This is, without question, the most frightening yet liberating article I have ever posted. At least for me. Make no mistake, it’s not dramatic, like some new secret teaching about Jesus or the Holy Grail. But it’s soul-shaking and bone chilling scary when you realize the implications of what I am about to share. Like anything worth attaining, it will take a few minutes of your time to read and absorb.

I’ll take you through a couple of important steps to set up this stunning and terrifying secret.

The first step requires that we come to a realization about the very substance and nature of our reality.

The substance and nature of reality?

I know, this sounds like one hell of a daunting prerequisite and first step when you consider that this subject has haunted and perplexed the greatest philosophers and scientists of history.

The good news is there is finally beginning to emerge a consensus on what the substance of this universe actually is. Once we understand the nature and substance of reality, we can grasp a frightening truth.


The Zohar revealed the following secrets about our universe twenty centuries before modern-day science. I shared some of these Zohar secrets with NASA scientists and personnel when I lectured at the Kennedy Space Center last year. Some of the NASA scientists came to me afterward and said they were “blown away by the words of the Zohar.”

Here are a few facts the Zohar got right, long before physicists:

1. The earth being a sphere with different time zones.

2. Seven continents on the planet.

3. The presence of Good and Bad Fats in our bloodstream and arteries.

4. Bad fats in our arteries as the cause of sickness and disease relating to our heart and brain.

5. The age of the universe being more than 13 billion years old.

6. Evolution (which I explained in profound detail at NASA, finally reconciling science and “religion”).

The Zohar managed to get all of these subjects right. So what does the Zohar have to tell us about the nature of reality? What is this world made up of? Before we can prepare ourselves to discover a deeply frightening truth, we need to first answer this question.

Here’s what the Zohar says:

All of existence is made up of Energy in the form of “…waves, since everything found in [the microscopic world] are heaping waves like waves in the ocean.” 

The Zohar then adds:

The physical world is: “the daughter of the waves….and everything that exists are within these waves, intermingled, heaps upon heaps of waves giving rise to all existence, to all worlds.”

The Zohar is telling us that every single aspect of this material world, including every manmade object, and all phenomena produced by mother nature, all of it is preexisting within these infinite waves that exist in unseen dimensions, the microscopic and sub-microscopic realms. Our world is a result of these invisible waves.


Everything we see is actually made up of waves?

2000 years ago, this sounded an awful lot like mysticism.

Guess what?

It sounded like mysticism only 150 years ago as well.

And then everything changed overnight. In a flash.


With the arrival of the 20th century, Einstein and all the great 20th century physicists realized that our physical world is made up of both particles and waves. Particles include atoms, along with their constituent parts which include electrons, protons and neutrons.

Now, even more mysterious, the physicists of the 20th century performed experiments that proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that particles are also waves.


It’s true.

Particles and waves are not separate entities. Particles ARE waves. How can that possibly be? How can a particle be a particle and a wave?

For example, according to science, when we are not looking at the moon, the moon suddenly turns into energy waves. But the moment we look at it, the wave collapses into material particles like electrons, protons and neutrons, forming atoms and thus producing a physical moon. Turn your gaze away again and those atomic and subatomic particles instantly transform into unseen waves.Moon wave

Are you scratching your head yet?

The moon is not there when we’re not there to look at it but then poof,  it is there the moment we do look?


The physicists who gave us our modern day world with all of its technology tell us that is exactly what happens.

Weird and bizarre.

The same holds true with the furniture and contents in your bedroom. And your kitchen. And your entire home. If you are at work right now, all of your furniture and all the contents of your home are now invisible oscillating waves of energy. However, the moment you walk through your front door and observe your home, those unseen waves collapse producing the illusion of particles and physicality.

Our minds interact and influence the world around us.

This proven scientific fact has left physicists scratching their collective heads. The branch of physics that has proven that all particles are really waves influenced by our observations is called quantum physics. And this particular mystery is called the wave-particle duality.

The great physicist Richard Feynman described wave-particle duality as “the only mystery of quantum physics.”

Feynman final

So both physics and the Zohar agree: at the very essence, reality is made up of energy waves.

But now the Zohar takes us one step further by asking the million dollar question: What are these energy waves made up of?


The Zohar said that mind and consciousness are the substance of the energy waves. Specifically, we are talking about the brainwaves of God. Literally. The Zohar said it is Divine Consciousness. It is the very mind of God that we are detecting at the quantum level when scientists find these mysterious waves of energy.

And these waves are what direct and guide every atom in the universe.

God ConsciousnessTHE THOUGHT OF GOD

What is the intention underlying these mind waves? What is the actual thought of God?

The Zohar refers to this as The Thought of Creation.

And it’s only one thought.

That’s right, all these waves flowing throughout the cosmos are made up of one singular thought: To impart pleasure.

That’s it.

That one singular thought of giving pleasure is what impregnates the entire cosmos.

It gets better.

Not only is that one infinite Thought all about emanating pleasure, but that one Thought also contains within it the very blueprint to manufacture all of that pleasure.


Contained in this infinite thought-wave are all the stories, music, ideas, technologies, innovations, inventions, and imagination necessary to construct a world of unending pleasure.

