce the Holy name because he represented the vessel for the entire world. Before going to the Holy of Hollies he took drugs (incense) to help him disconnect from the body consciousness. If he had selfish thoughts or impurity then he would die.Because the Holy Temple is not in existence, the power of the names are very weak in this world but it does have a strong spiritual effect on us.When it comes to names of God, always scan with your eyes, absorb the shapes of the letters and Nikkud.In blessings we say Adonai instead of reading the actual letters and nikkud of YHVH. When we want to mention the YHVH name in any other reference we should use Hashem , that means The Name .When I say Baruch Hashem for your questions I have the name YHVH in my consciousness and with the word Baruch’ I create connection to the name and bring light to the questions.

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