The Torah portion known as Vayeira features a famous incident in history where Abraham binds his son Isaac in an attempt to slaughter him as an act of sacrifice. There is a subtle connection to the world of Islam in this specific Torah Reading.

First, according to Kabbalah, the story is really about how we must learn to bind and sacrifice our own ego and selfishness in order to better serve our fellow-man through the will of our soul. Abraham represents the goodness of our soul. Isaac is a code for our ego, the ugly self-interest that we must bind and slaughter so that we can love our neighbors unconditionally. Our neighbors include Muslims and Christians and Hindus and all humankind.

Let’s now take a brief glimpse into the Islamic world where we will find a curious similarity with the path of Kabbalah.

In the Muslim Holy City of Mecca we find one of the most sacred shrines in Islam.

It is called the Ka’ba.

Thousands of Muslims circle it every day and a billion Muslims turn to face it during their prayers five times a day.

The Ka’ba is a black cube.

The tefillin (phylacteries) worn each day by the Children of Israel are also a black cube.

Kabbalah explains that we wrap the tefillin around our left arm seven times, to bind and weaken our negative desire and ego.

According to both Kabbalah and Islam, there are seven heavens, or seven dimensions in the spiritual world that directly influence our world. This is why there are seven notes of music, seven seas, seven continents and seven days in the week. We have seven layers of negativity within us and we want to bind and slaughter those selfish layers that make us treat others with disrespect.

The Zohar explains this is the secret behind Abraham binding his son Isaac. Each of us are required to sacrifice our ego for the sake of sharing with others. The tefillin act like an antenna that draws down a powerful spiritual force from theses seven dimensions that negates and sacrifices the influence of our selfish nature and ugly ego. 99% of Jews have no clue that this is why we bind tefillin on our left arm. We use the left arm as the left embodies our ego and the negative (Isaac) , whereas the right refers to the soul and the positive (Abraham).

Each year, Muslims embark on a pilgrimage (Hajj) to walk around the Ka’ba in Mecca seven times. This mirrors the process of binding our tefillin.

The purpose of Hajj for Muslims is to connect to the same event of Abraham binding Isaac (Muslims relate this to Abraham binding his son Ishmael).

The connection is profound. Only Kabbalah explains the true spiritual purpose.

Perhaps this is why the Ka’ba in Mecca is known as the House of Allah.

Ka’ba and Allah, as we know, spells Kaballah.

This extraordinary secret about the similarity between Hajj, Tefillin and the Ka’ba was right in front of our face the whole time!


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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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37 Responses

  1. Luisa says:

    Wow! Billy íet us unite the world ! I am not Jew , i was born in a catholic Family . Today i am embraced the Zohar and Kabbalah .. For me the religion is meaningless. I am ready to spread Kabbalah … Interesting the muslin change Isaac for Ismael but even this way the Secret. Is the same i guess … And Allah .. What An. Amazing no coincidence! Tk u for share !

  2. David says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts, Billy. Every one is a revelation or a reaffirmation to me as they contain very interesting information delivered with bold vitality. BTW, although I have contemplated almost two years about actually becoming a student of the Kabbalah Centre, I finally enrolled last week;Kabbalah Students Speak was a major factor that finally motivated me to take this step. Thank you for sharing your positive wisdom and knowledge.

  3. miriam says:

    But the Saphardis went through the spanish inquisition which was baad!! so how can u explain that? please and thank you. 🙂

    • Sephardic does not refer to people from Spain. That is the confusion. Sephardic refers to people who study and embrace the SOD, the secrets of Torah first. The Zohar. Sephardics are associated with spain ONLY because the Zohar was made public there. But Sephardic has NOTHING to do with where you are born or where you are from. This meaning has been corrupted over the centuries. Also, the expulsion from Spain was a result of the rabbis and religious establishment slandering the Zohar and Kabbalah, calling Rabbi Moses De Leon a charlatan, a fraud, a liar. The religious rabbis literally spit on the memory of Rabbi Shimon, spit on the whole lineage of Kabbalists by saying that Rabbi Shimon did not write the Zohar and that Moses De Leon forged it. This is just like the Golden Calf incident on Mount Sinai. The negative Jews convinced the rest of the Israelites that Moses was dead and that revelation would end. This was a lie and it was slander against Moses. This is why the Tablets shattered, this is why the two temples shattered and this is why the INQUISITION happened.

  4. Arash says:

    all Muslims turn in a clockwise direction Seven times around the Kaaba house, you know why?
    the reason is that the spirit can go farther than position and time in the place that has the most energy than the other places and you feel something that never experienced before.
    Now you compare this with your handmade things…
    you said protection! protection from who??? what about Purim??!! what’s this celebration about? holocaust is Purim… that Olmert threat Iran with that.