So where is all this pleasure? An interesting question. We have tapped into this thought throughout history. For instance, we connect to this Thought when we produced all our great inventions from the wheel to the light bulb! We accessed into this Thought and downloaded the knowledge of the theory of relativity and quantum physics, followed by the knowledge of how to harness electricity which led to our air conditioners and street lights and heating systems. We invented airplanes and computers and iPhones. And we also write music and produce thrilling movies and plays and all forms of entertainment from the stories we write.  Every great idea large or small that you have ever had, or will have, comes from this all-pervasive Thought of Creation. And all of it enriches our lives beyond measure.

However, in case you haven’t noticed, many of these same technologies can also bring forth the opposite — guns, bombs, nuclear warheads and death.

So we taste pleasure a few times during our life, but mostly we experience hardship and fear and anxiety and aggravation.

Why is there duality in the discoveries we channel from this infinite Thought that imbues all reality? Before we answer that compelling question, we must first discover a stunning truth that is not taught in high school science classes as it should be:


The most important and influential physicists behind the birth and development of quantum physics in the twentieth century agreed wholeheartedly with the Zohar; waves of consciousness play the key role in the creation of the cosmos.

I bet 99% of people don’t know this about the great physicists of the last century.

Their experiments have demonstrated over and over again that our own consciousness is what makes a wave “collapse” into a particle creating the physical matter that gives rise to the universe.

Think about that. When we are not looking at an object, it’s a wave. When we look, it collapses into a particle.
Which begs the questions: who is looking at the universe and keeping it glued together as particles of matter when we’re not?

It’s the collective consciousness of humankind, our collective belief in the existence of the universe that keeps the world humming along. But you might also ask; before there were humans on earth, who was observing the universe?

Obviously, it’s the Creator Himself.

But God gave humanity something unique: A mind, a spark of consciousness to create our own reality. God keeps the mountains and seas and stars and planets moving along by observing them with His Divine Consciousness. But how life on earth plays out is determined by our own consciousness.

Crazy Kabbalistic speculations?


Just look at what these great scientists have said as a result of proven experiments in Quantum Physics:


So both the Zohar and now the most important physicists of the last one hundred years have agreed on yet another aspect of science: the physical world is really made up of consciousness and thus our minds affect, influence and create our reality.

As Dr. Robert Lanza says: “I think that these experiments are very clearly telling us that consciousness is limitless and the ultimate reality.” And theoretical physicist Dr. Amit Goswami adds, “Consciousness is the ground of all being.”

However, not all physicists are on board yet. Some are still clinging to their old beliefs, still trying to remove consciousness and the human and (divine mind) from the equation.

This is exactly what happened over the years when many scientists refused to believe that the world was round, or that machines could fly in the air one day. In 1899, the great British scientist and President of the Royal Society, Lord Kelvin said: “Radio has no future. Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible. X-rays will prove to be a hoax.”

Dr. Dionysius Lardner said in 1830: “Rail travel at high-speed is not possible because passengers, unable to breathe, would die of asphyxia.” There are dozens and dozens of mistaken scientific views in history, just like these.

There is a reason why the ego of physicists often prevent them from recognizing simple truths about consciousness. We’ll learn that reason next.

But at least we now have the greatest physicists on board with the idea that consciousness underlies all matter and our reality.

But now comes a big however.


Physicist have made a dreadful, mortal and perilous miscalculation when it comes to grasping the truth about the role of consciousness in our reality. Even those physicists who are absolutely convinced about the role of consciousness in the fabrication of reality have left something critical and potentially treacherous out of the puzzle of creation.

Only the Zohar provides the missing puzzle piece.

What have the physicists missed?

There exists another unseen influential force of consciousness in this world. A dark, deadly, brutal wave of negative thought that impacts every mind on earth.

It’s an adversarial force, a force of consciousness that is in direct opposition to the Divine Consciousness that permeates all existence.

The Hebrew term for this adversarial and opposing force is Satan.

It’s not a devil. Or a demon.

It’s a force of consciousness that goes against and opposes the very nature of the Divine Consciousness that fabricated the cosmos.

The Hebrew word Satan means adversary.

Here’s what the Merriam-Webster dictionary has to say about the English translation of the word Satan:

THE DEFINITION OF ADVERSARYAll happiness and positivity and creativity are rooted in the Divine wave of Consciousness that fills the cosmos. And everything that opposes our happiness and reverses positivity emanates from this polar opposite wave of consciousness.

This opposite consciousness makes us believe the opposite of the truth. It makes us doubt.

For instance, if consciousness is true reality, this opposing consciousness tells us that matter is true reality. If God is the source of mind, both Divine and human, then the opposing consciousness tells us that there is no God and that this world is just an accident and even computers will be smarter than us! When we know something is bad for us, this consciousness makes us do it anyway. When we know something is positive, this force rejects it and makes us procrastinate.

If our consciousness creates reality, then this opposing consciousness tells us that we are just hapless victims of external circumstances without any control over our lives and the fate of our world. Our cynicism, skepticism and pessimism are rooted in this opposite wave of consciousness. If this negative force consciousness exists, it then convinces us that it does not exist!

Now, hang onto yourself. Take a deep breath. I am not trying to be dramatic.

We are slowly approaching the most frightening idea on earth. But first, review what you have just read. It’s critical that these truths become almost second nature in your mind before I share what I believe is the most frightening truth in existence.


