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This is PART TWO of the Kabbalah & Christianity lecture I did on Kabbalah TV. This is a bit more advanced as it was part of a lecture on Lag B’ Omer, but it resolves the 2000 year old mysteries of Christianity including Golgotha (assocated with the death and resurrection of Jesus), the Trinity, the Son of God, and the initials INRI which is found on the top of all crosses. If you have not seen part one, I suggest viewing that first.

These are secrets concealed by the ancient Kabbalists throughout history. They said when these secrets are finally revealed, it means we are in the End of Days and the arrival of the age of Messiah, which means the end of death and the emergence of world peace.


If you have not seen the first lecture, which is PART ONE, you can watch it below.

Keep in mind, the Zohar is the original teachings of Jesus, as taught to his closest disciples. The Christianity we know today are the parables that Jesus taught to the masses. Now we can share these original secret teachings of Jesus with the world so that they can be empowered with Zohar, the Light lost on Mount Sinai.

This is how we bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. This is what Jesus tried to do 2000 years ago. His mission was to bring these teachings it to the pagans while Rav Shimon bar Yochai was to reveal it to the Israelites.

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