  5. Billy Nutron says:

    Hi, I am sure you have a bit more education than I on this subject so I approach in some ignorance (disclosure: what I know isn’t equivalent to my grammar lol.) I have, although not in a school, rather via acquired scholarship and my good ol’ free local library, picked up some “Over-standing.”

    I read your ‘Mission’. To say the least, it’s an awesome and noble objective. Now, can you explain to me where this Zohar originated and the “Ka-Ba-La-On” Kaballah system? From my study it wasn’t until after invasions of Kemet(termed Egypt) by many surrounding nations- Arabian, Europeans, etc. that this system and many other religious doctrine spawned. Without mentioning some of those doctrine proposing ideology/theology much different from the source study of spirituality that is mentioned in your mission (that which within and not external(said tefillin).)

    All I propose, as I had to ask myself before pursuing a spiritual, “know thyself” to know God, journey towards true freedom; (1)how much truth has been denied me, (2)where does the root of my current beliefs originate, (3)and what more is there also to be known about that which I believe or have been taught via the true source of that/those beliefs? I can support the Kaballah for what it is because I know the power it has to reform an individual and the world. Yet, I’m just chiming in with this to perhaps also add to your mission the discovery of the origin of things to rid the world of a secular perception that creates the “Them vs Us” stance that Pagel expresses quite well in “The Origins of Satan.”

    Just for sake of not seeming too ignorant: A couple Authors I have read are Barbara G. Walker, Elaine Pagels, Kurt Rudolph, Peter Gandy, Ahmed Osman, also books on Mythology, Occult Books that cover things like the Kaballah, astrology etc, and Historical Encyclopedias on world culture/religion/etc, and other topics like Astral Travel, Psychic, Magik/Voodoo, -ALL OF WHICH ORIGINATED IN ANCIENT AFRICA

    With love for your Resolution-aery,
    Keep pushing.

  6. Ismael Benedictum says:

    Study first the devolution of a God [YHVH] through the four world of emanation govern by the law of what is above is what is below and you will realize how the man of flesh was perfected but only succumbed to a fatal mistake. You will also realize the root of existed of all the civilization or generations and their occult knowledge. Love and blessings to all.

  7. Joseph west says:

    I can tell u single handed , Muslims have no clue why they go around 7 times , and they will tell you is because Muhamed the profit said so 🙁

    • arash says:

      With respect to you and all, I must say one of the Mohammad (ص) quote.
      Study, learn, be a deep researcher, and don’t die while you are unwise, because God doesn’t accept the excuse of unknowing.

    • Hashmi says:

      7 Skies 7 Heavens 7 Rounds.

      Ka’ba in Left Hand Side because Heart in chest at Left side. This way Heart face the Ka,ba.
      God-Rab-ilah-Allaah sees the heart and deeds of his slave not their appearance, color and wealth.

      Everything revolves in universe.
      Planets revolves around sun.
      Stars revolves around it’s galaxy center.
      Muslims revolves around Ka,ba for Unity, Spirituality, Strength, Love and Peace from Allaah.
      Muslim’s do not worship (Cube).

      Abraham Muslims prophet, Moses Muslims prophet, Jesus Muslims prophet.
      Who follows Abraham, Moses & Jesus are believers (Muslims). Follow 100%.
      Who do not follow Abraham, Moses & Jesus are Jews, Christians, Hindus, Idol Worshipers. Follows self desire. Who following self desires, are wrongly blaming & Moses & Jesus name to cover their self desire.

      Abraham came before Moses Peace be upon them both.
      Ka,ba built before Tefillin.

      Tefillin copy of Ka,ba (Cube) & 7 rounds.

      Jews dont want to go Ka,ba.
      Jews dont want to turn to Ka,ba.
      So made something similar concept to Ka,ba in ego & jealousy.

      Ego, envy & jealousy never ends with good.

      Find the truth to find The PEACE.

  8. Bracha says:

    Amazing. Thank you so much!

  9. CHAD says:

    Great article, thank you!
    I have noticed the similarity between the symbolism too, but I haven’t yet had the opportunity to research it.
    Thank you for clarifying it.

  10. pedro says:

    Kabbalah gave in arab language qiblah means the direction . Yes the directionbis the cube of allah but unfortunely kabballah like litterature developped by the ibrahims book and it develloped with too much ideas without science and lot of egyptian and hindu paganist knowledge like soufis today but the coran simply is inspired by allah like suhuf ibrahim and mosha

  11. Hajera Ahmed says:

    Those who read this article may also be interested in the significance of CUBES and this article.

  12. The Logos says:

    “Abraham represents the goodness of our soul. Isaac is a code for our ego, the self-interest that we must bind and slaughter so that we can love our neighbors unconditionally.”

    Then how do you explain Genesis 22:12

    And he said, Lay not your hand on the lad, neither do you any thing to him: for now I know that you fear God, seeing you have not withheld your son, your only son from me.

