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This week’s story contained in the Torah portion called Va’etchanan holds unbelievable power and secrets. And the biggest secret of all is buried in a place called Mount Nebo and it includes the meaning of the term Israel.

We talk a lot about consciousness and the ability to elevate our consciousness. We talk a lot about how consciousness is everything and everything is consciousness. In other words, the world is built of consciousness. Everything is merely a thought-wave of the Creator in physical form. Like liquid water hardening into ice.

There are three main levels of consciousness: low, medium and high. In Hebrew they are known as Nefesh, Ruach and Neshama. These are also known as levels of our soul. (There are actually 5 levels, but that is not important for this portion).

Why do need to know about these three basic levels of consciousness?

Simple: the higher we rise in consciousness, the more contented our lives become because the ability to perceive and  experience true reality is enhanced in equal measure. Our ability to affect mind-over-matter is enhanced in equal measure.

Now, here’s an important secret that will help us unleash the power of this portion, a secret that we have shared in previous articles:


The secret is, we already have the power to achieve mind-over-matter now. We use it every moment of every day. But because our level of consciousness is so low, we believe—mistakenly—that matter is more powerful than our minds. The very idea that matter and the external physical world is stronger than our minds is a byproduct of a low-level of consciousness.

So what happens as a result?

Our innate gift of mind-over-matter automatically empowers matter with more control over us simply because we believed it. It becomes a self-fulfilling notion. Our mistaken thought and low-level belief system makes it so. What a drag!

Guess what? We already have perfect certainty as well. Our problem is we have perfect certainty in our doubts. We have the utmost certainty in everything that can possibly go wrong. We believe things are too good to be true—and so they are!

When we reach the level of consciousness or soul level called Neshama, it means we have attained the ability to rise above these nasty doubts and nagging pessimistic thoughts and so we no longer “think” these negative situations into existence.

This level of consciousness called Neshama is known in Kabbalah as the 50th gate.

And the raw, naked power of the 50th Gate is available to us this coming Shabbat.




There are fifty gates of consciousness-elevation, according to Kabbalah. The fiftieth gate is known by the code term “Land of Israel.”

It’s a state of consciousness of pure mind-over-matter, but without any of the doubts and pessimism to infect it and thus influence it. That’s a good thing. Because now we are free to create our own reality of peace and pleasure and joy without any negative side effects. And there will be no selfishness left within us, which means this awesome power of unlimited mind-over-matter will never be abused by us, or anyone around us.

Moses reached the 50th Gate.

That was Moses’ true power.

Climbing Mount Sinai was really all about climbing to the 50th Level of Consciousness.

However, we are then told that because of the sin of the Golden Calf, (which means the consciousness of the Israelites had fallen and they believed in the power of the material, physical world, as opposed to their own consciousness) Moses was not allowed to enter the Land of Israel. What this really means is that he was not allowed to maintain the 50th Gate of Consciousness.

Moses was relegated to the 49th Gate.

This drop of one level of consciousness is actually a harsh and dramatic descent. Why? Kabbalists tell us that the power of the combined total of the 49 Gates are less than the single 50th Gate! That’s how powerful the 50th Gate really is.

The 50th Gate is the end game. It’s the ultimate goal. It’s the realm that is our final Redemption and the existence called Messiah.

So did the Creator really punish Moses and stop him from experiencing the 50th Gate?

After all the good work that Moses did, does he suddenly lose practically everything?


It’s a code.

Only Kabbalah can decipher the code.

And the answer is buried in Mount Nebo.

But of course, we are not talking about the physical mountain.


Moses ascends Mt Nebo in this week’s portion. Do we really care about Moses climbing yet another mountain? Of course, we don’t. Knowing that Moses climbed some mountain called Nebo does nothing for us. Zilch.

However, if we know the secret underlying this story, suddenly this same story can change everything for us.

Here’s how:

The Kabbalists explain that the Hebrew word for Nebo begins with the letter N (NUN in Hebrew).

The letter N (NUN in Hebrew) has a numerical value of 50.

(See where this is headed?)

This is a code referring to the 50th Gate.

Got it? Okay. Read on…

The rest of the letters in the word Nebo—along with the NUN—can now be read as “The 50th is in it.”

Pay attention now: It really means the 50th Gate is in Mt Nebo!

Mt. Nebo is a code for the 50th Gate!

It’s all about Moses climbing Mount Sinai all over again, reaching the 50th Gate of Consciousnesss. This secret was purposely hidden and buried in the word Nebo.

And so, Moses was not punished. He did attain the 50th Gate!

And so can we. Yes, so can we!


All we need to do is reach the level of consciousness called Neshama.



We just learned that the letter NUN, from the word Nebo, has a numerical value of 50.

And, we just learned that Moses attained the 50th Gate.

Now, please pay even closer attention: By grasping this next secret, it will be like an injection of higher consciousness into you, which will allow you to achieve the same level simply by virtue of your understanding the secret.

So what’s the secret?

If you take the NUN, which is 50, and insert into the Hebrew name of Moses, in Hebrew it now spells out Neshama!

This is highest level of soul.

This is the realm Moses achieved by climbing Sinai and Nebo.

Moses is really a state of consciousness inside of us, waiting to be unleashed. This story is about us! It was told over 3400 years ago, but it’s been waiting for us, ever since, to eradicate the influence of our ego so that we can use this technology to achieve mind-over-matter without negative consequences.

When the words Mount Nebo and Moses are read aloud in the Torah, and those sound waves and vibrations strike your eardrums, the power of Moses and the 50th Gate is transferred into you, waking and igniting the level known as Neshama, the highest realm of human consciousness dwelling deep inside of you.


The level of the 50th Gate is also the realm called Israel.

You see, the state of Israel is not a geographic location.

It’s about a higher state of consciousness.

It’s about a metaphysical location.

And that location is the 50th Gate!

It’s the realm called mind-over-matter but WITHOUT any of the negative influences of ego that cause us to misuse this innate power that we already possess.

This power is achieved by us letting go of our selfishness and embracing the concept of Love Thy Neighbor, which includes Muslims, Christians and all of our business competitors. Look, I never said it would be easy, I just said it would be simple.

Now, if this is your pure intention this coming Shabbat, if you are prepared to let go of ego, of reactive behavior, of having to be right all the time, of anger, jealousy, and worry, and you put yourself in a state of pure desire to be truly free of always blaming others, all of a sudden your knowledge of the secret about Mount Nebo, Neshama, the letter NUN and Moses will rocket boost you into the realm of the 50th Gate! Hearing the words uttered from the parchment of Torah transmits these waves of consciousness into your very being. This will activate true mind-over-matter without an agenda.

And then we will all live happily ever after.

Now share this secret with 5 other people so they can also live happily ever after.

Do it now. Before the doubts come in.


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  1. George Secher says:

    Very nice Billy, hits the nail on the head. We must now work on aligning the meaning of “Israel” with its physical reality – I think we have our work cut out for us and with certainty it can be done by next Shabbat with the israel inside of us.

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