Okay. Did you review? Great. Follow closely:


Prior to the Big Bang creation of our universe, God created a Vessel, a giant singular soul of humanity to receive this Endless Pleasure; to be the recipient of His Thought to Impart ceaseless joy to humankind. We learn this in Kabbalah 101.

We’ve further learned in Kabbalah that this one giant Vessel or Soul, shattered into pieces, into countless sparks and fragments, and that is the source of our physical reality.

To visualize what happened, imagine shattering a fine China plate. The shattered broken pieces have splintered into various group sizes — some large,  some medium-sized, some small and some super small.

The largest shattered pieces of the original Vessel are the souls of humankind. As you scale down, then next sized group makes up the animal kingdom, then the vegetable and the tiniest sparks embody the inanimate kingdom.


God has one purpose: Share pleasure with the Vessel.

From God’s perspective, this end goal is already achieved. Why? Because the Creator is outside the realm of time and space. So from the Creator’s perspective, the goal has already been accomplished.

But from our perspective, it is not.

Why not?

Now comes the frightening part.

This game that we call life, is an evolutionary survival-of-the-fittest process that has been set up to see which individuals get to be part of paradise. Namely who gets to be part of the immortal existence that is the destiny of humanity.

You see, from God’s perspective, the Vessel will be there in totality at the end. What God cannot do for us, is determine which one of us will be there. Because it makes no difference to God. The Vessel will be there, humanity will be there in complete wholeness. But that does not guarantee that we personally will be there.

Why not?


Atoms are immortal. They never die. But the forms and structures that atoms create eventually come apart and disappear. We call this death. However, though the form or structure inevitably comes apart and “dies” the individual atoms live on.

Now pay extra attention:

All those clusters of atoms now recombine into a different configuration producing another entity, another personality and human identity.hi reZ LEGO MAN

From God’s perspective, it’s the same Vessel because the fundamental shattered sparks are the same. But from our perspective, it’s not.

Why not?

Think about Lego building blocks. We can build any type of person we want out of the Lego blocks.  We can then take the Lego person apart (it dies) and we can rebuild another Lego person. The Lego itself remains the same but the various Lego people that we construct are completely different form one another.

God created the Lego. The Lego is a metaphor for the original soul and vessel. When it shattered, it created a gazillion Lego pieces, a gazillion sparks of soul. Though God created the original Lego, it is up to us to become a particular type of Lego person. We are responsible for building ourselves into the people we want to be.

Different configurations of atoms create different personalities or identities. In other words, different configurations of the shattered Vessel (an atom is just science’s name for a shattered spark of vessel) produce a different type of soul.

The soul is our true identity.

And the soul is simply a particular array of desires. Because that’s what the original Vessel is. It’s a massive Soul that is made up of almost endless desires.

What makes us unique and different from one another are our individual desires.

Our unique set of desires draw down particular rays of Light from the Creator for the purpose of generating Light and pleasure in this reality.

If a person does not transform at all, and then he/she leaves this world, this person’s atoms will go on to form another identity, another personality (soul) and the previous identity will be lost forever. From God’s perspective, it does not matter. The same raw building blocks (sparks of soul) of the original Vessel still exist. So God will impart pleasure to the Vessel regardless. The size of the Vessel never changes. But the configuration of different desires can change into any arrangement.

That’s what’s happening on earth. The perfect arrangement of individual souls that will make up the collective soul of humanity is being determined over the course of these 6000 years.

It’s up to us to earn a spot on the team of humanity that is destined to live forever. In other words, do we want our particular identity (soul) to be part of eternity and true reality? Or do we just want to experience one lifetime on earth and then vanish forever? It will make no different to God because the sparks that make you will simply rearrange and make other people, people who are the most fit to bring forth the perfected world of paradise.


God revealed to us the tools necessary to effect a personal transformation that will be necessary to become part of true reality. That’s what Sinai was all about 3400 years ago.

The transformation that we all have the opportunity to achieve is about removing the adversarial ego consciousness from our minds and our very essence. That is how we attain free will and how we evolve our consciousness into an independent, free thinking human being. In other words, the negative force of consciousness was created on purpose, as an opposing force of resistance to help the evolutionary process develop and build people capable of rising above the ego and learning to work as teammates in this game of life.

Right now are not free, and we are not free thinking people. We are born as absolute robots of Satan. Namely, we are born as slaves to our ego and selfish desires. Selfishness is given full control over our consciousness when we are born. It remains our governing and enslaving state of mind unless we do something about it.

This is the real secret underlying the story of the ancient Israelites being enslaved in Egypt under the hard-heated Pharaoh.

Guess what? This biblical tale is not about some ancient nation of Israelites. It’s about you. Only you. And me. OPharoahnly me. There is no Pharaoh. There is only ego, the one true ruler over humanity. The Torah is revealing, by way of a code, the evolutionary process of human consciousness. The Torah  is ONLY about human consciousness. All the evil acts mentioned in the bible, all the immoral, nefarious goings on in the stories, all the judgments and incest and killings are really about the dark side of human consciousness. It’s about us. It’s not about God. When God is decreeing judgment and slaying people, its about mankind decreeing judgment and slaughtering our fellow man. If an atheist takes the Bible literally and condemns it, he/she is just as narrow minded and dangerous to the world as the religious fanatic who takes the Bible literally. Only the ego sees the opposite. The literal meaning is the opposite. The true meaning is hidden beneath the texts and that’s why we were given the Zohar.

