Easter and Passover are here. This is a good time to cut to the heart of Torah and truth about the historical Jesus.

The power of Jesus  and his hold over such a large segment of humanity for 2000 years is traced to a Biblical verse in the book of the prophet Zechariah in which it says the gentile nations will hang onto the garment of a Judean and not let go of him because “God is with him.”

The 18th century Kabbalist Rav Moses David Valle explains this verse refers to Jesus who was the Messiah, son of Joseph who came to bring the true secrets of Torah—the Zohar—to all the gentile nations because they were suffering deeply. Jesus was sent to “save them from their miseries.”

Of course, Kabbalah was not allowed to be spread to the masses because they could never grasp Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Quantum Physics or even the idea of  round earth with seven continents. All of these scientific truths are inside the Zohar. So Jesus shared the secrets of Zohar the same way the Torah does. Through stories and parables. This is why Jesus himself said that only to his close disciples would he speak the mysteries, but to the masses he would speak in parable.

There it is.

Jesus and the New Testament say that his teachings are a parable! This includes the concepts of the Trinity, the Son of God, Golgotha and the Cross.


Imagine if Jesus’ name was Steve. Imagine believing Steve was God. Imagine saying things like, “Steve will save me.” “Believe in Steve, he is God incarnate.”  “Only Steve is the son of God.” “The only way to get to God is through Steve.” “Steve is my lord and savior.”

If this happened today, it would be viewed as blatant idol-worshipping and paganism. But because his name is Jesus, and we’ve been conditioned to associate this name (Joshua  is the proper name, by the way), with the Divine for over twenty centuries, we are unable to look at the historical Joshua/Jesus with objectivity. But if you just change his name to Steve or Gary or Jeffery, you begin to get a sense that there something more to the Jesus story than what Apostle Paul has given the world.

That story is Kabbalah.

The Zohar.

Like all the Kabbalists of history, up to Rav Berg and Karen Berg, the Kabbalists were slandered, defamed and murdered to keep the truths of Zohar from reaching the people. This is what took place on Mount Sinai with the building of the Golden Calf and the rebellion against Moses.CompositeJesus

Jesus was a Kabbalist. He was the Messiah, sent to bring salvation to all the pagan nations.

They will never let go of him — and they are not supposed to — according to Kabbalist Rav David Valle and the prophet Zechariah. The power that the gentile world feels from Jesus is the divine power of the Zohar. This is the same reason why the Israelites, particularly the Sephardic people throughout history, never let go of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai. They revere Rav Shimon, the author of the Zohar, the same way gentiles revere Jesus. Sephardic people seek the help of Rabbi Shimon to bring forth miracles, the way Christians turn to Jesus for their miracles.

This is the way it was supposed to be.

The secrets of Zohar were concealed inside Christianity because the Kabbalists knew that the Torah, the Temple and all the secret teachings were going to be destroyed by the anti-Kabbalists two thousand years ago. And it came close to happening.

The Temple was burned to the ground and Jerusalem became a river of blood. By concealing the Zohar’s teachings in Christianity through the power of parable, this was how God fulfilled the decree that the Israelites must be exiled into the idol-worshipping nations for the sin of the Golden Calf and for their ugly ego that led to the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem.

Here’s how it works:

By taking the Zohar’s teachings LITERALLY, in the form of a parable, Christianity sounds like idol-worshipping and paganism with the idea of the Trinity and the Son of God who died on the cross.

But when you view these Christian concepts through the lens of Zohar, it is Torah. How?

Golgotha and the Cross are the Ten Sephirot, the ten dimensions we must access to resurrect everything that has died in our lives whether it be prosperity, happiness, a marriage, or own emotional state of mind. We must reach Golgotha, by killing the influence of the ego. Golgotha is the realm of the Sephirot — the higher dimensions, called the skull, which is the place also known as Atika Kadisha. This is the spiritual well-spring and realm from where ALL prayers are answered. This is how the Light we lost is resurrected. But you cannot teach an ancient people about multi-dimensions and energy flow and other advanced concepts literally. It’s hard to do that even in a high school physics classes. So the truth of the ten dimensions and resurrection of the Light that can restore whatever we lost in life, was told in parable.

Regarding the idea that God has a son, we now know that the Zohar is clear on this idea: Anyone who masters Kabbalah is called The Son of the Holy One. The Son of God.

And the Trinity is essentially, the Upper Triad of the Ten Sephirot, known as the Father (Abba), according to the Zohar. The middle six dimensions are called “the Son” (Zeir Anpin) and the physical reality, Malchut, is called the Holy Spirit.