    Since God instructed Abraham not to kill his son, this theory becomes false.

    • Thanks for commenting. It’s not a theory. It’s a fact and a truth and profound pearl of wisdom. You see, Abraham slaughtered Isaac in his consciousness first. He was willing to do so. When you make the internal transformation in our consciousness we do not have to suffer physically. we only suffer physically when we refuse to change our consciousness and destroy our ego. so the lesson here is, Abraham did it. He was willing to go all the way and therefore he got a miracle and did not have to physically sacrifice his son.

    • 888 says:

      Mentioning the sacrifice that Abraham was tested to do, is also a prophecy: Guess who’s son was sacrificed for us all on the exact same spot many years l8ter? Monotheistic religions are also not believing in the son.
      1. John 2:22 And who is a liar? Anyone who says that Jesus is not the Christ. Anyone who denies the Father and the Son is an antichrist.

    • The Zohar, the source of all of Jesus’ teachings explains how all Kabbalists have been sacrificed or wounded or afflicted with pain, to bring healing to our world. Further, the Zohar explains the whole idea of the Father and Son and it refers to spiritual worlds and dimensions and the very letters of the Holy Name of God, known as the Tetragrammaton. So the literal understanding of Father and Son in Christianity is missing the deeper and true meaning and this is why our world has not yet achieved redemption and the arrival of the Messiah. The spiritual realm above us, known as Yesod, is also referred to as The Son. And the spiritual realm known as Chokhmah, is known as the Father. The Father is embodied by the Hebrew letter Yod, in the Holy Name of God. The Hebrew letter Vav, is known as the Son. Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Ashlag and the Zohar itself explain how the Vav, (the Son) is in the image of the Father, the letter Yod because the Vav is merely an extension of the letter Yod. The only way to connect to the Father, the realm of Chokhman is to conenct to the realm of Yesod, above us, the realm called the Son. These teachings were hidden inside Christianity so that they would be lost when the Second Temple was destroyed and all the Kabbalists and Rabbis were being slaughtered to cleanse the world of all negativity. There was a danger that all the teachings of Torah would be lost forever, the same way the Temple was vanquished. Second, the Zohar explains another insight into the idea of a son. Anyone who masters the wisdom is called “The Son of the Holy One, Blessed be he.” And this son is treated like an “Only Child”, who has permission to enter into his Father’s presence and know all of His mysteries at any time he wants to. And there is “no separation” between the Father and son. So it all begins with Zohar.

  13. Snag says:


    (except for the fact that the Zohar was written about seven hundred years ago, hence could have had no influence on Islam at all)

    • The Zohar was revealed 2000 years ago. The story about it being revealed in the middle ages is an attempt to discredit the Zohar and prevent the global peace, as has been happening by the religious establishment for 2000 years.

  14. Hashmi says:

    Let’s talk about truth not selfish comments in jealousy, ego & envy:
    1. Adam to Muhammad including Noah, Abraham (his both sons) Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus Peace be upon them from all Muslims are true Prophets of Islam.
    2. All prophets are sent from same God-iLah-Rab i.e. Allaah have another 99 names with all his attributes.
    3. Abraham friend of Allaah because spread monotheism. as will as rest prophets did same.
    4. Abraham built the Kaba-Cube in Mecca with Ismail-Ishmael.
    5. Abraham foot print available since he built the Kaba-Cube.
    6. Abraham was a Muslim as well as rest prophets.
    7. Kaba-belongs to Muslims.
    8. Moses & Jesus followed Abraham foot steps.
    9. Moses & Jesus belongs to Muslims.
    10. On Abraham, Moses & Jesus have more rights of Muslim than Jews & Christians.
    11. Muslims makes no comparison among the prophets as they were sent by our TRUE ONE God-Rab-Allaah with plain text to warn humanity and worship Allah alone.
    12. When God-Rab-Allaah command Children’s of Israel un-thankful to their lord. They did not turned to Kaba built by Abraham in their ego & Envy.
    13. Made their own tefillin similar to Kaba as their direction to not join the Muslims true believers of God-Rab-Allah and true followers of Prophets sent by God-Rab Allah in ego & envy saying our religion is older.
    14. The fact is all prophets born in Islam and lived as Muslim worship same God-Rab-ilah, preached same message.
    15. Moses is truth, Jesus is truth, Muhammad is truth.
    16. Like Jews did’t took the Jesus as last prophet same way Christian’s din’t took Muhammad as last prophet’s. Christians should learn from the point.
    17. But Muslims the true believers took all of them as their prophets sent by same God-Rab-ilah-Allaah.

    Adam first man on the face of this earth, sent down to earth from the same God-Rab-ilah-Allaah as Muslim follower of Islam.
    Islam is the first, oldest religion on this earth.