True consciousness goes beneath the surface level to find hidden meaning. That is the power of consciousness. If we take the Bible literally we are exhibiting zero consciousness.

That dark side called ego was imbued into us so that we could eradicate it and thus create our own reality of a paradise. It’s all about transforming from ego to soul, from selfish to selfless, from takers to givers. That is the only freedom that we are seeking because it leads to immortal existence and perfection and endless happiness.

Our work in life (though 95% of the world is unaware of it) is to identify the ego’s commanding influence over our consciousness and separate ourselves from it to unleash a higher consciousness that is based on Love Thy Neighbor. The ego’s consciousness is based on Love My Self!

Each of us is given a few lifetimes to transform. But that’s it. And for those of us who surrender to the ego, to the Satan, and believe there is no God, no afterlife, no future world, and no higher purpose to life on earth, well then guess what?

They will be right!


They will be absolutely, categorically, unequivocally correct in their view and assessment of life. Because their consciousness will create that reality (because consciousness is all there is) and that is what will come to manifest in their lives. How scary is that?

Each of us has the free will and choice to interact with this world motivated by ego or by resisting the ego, transcending it and becoming motivated by our soul.

There are many arrogant and cocky scientists and atheists who are convinced that consciousness is only a byproduct of matter. And that matter rules over everything and that human consciousness and mind derive from matter. They believe that after we die, it’s all over. End of story. There is nothing beyond this life and this world. And many of these scientists say they find comfort in that. They make the best out of their current life drawing pleasure and fulfillment the best way they know how. This view, they say, brings even deeper meaning and value to life since it’s so short and precious and thus should not be squandered. This view of life, they say, is what gives value to life.

Once again, here is the frightening part: They will be right. They will generate happiness and a specific measure of fulfillment, and they might have times of trouble and challenges, all of it depending upon how they behave day-to-day in relation to others. But this will only be for this life and that’s it. Nothing more. Because that is what their consciousness has decided.

Once they pass on, they are gone. They are vanquished. Not their atoms. Not their divine sparks of soul. No. That lives on. But what happens is that their atoms (sparks of soul/desire) merely float away and reform another personality, another new configuration of a vessel to channel the Light of the Creator. It’s only their identity and personality, their unique set of desires that define them, that disappears forever.

When a new arrangement of sparks (atoms) form a new human being and soul, hopefully this new personality will use the tools to remove the ego that is attached to this new configuration called a human life.

Its’ not up to God to decide who achieves transformation and who achieves biological immortality when this temporary game of life comes to an end. God has zero choice in the matter. God is not involved.

We are all on our own. And that is the frightening part of it. God cannot and will not help us sneak into paradise. We can beg, pray, plead and shout but to no avail. God is merely the Source of Energy that we need to tap into through our own effort in order to transform ourselves.

It’s as simple as the electricity in the walls of our home. Just because the electrical energy is there, it doesn’t mean we will automatically have light and cold and heat in our home. First we must exert the effort to build the light bulb, fridge, stove and heater. And even that’s not enough. We also must walk over to the switch on the wall and flip on the power. It’s up to us. God supplies the raw power. But we have to turn on the switch. If we don’t, we remain in darkness. And then the ego tricks us into complaining that God is not answering our prayers.POWER SWITCH

The Divine Energy wave that fills all reality is waiting for us to tap into it.

We transform ourselves by using that Energy to uproot our ego in every aspect of our life. As our ego is transformed, layer by layer, our lives get better and we elevate our consciousness. Each time we transform a measure of ego, it’s akin to flipping on the Light switch.

Or, we can choose not to tap into that Energy, and live life according to a narrow, limited view, ruled by our ego and stuffing our faces and filling our narcissistic desires to the brim! It’s our choice whether we live in Light or Darkness

What ever happens to us, is only up to us. Not God.


God will wind up imparting infinite pleasure to the one Vessel that was created before the Big Bang regardless. That is a forgone conclusion. All that is taking place now, and for the last 5775 years, is the shuffling and reshuffling of all the sparks that create souls, trying to find the most efficient and proficient combination of atoms that will produce the best human beings capable of building the perfected world we all seek.

That’s what’s happening here! Read the last paragraph again if you did not go “wow!”

It’s up to us make sure that our unique identity, our individual, particular personality, our unique set of desires that make up our essence and our vessel, gets to participate in transforming our current chaotic world into paradise.

That’s what the world of Messiah is all about.

We have been given 6000 years to see which of us in each generation will win this war against the Opposing Consciousness, aka the human ego. In each new generation, some people change and earn and secure their passage to paradise. There are also some people who fail in one lifetime but they get to reincarnate and have a second chance because they made some measure of progress in their life.

But then there are others who drown in their ego, succumbing to the opponent, hook, line and sinker. Then their very power of consciousness creates a reality that is limited to one lifetime and poof! Gone forever.

And remember — God does not care because the sparks of soul never die. They just form a new identity and person.

And now, even more frightening, this powerful negative force of ego will try to convince you that this whole article is just nonsense.

And if you believe it, so it will be!

Did you get that? If you believe this is all nonsense, you will be right and it will become so! Your life will remain grounded and anchored exclusively to the physical aspect of existence.