There it is. Right there in the Zohar. Father, Son and Holy Spirit refer to the three different segments of the Tree of Life, the Ten Sephirot, the model of reality.Ten Sephirot

The Kabbalists tell us that this whole design of using Christianity as a parable was set up to give the Israelites who assimilated into Christianity, a life line, an umbilical cord back to the Torah during their 2000 year exile. This was done to make sure they would not be lost and disconnected from the truth. This whole set up was also for the benefit of the pagan nations, to give them a lifeline back to the truth, back to the Torah, so that when the Messiah does come when the truth of the Zohar is finally revealed to all nations, they will recognize the teachings of Jesus and come running back home to the Light of the Zohar, the essence and absolute source of Jesus’ true teachings.

Re-read that last long sentence a few times.

The Kabbalists even explain that the pagan elements in Christianity also served a positive purpose. It helped attract the pagans throughout history and gave them an umbilical cord to the truth.

For example, the Zohar says the force of death is what kills our happiness. The actual force of death is what kills a marriage. The death force is what kills financial prosperity. The death force is the singular cause of all chaos and pain. The death force enters into our life through our ego. Each time we react with ego, a drop of the death force enters into our lives. When it’s a few drops, life becomes a bit chaotic. As it increases, so does our chaos. When the death force reaches a critical mass, then death manifests in our life.

The only way to cleanse the death force is to kill the influence of the ego. Either the ego’s influence  dies, or we die. When we finally kill the ego’s control over us, by climbing up the Sephirot, ascending to higher spiritual realms through our step-by-step transformation, we reach the top of the Tree of Life, (the ten Sephirot), Golgotha, and now we resurrect all the Light that we lost in our marriage, businesses, or our internal state of being.

When we remove enough ego influence from all mankind, then resurrection will include the immortal existence of the physical, biological body. This secret was hidden in the pagan idea of a Dying God on a cross.

God doesn’t die. An infinite Force cannot fit into a finite body. If God took human form and died, His death would be no greater and no more profound than the death of any other man. Why? Because if God is God, He cannot die. If he takes mortal form to die for the sake of our sins, His death is no greater or worse than the death of any other mortal man. To die, you must be mortal. If you are Divine, you are immortal.

Bottom line? Every death on earth should be as earth-shattering as the death of Jesus. And this is why we do not value the death of an anonymous person and strangers.

When we do start valuing the death of every man the same way we value the death of Jesus, all killing would end on earth. THAT’S the secret of the story.

By the way, the idea of the Kabbalists dying to cleanse the sins of their generation is also found in the Zohar and it is a fundamental principle of Kabbalah. The righteous Kabbalist suffers pain to cleanse judgment from their fellow-man. Their death atones for the sins of a generation. This is where Christianity got the idea from. The Kabbalist who suffers to cleanse his generation is called a “shepherd” and the Zohar says he is the one “who saves the generation.” The Christian connotation is undeniable.

Jesus was killed. He was hung on a  tree for trying to share Kabbalah and expose the corruption of the Second Temple. The New Testament tells us in five different locations that Jesus was hung on a tree. Golgotha and the cross are a parable for the Ten Sephirot. Period!

I recently asked a senior member of the clergy of the Church why the New Testament says Jesus was hung on a Tree. He told me it was a code and parable. I asked him why then does he accept the rest of the New Testament as a literal truth instead of parable with concepts such as Golgotha and Son of God? He had no answer. You cannot have it both ways. Either the Bible that reached the masses is a parable that must be decoded as both Jesus and Rabbi Shimon both say it is, or it’s all literal. You cannot pick and choose.Seder 2

Jesus dying on the cross is a parable of man’s ego dying on the Tree of Life — the Ten Sephirot — instead of the ego thriving on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. 

The great Kabbalist Rabbi Akiva was also killed for teaching Kabbalah. So were other Kabbalists of this era including Rabbi Ishmael and Rabbi Yehuda ben Baba and Rabbi Gamalial. The killing of Kabbalists was the greatest slaughter in history, in terms of significance and impact. But the world was only familiar with the slaughter of one — Jesus.


Though an infinite Divine Being can never fit into a finite body, the rays of Light shining from the Infinite being can flow through a body forever.

When the ego is gone, the Light of the Creator will flow through each person, forever, giving us life, ingenuity, technology, peace of mind, all the pieces of the puzzle to build a world of paradise that will only increase in joy and fulfillment eternally.

That Light is waiting for us in Golgotha — the realm of the Ten Sephirot the Zohar calls The Father. For Christians, to reach the Father you need Jesus’ Zohar teachings and you need to reach the realm of the Sephirot called “the Son” otherwise known as Zeir Anpin, the six dimensions above our physical reality. This is the 99 Percent Reality we learn about in Kabbalah.


