There are tremendous forces of judgement striking the world right now, inflicting unspeakable pain upon humanity. There is also a subtle but deeply profound truth in how this judgement and darkness is being awakened.

There is a difference in the way that ISIS propagates its darkness when compared to the way previous terrorist organizations built their terror networks throughout history. What is fascinating and frightening about ISIS is that they are allowing the ideology—or consciousness—of their darkness to spread by itself so that people can self-radicalize using their do-it-yourself terrorist kit.

This is stunning.

The dark power of their consciousness-ideology has the ability to transform an individual into a suicide bomber and heartless mass murderer. This demonstrates the power of an idea, a thought, a wave of consciousness to influence and transform a human being.

Make no mistake, it has always been ideology that has ultimately influenced and transformed people—for better or for worse—motivating their particular behavioral actions. But now it is becoming more clear than ever before.
This is absolutely not surprising to the Kabbalist. The Kabbalist and the ancient Zohar tell us that consciousness is the force that brought our universe into existence, and consciousness permeates and lies at the very fundamental substance of reality.
We are made of consciousness. Therefore, other forms of consciousness (ideologies) automatically influence us.
There are different streams of consciousness in our world by design. Developing and mastering the various levels of consciousness is part of the process of evolving ourselves as humans beings through the gift of free will. For instance, there exists at one end of the spectrum (the highest level) the Divine consciousness of sharing and loving unconditionally. At the other end of the spectrum (the lowest level) there exists the negative consciousness of insatiable receiving at the total expense of another human being, which is what gives birth to pure hatred and evil. And there are countless levels in between.When the negative consciousness is free to run amok and is out-of-control it leads to genocide and other dark, unspeakable acts caused by a vile form of thought consciousness motivated by unbridled selfishness.
It just so happens that the Zohar works that exact same way as the ISIS ideology and the phenomenon of self-radicalization that is currently terrorizing our world. The Zohar also transforms consciousness by virtue of its ideology and Light.The difference is, the Zohar is the opposite and the antithesis of the ISIS stream of consciousness. The Zohar is the antidote to the darkness in this world.

We will aways have the free will to choose which consciousness we seek to embrace — Light or Dark or somewhere in between. This is how we battle and earn the ability to possess the ultimate divine consciousness within us so that we can create a world of paradise simply through our thoughts and dreams and desires.

But it’s a battle.


The concept of a jihadist is deeply and unquestionably true. We are all here to wage a holy war. Except, that holy war is supposed to be an internal war, a war waged on the human ego, the reactive, narcissistic, fear-fueled consciousness that rules over our lives and is found inside each one of us. The true battlefield is our field of consciousness, the human mind.

The problem is, there is another form of consciousness that tricks us. That consciousness is the ego, which makes us take the Bible, The Koran, the Torah and all biblical wisdom literally. When we do that, we get the opposite of truth.

This is why the Zohar says those people who take the Bible literally, it would be better if such a person had never been born. That’s how dangerous and misguided it is.

All the enemies and battles that take place in the Bible are really discussing a war against our own, internal negative consciousness. It’s a war against the ideology of the human ego, which tries to make everyone in this world my potential enemy and competitor, instead of my teammate and a limb of my soul.

A negative person consumed by selfishness and depression and fear can be tipped to the side of extreme darkness when exposed to a negative power of consciousness like the dark, warped ideology propagated by ISIS. They will become self-radicalized.

Likewise, a person hovering on the edge of Light and Darkness will be compelled to the side of Light when exposed to the ideology and divine Light consciousness of the Zohar. They will become self-actualized, revealing their true inner divine core and soul.
When students of Kabbalah live the principles of Zohar, they are influencing people and the entire world. They are helping to tip civilization to the side of positivity and Light. Each time we battle our own ego, we strike a blow against the global forces of judgment and darkness. When we share the Zohar, we are influencing the people around us and the world at large. And make no mistake, the same way two subatomic particles can influence each other instantly, “faster” than the speed of light, even if they are a million miles apart, our simple actions of reigning in our ego and treating others with dignity affects the entire population, instantly, all over the world. Only the ego blinds us to this stunning truth.
The same way a person can self-radicalize by reading about ISIS ideology, a person can also self-actualize the Light of their soul, and the love dwelling deep inside of them, by being exposed to the Zohar and people who live the wisdom of Zohar.

This was never more evident than during the last great period of judgment known as World War ll when over fifty million people were killed. During the Holocaust, there were Sephardic Israelites living in Morocco who scanned Zohar 24 hours a day, in relay teams, to draw down a blanket of protection.

If you watch the video below, you will see how the Light of Zohar can protect a human being despite the vile presence of extreme darkness and genocide.We must share the Zohar with our fellow man in order to mercifully and gently diminish darkness and do away with it once and for all.We must find our own ugly traits and struggle to transform them, and we must share the Zohar with others because both actions will help bring protection to the rest of the world.The video below will demonstrate the raw power of Light during times of Darkness.

We tried to share sets of Zohar in France a few years back. Unfortunately, the rabbis burned the Zohar and condemned our efforts to share it. We must try again. We must share Zohars with as many people in as many countries as possible.

The video below will offer you just one example of the profound miracle that Zohar can offer us and why it’s imperative to bring this Light to all nations.Only our ego will try to save itself by igniting doubt, cynicism and skepticism that will prevent us from realizing that consciousness affects people and that the Zohar’s consciousness and ideology brings forth the miracle of protection and a desire to treat others with human dignity.



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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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  1. cecil says:

    Always enjoy reading your posts. This one is not only timely but right on the mark. Trust that it is okay by you to share it around. Best wishes and thanks. – Cecil

  2. josh says:

    Billy, I am a big fan of kabbalah and kabbalah student. Thank you for explaining the concepts so clearly. I have learnt so much.

  3. josh says:

    Billy, my question is, how do we react to such darkness and negativity like isis and other all the other evils? Proverbs say’s “when the wicked rule, people go into hiding; but when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive”.

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