And then, the truths that you find in life and the work that you will do will be limited to this 1 percent reality only.

A physicist has a choice: Detect an electron or detect the consciousness called “Desire to Receive.” A scientistthe atom pic can perceive a proton, or he/she can perceive the consciousness called “Desire to Share.” A physicist can perceive a neutron, or he/she can discover the consciousness of choice — the free will to resist selfishness (electron) and choose to share.

They can be smug and arrogant in their cynicism, with all of their brilliant opinions and compelling reasons why all this is plain poppycock. If they do, guess what happens? The physical world will turn up the reasons and evidence that prove them positively correct.  Their views will be absolutely true and right as rain; all because consciousness creates reality and if that’s the reality someone chooses to hang onto, that will be the reality that will emerge loud and clear.

Our destiny is in our own hands.

If someone believes there is nothing but matter, that there is no spirit, no soul beneath the facade of ego and the materiality of life, and they are fine with that, and they have no need for an afterlife ( a terrible word however, because it conjures up corrupt religious imagery) or a world beyond this, or a Messiah, or a future where death is gone forever, then so be it. They will have it. And the Kabbalists tell us, they will even get all their just rewards and pleasure in this life each time they are kind and hard-working and tolerant. But that’s it. When it’s over, it’s over. Just as they believed and knew it would be.

How frightening!

God cannot save us from this destiny if that’s what we choose.

God cannot interfere.

No one can save us.

No one can help us.

It’s up to us.

It’s always been left up to us.

The reason why we have not yet redeemed this world and our lives and achieved the ultimate is because we have not yet achieved a critical mass of transformation. New configurations of souls are being recycled into the universe over and over to keep pushing and propelling us forward, towards the end, trying to find out who has the appropriate and “fittest” consciousness to help build the perfected world that awaits us.


God gave us the tools and wisdom. It’s called Kabbalah. Specifically, it’s called The Zohar, the book of Splendor. And the Zohar underlies and nurtures the Torah, The Quran and the New Testament, revealing the truth underlying the texts.

We have everything we need.  However, there is a spiritual evolutionary process that has been set into motion. And it’s all about the survival-of-the-fittest. 

The fittest are those of us who see fit to eradicate the influence of the human ego for the sake bettering the world.

The fittest are those of us who see fit to learn that we are not here to make our dreams come true.

The fittest are those of us who see fit to make other people’s dreams come true instead.

The fittest are those of us who are now smart enough to realize that there are now seven billion people working day and night to make our own dreams come true.

How brilliant!

This  survival-of-the-fittest process that seeks out a consciousness of kindness and care for our fellow human being will determine who of us participates and merits a place in a world of fulfillment and never-ending life. And I don’t mean life in some heavenly kingdom. As I said previously, terms such as afterlife and the world to come and heaven have been grossly distorted by religion and the negative opposing consciousness called The Adversary (Satan).

Heaven is simply a code word that was never meant to be taken literally.

The Kingdom of Heaven is earth. It’s all around you. Right now. Physicists tell us that time and space are illusions. The Zohar concurs.

Everything is right here. Layers and layers of existence, some pure and some dense with ego, are in the present moment of now. It is our ego that prevents us from perceiving the purer realms of reality that exist right in front of our faces. Heaven is not way up there and hell is not far down below. Both are right here. And so is everything in between.

Heaven on earth is when everyone makes each others’ dreams come true, channeling the imagination, ideas, innovations, that already exist within the infinite wave of consciousness that permeates the universe. Each of us channels a particular skill and talent into this world. It is the ego that makes us sing for money, dance for money, write stories for money, build buildings for money, manufacture clothes and cars and appliances for money, all the while thinking that it’s our own brain  coming up with all these ideas and skills.

Pure ego.

When we lose the ego, and use our talents to enrich the lives of others, our immortal atoms will bond forever and because all atoms are immortal, we will become immortal. Right here on earth. Living in a perfected world with new technologies and dreams that are waiting for us in the infinite wave that gives rise to this universe.

Those who embrace Love Thy Neighbor are the ones who will populate the perfected world that is already waiting for us in the so-called future. Unless you believe otherwise. So be careful. Because doubt can be the end of us.

Thoughts come with a price and a responsibility. We just didn’t know it till now.


Human consciousness

What a heavy responsibility.

What a frightening prospect that we can think and believe our way out of existence.

It’s profound and tragic: We already have perfect certainty. But it’s tragic because we have certainty in our doubts and pessimism.

We already have the power of mind over matter. But it’s tragic because our ego has convinced us that it’s not true.

How ironic is that?

Suddenly our innate talent of mind-over-matter immediately transfers all that power over to matter simply because we believed it. Or rather, simply because the ego made us believe it. And now matter suddenly becomes more powerful. We make it so with our belief. The ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy.

We transfer everything away because we believe in the ego.

And God cannot interfere.

Personal responsibility.

What a gift God gave us.

And how frightening it is.

And yet, how liberating!