Let’s now look back at history. By exchanging Jesus’ name with Jeffery or Steve to expose the truth that Jesus was the Messiah, but not God Himself, we can now understand that it was the Divine Light of God FLOWING through Jesus that ignited the souls of pagans throughout history. It was this Light that gave the pagan nations a home until such time that the Israelites would transform and finally bring the Zohar to all the nations of the world.

Because that is what the Israelites were called upon to do; to become a Light Unto All the Nations!

The Sephardic people revered the power of Rav Shimon Bar Yochai and the Zohar for the same reason: The Divine Light flows through them.

A lamp is merely a vessel that allows electrical current to flow through it and produce light in a dark room. We do not credit the lamp has being the source of that power or being identical with the electricity. A lamp has no power on its own and no electrical current as part of its substance. It is the electrical current that flows through the lamp that is the power that brings forth light.

But you do need the vessel, the lamp, to make manifest that power in the physical world. Without the lamp, we will never see the light that electricity can bring forth. That lamp was Rav Shimon bar Yohai. That lamp was Jesus.

Without the vessel of a refrigerator, we will never manifest the power of electrical current to bring forth coldness.

Without the vessel of a heater, we will never manifest the power of electrical current to bring us warmth during a cold winter’s night.

The Zohar actually calls Rabbi Shimon The Holy Lamp.

And that’s what Jesus is to billions of people.

A Holy Lamp.

He is the conduit that channels the Divine Light of Zohar — the God “current” — to all the nations of the world. He is their connection back to the Father. Back to the Zohar.

It’s time to let go of the parables and reveal the essence of truth for that is how we will bring our Redemption and the end of suffering.

Modern Day Science allows us to grasp the Zohar and the truth of existence, so that Christians can embrace the teachings of Jesus and Zohar, while the Israelites embrace the teachings of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

Rabbi Moses David Valle says, if these two groups would join together under the banner of truth, they would transform the world beyond all imagining and death will come to an end.

As Passover and Easter come upon us, let us share the truth of Zohar, the truth of Love Thy Neighbor and let us all reach Golgotha, Atika Kadisha, the place where all the prayers of mankind will be answered and resurrection will include resurrection of every cell in our body so that death is forever eradicated from the landscape of human existence.



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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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7 Responses

  1. Shannon Nase says:

    Another way to explain the trinity is through Eve(Havah).The Husband is commanded to lay down his life for the wife.Havah by eating and taking the blame has not only lived the command to the Husband but has also respected her husband by replying I beleived!Her seed is the SON who also does both!If we all do both we as the FLESH are also 3 in 1 and a SON of the living God!

  2. Tom Reilly says:

    Love your vision Billy. Death to Death!

  3. Vicki Clifford says:

    Thank you for sharing this truth!

  4. Tom Reilly says:

    I’ve meditated on this overnight and I have to say, I’m buying it. “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets”… The phrase “One like a Son of Man” in John’s Apocalypse bears thinking about. ‘One Love, One Heart’. ‘We’re One but we’re not the same’… Many gentile groups are currently excited about Oneness/Unity Consciousness and identifying it with “Christ” energy – awakening and ascension movements, gnostics, rastafarians, neurologists, psychologists… Israelites. Anyone can see in the gospels, JC was working from the code of Torah. Whatever level of elevation we perceive the brother to have achieved, we are now living and writing the last pages of the gargantuan World Narrative. And Billy, your vision in weaving the strands of this great mono-myth via the unifying image of the Tree of Life is most inspiring. A believable story with an ending in which none get left behind? Humanity and The Planet desperately need a narrative like this to be on offer at this time. Nowadays, the Rabbis have been saying, there is a hard way and an easy way to arrive at Moshiach. I have a feeling the weaving of a hopeful, worldwide Messianic narrative, based in cultural tenderness, empathy and respect, will be key to the softer way. Personally, I’d love to see more connection and communion between Kabbalist groups. We all have so much in common. However He brings it, thanks and Shalom Billy.

  5. Sue says:

    Wonderful! Thank you Billy xx

  6. Kenneth M Cartwright Jr says:

    I have translated R Valli’s section on the Two Messiahs (from Sefer Likutim), but none of the above quotes are in that section. I would like to know where they can be located, if it is possible to find them. As far as his “authority” he was a disciple of the Ramchal from what I understand.

    • The secrets that I quote from Valle are from his Italian/Hebrew handwritten manuscript entitled “I Sette Giorni della Verità.” It was never published as a book. It’s his original manuscript. Scholars also point out he was not a disciple of Ramchal. He was his teacher originally and then his colleague, on an equal level, when the greatness of Ramchal was revealed. Ramachal considered Valle to be Messiah the son of David in their generation.

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