There is a large gulf, a gap, a humongous space and canyon that exists that is far wider than even the grand canyon. In fact, this gargantuan gap and whopping space is far greater than the distance from earth to the furthermost regions of outer space.

What is this massive gulf that exists?

It is the space that exists between mind and matter.


Kabbalist Rav Berg teaches us that there are, in essence, three phases of consciousness that we all came to this world to achieve:

1. Mind and Matter

2. Mind over Matter

3. Mind is Matter.

Mind and Matter is a state of consciousness where we perceive space between our minds and the physical world around us. We view the mind and the material world as separate and distinct entities. Within this space comes darkness and chaos and random events. Within this space comes cynicism and pessimism and dark doubts about everything that can be good and positive and miraculous.

Mind over Matter emerges as we learn the wisdom of Kabbalah and use Kabbalistic tools to elevate our consciousness and reduce the space between mind and matter by evolving wisdom about life and an aspect of purification through our gradual transformation. We then begin to experience moments of control over the physical world. We experience a minor or major miracle here and there. We witness moments of synchronicity that show us that there is an order beneath the chaos; that our minds can often take control over the outside world and the events that unfold around us. In effect, we have decreased the space between mind and matter and therefore we have forged a link between the two giving us a measure of control.

Mind is Matter is the state of consciousness that a master Kabbalist has achieved, a level that all mankind is destined to achieve. There is no space between the mind and the physical world. In fact, the mind is the manufacturer of the physical world and thus there is 100% control over all events and situations and this is why a Kabbalist is able to help his or her students experience extraordinary blessings and miracles and wonders.

According to the ancient science of Kabbalah, it’s the ego that creates the illusion of  Mind and Matter. The ego is like a projection mirror that projects a three-dimensional world outside of our brain creating the illusion that the outside world is the cause and the events in our life are the effect.

The bigger the ego, the greater the space between mind and matter and the more forceful the illusion of an exterior world dominating over us.


Kabbalah helps to diminish the ego and thus we can achieve a measure of mind over matter in direct proportion to the amount of ego that we are prepared to surrender. However, be forewarned: This is not an easy task as the ego is the most powerful, dominant and formidable force on earth. A man would rather die physically than experience a little death of his ego.

The complete eradication of the ego is how we achieve the ultimate control over the physical reality. That’s when our minds will be able to manufacture a universe of perfect peace and lasting paradise as it becomes free of all ego thus removing all space between our thoughts and the physical reality.

What we dream will be.

There is a simple barometer that tells us how far we are from eradicating the space between mind and matter. That barometer is called Love Thy Neighbor.

Love Thy Neighbor means zero space between people.

Love Thy Neighbor is what removes the space between mind and matter.


To the degree that we despise our enemy is to the degree that there exists the space between mind and matter.

In truth, we don’t hate anybody. And nobody hates us. It is the ego that is doing all the hating. It is the ego that is inciting anger and envy and hatred on both parties, blinding them to the truth of who they really are and what they really feel.

Kabbalah is all about uprooting the ego so that we can uproot the space between mind and matter and get rid of it once and for all.

Make no mistake: As the space between people diminishes, so too, in equal measure, does the space between mind and matter diminish.

Banishment of the ego is how we achieve Love Thy Neighbor.

And Love Thy Neighbor is how we achieve Mind is Matter.

Now you know: Love Thy Neighbor is not a moral. It is not an ethic or some noble “spiritual” ideal.

It is technology. Pure and simple. It is nano technology, giving us absolute control over the physical reality, removing chaos, darkness, poverty, pain, famine, pollution, fear, worry and lack from the landscape of the material world. It is a technology to dream our dreams into existence simply through our thoughts and the power of human consciousness.

It is only the ego that denies the power of consciousness and makes us cynical and skeptical of this profound, but simple truth. The ego tells us that the outside world is in control The ego tells us that the answers to life and the solutions to our problems are somewhere out there.

The ancient Kabbalists tell us that the ego is fabricated out of empty space. This empty space came into existence when the Vessel (the soul of humanity) separated and distanced itself from the Light of the Creator.

The ego, AKA as the Opponent or Adversary, was birthed out of this empty space.

Empty space is always lacking and constantly craves to be fulfilled. This is the ego. It always needs more. And the more you feed it, the bigger the space becomes and thus, the bigger the appetite grows.


The Kabbalists reveal the very reason for our unhappiness in life. This reason is found in an age-old formula that was known to the Kabbalists and it concerns the dynamic of ego.

It works like this:

When the ego covets 100, it will work day and night to achieve 100. Once that 100 is achieved, the ego then doubles in size. Now it craves 200. It will now impel you to work and sweat around the clock, 24/7, until you attain 200. When the 200 is achieved, the ego automatically doubles in size and now that emptiness inside of you craves 400.

This cruel formula keeps chugging away so that a man will die at the end of his life miserable and sad at having only fulfilled half of his desires.

It’s quicksand.

The more you seek, the more you sink.

The only way to achieve unending happiness (including biological immortal existence, which is our destiny) is by starving the ego. When you starve the ego, the emptiness inside of you shrinks. You being to acquire true assets, true gifts, true blessings, the kind that never wear out and never leave you.

This is how you climb the ladder of true success.

In other words, the ego makes you chase after everything that money can buy with the promise that you will be full of pleasure and happiness. The reason the thrill of a new car or a new plane eventually wears off, is because the ego has doubled in size. Now you are half fulfilled.

The conquering of the ego is how we acquire everything that is priceless and that money cannot buy.

Face it, we are lousy business people in this game of life.

We have been buying swampland in Florida for millennia and dying miserable and unhappy for century after century.

It does not have to be this way. Do not let the force called ego fool you. Or deceive you.

Turn your hatred inward and your anger inward and direct it onto the ego.

It’s simple but it’s not easy. I was absolutely serious when I said that a man would rather die than give up his ego.

We have been dying for thousands of years and therein lies the proof. When the ego is dead and buried, man will become immortal.

Only the ego will try to convince us otherwise.

Remember this: As ego gains more weight, mind is matter is gonna wait.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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4 Responses

  1. Ralph Schulke says:

    Thanks Billy! I was reading “The Energy of Hebrew Letters” when I received this post.. and talk about synchronicity! Everything you say here resonates so clearly with Rav Berg’s writing and what i’m learning at these precise moments in my life. Again, thanks!

  2. Jaime says:

    Thanks A lot Billy!!….talking about synchronies ?…this morning when I just to begin my day meditate a Hebrew letters, my iPhone alert me a new email income…and that was this new post!!!…
    Many regards from Chile many km far away (in the physical world)

  3. Barbara says:

    Thank you Billy, for yet another amazing study that we know comes straight from the Rav. Thank you for writing it, thank you for sharing it, thank you for living it.
    Love and Light

  4. Dean Waring says:

    As always your posts leave me stunned …… you kill my ego with your words a little more with every post
    I’m certain that we were together once before and look forward to meeting you one day

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