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Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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    First, thank you Billy for this insightful teaching. I now have a clearer understanding of the tremendous impact of positive and negative consciousness. It truly is frightening to learn our destiny is in our hands. Frightening because if we choose to follow the ego (receiving for the self alone) and egocentric consciousness we will be lulled into nonexistence. Never may that happen! Is this correct: By regularly scanning the Zohar, and developing the consciousness to receive the Creators Light for the sake of sharing to make others dreams come true, with genuine Love, we will merit immortality. Is this the essence of our lives? I have read and understood we also have opportunities to tap into powerful openings in the cosmos to connect to the Creators Light. But it seems from your article the basis for all of this starts with our consciousness. When a person is totally controlled by ego, a murderer for example, and physically dies, are their atoms cleansed of the negative consciousness and transformed when a baby is conceived? How does it work? Thank you again Billy. Your lessons have answered so many questions I have had, especially about Jesus and Islam.

  2. abel says:

    So do other religions have the ability to obtain the world to come by only observing their religious methods to remove ego? I know a lot of people who have truly transformed by the methods of Eastern Orthodoxy.

  3. Jan Louwris says:

    Hinzbilly, amazing insights, I have a few 1% questions 😉 right from the brain.
    1. Are all human souls the same and if so what is a jewish soul,
    2. Are there any scienitst that agree on this and are publishing.
    3. How can we get more media attention for this so we can reach more people
    Thanks a keep up the good work,

  4. Amir says:

    This article really touched me in a deep way. It was amongst the most influential articles in my years of Kabbalah. Not only did it get me excited – but it touched me for 3 rational motives:

    Reason 1: the article reveals (and takes) the power of our mind to a level beyond just influencing life occurances with the mind. Our consciousness actually extends to influence a much greater deal of our reality, including the future of our own souls. For instance – it alerts us that even “certainty in non-existance of our souls” is within the power of our actualization: the soul will cease to exist. Consciousness will create realities, and the universe will respect us. For good, or bad.

    Reason 2: The article gave us an EDUCATION OF HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE ZOHAR. We can now understand the Zohar in many instances. The Zohar uses the terms “forever” or “never ever will” many times. For example, the “wicked will perish forever”. Or “will merit eternity”. We can now understand that the term “forever” shows the level to which our consciousness is able to influence – it extends way beyond, creating the actual future of our soul according to the certainty system it cultivated in life. This is frightening. (Rav Brandwein said that wicked is simply a code for a person who doubts the reality of Light, and believes that darkness is the true reality.). “wicked will perish forever” is not a punishment – it’s just showing the state of consciousness named “wicked”, and the result of it, and the level of it’s influence, “forever”, meaning, to the extent of actualizing even it’s own anhilitation, and turning into reality the “non existance” certainty it held. Frightening.

    Reason 3: The article showed us that the Zohar is actually a very modern book discussing mind over matter. We can safely sit and read the Zohar with the same modern set of mind and frequency as we would watch “What blip do we know” or read “Universe in a Nutshell” by scientist Stephen Hawking”. There is no space for religiosity in the Zohar. It’s a book of quantum mechanics written in ancient language, but the subject of the discussion is absolutely the same. Every single bit of word in the Zohar is a reference to mind creating reality. However, the Zohar goes telling that the influence is in the level of “forever” and “never” – meaning, beyond what you think. Not just daily life occurances. As we read, we are creating the destiny not only of today – tomorrow – but extending way beyond. But it is still within consciousness projection and actualization. No reward or punishment.

    The article really touched me. It changed the way to read the Zohar – understanding “forever”, “never”, “world to come”, “perish forever” – and so on. It removed religiosity from the ancient books. It alerted to the extent of the influence we have.

  5. Orly Nay says:

    Hi Billy. We’re so excited for the work The Rav is revealing through you. It’s even more exciting to know that you’ll be unveiling your book soon. Thank you for sharing these wonderful insights with us.

  6. Mordecai says:

    Many thanks for the enlightening article which will surely require multiple readings to absorb. Given the transformation process you speak about, do you know when the Redemption is expected to come about? I’ve read that Rav Ashlag and others predicted it for 5778 (2017/2018) with the caveat, of course, that only the Light knows the process. It seems all the dates and years mentioned in the Torah are the hidden clues to this given date.

    At the rate the world is going, I personally doubt this reality can last another 200 years to get to the 6000-year mark that Kabbalah speaks about. Some non-spiritual people can “feel” something is about to occur, and a particular scientist says humanity stands only a 50/50 chance of making it another 100 years. Hence why I feel that our process of transformation should have even greater urgency. Curious about your knowledge of the date. Thanks, Billy!!!

  7. zeca says:


    • We are talking about certainty in the Light of the Creator or a lack of certainty in the Light of the Creator and order in this world. We are talking about being accountable for actions and the chaos in our lives, or being victims. If someone is truly accountable, he would have no desire to try to change and convince others of his opinions and belief. Trying to preach and teach and tell and sell your religious beliefs to others means you are lacking truth and conviction and inner security in your life. When you possess authentic truth, the wisdom to allow people to discover it on their own accompanies that wisdom. If you have true certainty and knowledge in the Light of the Creator you would not respond to the literal meaning of the biblical writings. if you have doubt in the Light of the Creator and only respond to the literal meaning, as the Zohar said, “better that such a person had never been born” because they will wind up in darkness. So its not about making your beliefs come true. Its not about positive thinking either. Tead the article again. its about connecting or disconnecting from the Light of the Creator, thorough the power of your consciousness. The ego has doubt about the Light of the Creator and our ability to change the world by changing ourselves. The soul has total certainty in this power. We either bring Light to our lives or bring darkness or a combination lying somewhere in between — but its all based on our consciousness.