    Every child is born as Muslim. It is their parents who makes them Jews, Christians, Hindu, Buddhist, Idolater.

    You will find that the people most hostile towards the believers (Muslims) are the Jews and the polytheists(Hindu’s & Buddhist’s). And you will find that the nearest in affection towards the believers (Muslims) are those who say, “We are Christians.” That is because among them are priests and monks, and they are not arrogant. Quran 5:82.

    I have not written this comment in anger & enmity.
    I have written this for the brothers and sisters from the people of the books to save them.
    All Muslims are worried for non-believers inviting them to truth.

    Thank you.
    Hashmi – Well wisher of truth seeker.
    May Allaah guide all humanity to the truth -Aameen.
    I wish no one goes to hell fire – Insha Allaah -Aameen.

  15. Gigi Kulatti says:

    I like to learn your oppinion about Sabbatai Zevi . He was a Rabbi and kabbalist who claimed to be messiah . He was from Izmir , Turkey . Also families called Donmeh ( converts)
    Thank you so much .

    • Thank you for your comment. I do not give opinions. I only share what I learned and I quote the Kabbalists. The great Kabbalist known as the Chidah, Rabbi Joseph, David Azulai spoke positively about him and that was very surprising when I read it. What i can say is that in most cases, if the religious establishment opposes someone, there is usually another side to the story that no one is talking about. It’s not black and white. I have heard many intriguing theories from wise students of Kabbalah who are from Morocco and they said all the negative talk about Sabbatai was slander and lies and that there is a deeper truth. Some even claim there is a bloodline relationship to the Baal Shem Tov, who also was in Turkey. But to say anything more would be opinion. This is just what i heard over the years. The Kabbalists also say that even with the negative people in the Torah, at the end of days we will realize even their negativity was actually positive and critical to moving the world forward to the redemption. So there is more to that literal story about him that the scholars and rabbis tell us.

  16. Dr. Conny Williams says:

    I too believe that the Zohar is at least 2000 years old and that Shimeon bar Yochai is the author, however, I have been told by many Rabbi’s that the Zohar was known to Adam and also taught to Moses when the tablets where given on mount zion. What do you know about these statements?

    • It’s true. The book Adam received is called the Book of Adam. And one of the great secrets of Sinai and the second tablets that Moses received which causes his face to shine is that the Light on Moses face was called Zohar by many Kabbalists who said its a great secret. This is a reference to the fact the the ZOhar was fully revealed to Moses. More than that, the Light that shined on Sinai was also called Zohar or Or Ganuz, the Hidden Light.

  17. Denise says:

    Not even Jesus has permission to know all the mysteries of the father, according to christianity.
    Jesus makes it clear he has no authority to decide who enters heaven, but only God.
    “He will have mercy on those He chooses to have mercy.”
    Jesus has no authority to make that decision according to his own admission in the christian bible.
    The division of Jews and Arabs occured when Ishmael was sent away from Abraham and God’s priomise to Isaac to make him the patriarch of the Jewish people.
    Abraham was never an arab. His slave /concubine was. And so was her son ishmael who abraham sent back to the arab land to become the patriarch of the arab people.
    I must disagree with your premise.

    • As Kabbalist Rav Berg explains, Ishmael being sent away and the separation of Isaac and Ishmael is about us, removing and separating ourselves from our Desire To Receive (Isaac.). The whole story is a code. And even Jesus knew the Torah was a code and that the Torah was filled with sublime secrets that only Zohar explains. As Jesus said, he gave the mysteries to his close to disciples and to the masses he spoke in parable.

  18. Hachek says:

    “Ka’ba and Allah, as we know, spells Kaballah” . Wow!!! how interesting!!!

    Please, let me know what do you think about the black stone in the Kaaba.



  19. So in essence, Kabbalah teaches the Children of Israel to love all humankind and to sacrifice a part of our ego in order that the purpose of Spirit may unfold through the lessons of Torah. The Shrine of Abraham is mentioned in the Islamic, Masonic, and Kabbalistic literature. Our Tefillin channel a Spirit of Peace into the world, a Pilgrimage of Prayer for the Chosen, into a higher state of consciousness, for the sake of the Children of Israel. The relationship between the energetic heart, and the heart of God, that of love, that of goodness, manifests also in virtues like forgiveness, humility, understanding, valor, altruism, and compassion.

  20. Samuel Johnson says:

    Great Article Do agree with William Wynn Westcott about Kabbalah?

  21. khalid says:

    this exactly what had pop up into my mind after I finished reading an article about kabbalah. i wrote word kabbalah and kabbah together and found it looks similar in many ways, even meaning is same, because kabbalah in Arabic means direct, or navigate, and kiblah ( qiblah ) in islam is related to Kabbah direction. and other spiritual commons .. really I need more search

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