  8. cecil says:

    Love your posts Billy. Don’t always agree with everything you say but certainly recognize the underlying truth of the message. It seems to me however that one important truth is missing here. There are two great spiritual commandments (1) Love The Lord Your God (Creator) with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul. (2) Love your fellow human as you love yourself. Baal HaSulam and Jesus both say these are the principle commandments and all the rest is commentary. The commentary being the process of learning and applying the truth of these two great commandments.

    With respect to the first commandment Jesus in His Sermon on The Mount asked the question “Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit to your stature?” It seems to me that the truth being taught here is that by ourselves without the grace and providence of God we are powerless to do anything. Baal HaSulam also teaches that it is solely through the providence and grace of God that we are able to make corrections too, or heal our shattered souls, in order to advance spiritually to the level of unity and adhesion with the Creator. We on our own can do absolutely nothing.

    James Allan in his great little book “As A Man Thinketh” correctly states that “man thinks in secret and it comes to pass, environment is but his looking glass.” There is of course a core of truth in this, but it is not the whole truth. Without the active presence of the Living God in our daily lives, our souls live in darkness, in sin, under the influence of the evil aspect of our nature as created beings, a.k.a. the will to receive for self alone. It seems to me that both the sages and the Zohar teach that it is only through the power and active intervention of the Creator that we live and advance. It is not through our own feeble human efforts or thoughts. Kabbalah teaches that , we on our own are powerless, and that the purpose of the Zohar is to reveal the light of God to us and thereby lead us to unity and adhesion with Him/Her. All correction and healing is done by The Light the active Power of God, not by us. It seems to me that this element is missing or underplayed in your post. Please forgive me if I am wrong or have misinterpreted or misunderstood what you have said.

    As for the second great commandment there is really nothing to add, except some commentary. In our lives here below at the created level we can approach God or become like The Holy Divinity, only if we act like they do. That is “doing only good unto others.” As one of your past posts taught the access to God is through the Son. The son of course being our fellow human of which we in reality are all one within the Creator which is All which is One. There is no other. Thus it is as written, “What you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.”

    God bless Billy and keep up the good work. We all look forward to and enjoy your posts and the teachings of the Center. – SHALOM Cecil

  9. Sue says:

    Thank you Billy for this absorbing and amazing article. I also want to thank everyone else for their comments which help me so much. .

  10. Abigail says:

    Hi Billy,

    To connect is the clue. That s my conclusion. But I want to share my thought and inquires of the result of reading your post. Although maybe I am touching other themes.

    1 We create our microcosmos. The cosmos is created by God. Who creates God? God exists wether we are conscious or not of “him/her”. But yet everything is consciousness. Paradox. How is God created? Why did God had the need to share? Why did God need to create a Vessel? To Give. From where did the desire of God to give emerge? Is this just the reality of one of the ten, of the ten dimensions? Paradise here in earth is like Chochmah of Malchut? Are there different paradises in each dimension? (10 of 10)

    2 I feel as if we were all in a training camp. Lego pieces being prepared to be God. Not just a Lego part, but God. Like manufacturing divine raw material of good quality for a bigger purpose. Our Identity will be lost any way. But then, if we are God, will it matter to loose our identity/personality?

    3 I am not frightened by the fact that some have already fail and were vanish to be reconstructed into something. The whole evolution has been about surviving and selection processes. Different kind of humans have disappeared (Neanderthal, etc) . It is liberating “to know” that we are the only ones responsible of what ever happens to our soul. Atheist are right in thinking that we are the only ones responsible of what happens. Not believing in God is like not believing in having soul, and that, does scares me.

    4.- My body, my personality, my physical body is my limitation. So it is just ego. So it doesn’t matter if I keep my personality or not, in paradise. ¿Will I need my personality when we all reach Paradise?

    More inquieres came to my mind as writing…

    Just for the pleasure of sharing ideas.

    Thank you dear Billy!

  11. cecil says:

    Hi Again Billy:

    I have taken the time to re-read this post as I found it to be as you said very frightening in some ways and for me at least even disturbing.
    Not quite as liberating as you may have found it to be. I have been wondering why this is so. I have learned over time that whenever I am disturbed by some aspect of a teaching it is usually because I have not understood it correctly and the light acts on my consciousness to motivate me to look deeper and examine my inner responses.

    The one thing that disturbed me most with this post was a seeming lack of the love of God in all of this. Such phrases as” God doesn’t care” and so forth, seemed to me, too totally distance God/The Creator from the process He has set in place through creation. This does not match very well with my understanding of God as “good that does good, to both the good and the bad”.

    It also seems to me that your post in some ways contradicts or skews the teachings of Baa HaSulam with regard to the thought/act of creation and the subsequent process of evolution for the soul of mankind. In his introduction to the Zohar Baal HaSulam refers to three states of creation/soul. He teaches that these three states are interwoven and support and necessitate each other. The first state is the “thought of creation” the big bang so to speak. That which contains all of creation, past as well as future in it’s perfected form in the present (we just aren’t fully conscious of it in our present state). The second state is the “6000 year period of correction for the soul i.e. the state or level in which we currently exist. This state has two paths (1) Torah (light) and Mitzva (correction) (2) the path of pain and suffering. Our choice/free will comes in the form of choosing either the path of light (love of God and fellow man) or the path of darkness (pain and suffering, death destruction etc. all the evils known to us). Either way Baal HaSulam teaches that our souls will be corrected and will arrive at the final third state of perfection; which in fact already exists as a precondition of the original perfect thought of creation. Our choice is which path will we follow, the path of light, love, peace, serenity, happiness and divine pleasure, or the path of darkness, pain and suffering which will eventually force us to choose the path of light. Because in the end Baal HaSulam says that it is only the light that corrects, not us and certainly not our feeble and shattered human consciousness.

    Great post Billy caused me to think and delve even deeper into Kabbalah, which is a real service because it helped to expose me too even greater depths of light contained within the mind of God, which in the end as in the beginning is the master power that molds and shapes our very beings, from start to finish.

    My question for you at your upcoming on line follow up is ” How do you reconcile this post with the Baal HaSulam’s teaching on “the three states of creation”. Bye for now – Shalom – Cecil (a friend and fellow student)

    • You answered your question in your post. I will repeat your quote for you: “Our choice is which path will we follow, the path of light, love, peace, serenity, happiness and divine pleasure, or the path of darkness, pain and suffering which will eventually force us to choose the path of light.” The outcome is predetermined. Our only gift is the free will to choose how we get there. Thats what i mean by God does not care. He cannot get involved. He cannot take away our free will otherwise the Thought of Creation will not happen. Meaning, if you force someone to receive and there is no free will, there is no sharing and thus the Thought of Creation cannot be realized. Free will has to play a role. Its up to us to determine which “personality” will earn a place in the World to Come. Remember, God created the Lego pieces, the raw material called the Vessel. But how we arrange those pieces (personalities or identities) is up to us. Rabbi Shimon is a specific arrangement of “lego pieces” that produces a great soul, as are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As are all the great Kabbalists of history, including The Ari, and Chaim Luzzatto and the Baal Shem Tov and all his students and Rav Yehuda Brandon, right up to the great Kabbalist Rav Berg in the one lineage of true Kabbalists. Its up to us, as students and citizens of humanity, to change ourselves and thus earn a place in eternity. Rav Ashlag’s insights on the three stages of creation proves the point. Perfection already exists. The Creator is above time. The correction process already exists. Time was created to allow us to experience it and thus evolve consciousness. You only know something by its opposite. But its up to us to become opposite of our selfishness and become selfless. that is how we evolve consciousness. The 6000 years determines which arrangement those Lego pieces will take, and we have the free will to determine that. The final stage simply means that all the Lego will be there in the end, as it was determined by the Original Thought of Creation. Don’t over analyze. Just know we are here to change our selves and our consciousness creates our reality. Thats the bottom line.

    • cecil says:

      Thanks for your response Billy it certainly helped to clarify many of the concerns I had relating to this teaching. I will not trouble you with any further questions as any remaining issues are mine to deal with.and I will solve them on my own, with God’s help. Besides which I feel that we are now on the same page and any further discussion would only be splitting hairs and neither one of us has time for that.
      Shalom and best wishes with your up coming Q&A broadcast. – Cecil

    • always happy to answer your questions. wishing you miracles and Light.

  12. Thomas Eason says:

    Billy…thank you for sharing such an intriguing and fascinating understanding. What you seem to be saying is that paradise already exists in a pure energy wave. It is our short sightedness that keeps us from experiencing this “heaven”. The key would be to tune ourselves in to the proper station so we can receive a perfectly clear signal. My question would be this. When we learn to do this and get a critical mass to do the same, what happens then? You say we achieve biological immortality at this point because we remove all space between us and the Light. But is that it for all eternity? Or do we continue to evolve back to a pure energy state where we are reabsorbed into that from which we came? (Forgive me Billy for posting what’s already on your FB page, but a link said to post pre meeting questions here)

  13. David says:

    I have read your site with great interest and gratitude. You are the first person, of whom I am aware, that has grasped the core – outside of those I know of and learn with – being original Aramaic Talmud scholars who delve into the untranslated kabbalah. However, I would appreciate your precise sources in the Zohar et al when you state (eg) “All of existence is made up of Energy in the form of “…waves, since everything found in [the microscopic world] are heaping waves like waves in the ocean.” or “The Zohar then adds: The physical world is: “the daughter of the waves….and everything that exists are within these waves, intermingled, heaps upon heaps of waves giving rise to all existence, to all worlds.” Now this wave ios not a wave in the sense of the energy waves we speak of today. So we need to be honest and accurate. Water was created before ‘all existence’ remember. From those waves emerged dry land etc.

    Do you learn Kabbalah in the original Hebrew and Aramaic and are you familiar with the entire Talmud in Aramaic? This deepens your awareness and comprehension.

    Reb Yitzchok ben Shmuel d’Acco publicised the 13 billion years – but again they are very definitely kabbalistic ‘years’. They give us an insight not a parallel to NASA’s 15 billion, whatever.

    Many Thanks

    • Vayechi. Section 83. Verse 827. Water is regularly employed as a metaphor for the Light of the Creator. That’s a fundamental truth. “As above, so below.” Water is used as a metaphor for the divine energy of the Creator and on earth it is the closest manifestation to the Light of God.

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