The Zohar is the original teachings of Jesus, as taught to his closest disciples. The Christianity we know today are the parables that Jesus taught to the masses. Now we can share these original secret teachings of Jesus with the world so that they can be empowered with Zohar, the Light lost on Mount Sinai.

This is how we bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. This is what Jesus tried to do 2000 years ago. His mission was to bring these teachings it to the pagans while Rav Shimon bar Yochai was to reveal it to the Israelites.

It’s now in your hands. Share this.

PART TWO is below as well.

This is a bit more advanced as it was part of a lecture on Lag B’ Omer, but it resolves the 2000 year old mysteries of Christianity including Golgotha (assocated with the death and resurrection of Jesus), the Trinity, the Son of God, and the initials INRI which is found on the top of all crosses.

These are secrets concealed by the ancient Kabbalists throughout history. They said when these secrets are finally revealed, it means we are in the End of Days and the arrival of the age of Messiah, which means the end of death and the emergence of world peace.

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Billy Phillips

Billy Phillips has been a student of Kabbalist Rav Berg and Karen Berg since 1989. He has been instrumental in helping to make Kabbalah accessible for the masses working on both private and public projects under the guidance of Kabbalist Rav Berg. He has lectured on a variety of topics, most notably the profound connection between Kabbalah, Christianity, Islam and the world of Science.

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24 Responses

  1. michael David says:

    Excellent Presentation, although there are a few areas that I may disagree with concerning the Tikkun Olam, overall it was excellent. One of the major areas that I disagree with is the Tree in which the Rectification took place, for the need was to rectify the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, to “convert” it to the Tree of Life. Once Yeshua was put to the Tree of Knowledge, the SON opened the Flow of Shefa Tal from Atika Kadisha to Malchut. This is Symbolic of Mt. Hermon which flows into the sea of Galilee, in which Paul made his “Damascus Road Journey.”

    Secondly, Golgatha, which in Adam Kadmon became tainted (Yeshua being the Last Adam Kadmon) passing the poison of Self-Ego (Yetzer Hara) to subsequent generations, is a picture of the RECTIFICATION by Yeshua being buried and resurrected as a BESTOWAL of ABUNDANCE, rather than the Receiver of Self-Ego.

    This was illustrated by the Crown of thorns on His Head.

    Overall, excellent teaching, however, the masses of christians with unprepared Kelim for this LIGHT would not accept this and consider it Heretical, Has V’ Sholem!

  2. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy, can you please help me understand how was Kabbalah introduced into Christianity… I am assuming it was through Paul, who studied with Gamaliel, who in turn studied with Hillel, but Paul claimed that Jesus was the incarnation of the original Adam consiousness if I am not mistaken; so therefore , that does not exactly match what Moses David Valle and Elijah Benamozegh are saying…can you shed some light into this ? thanks

    • We are not short of theories, speculations and ideas on how Christianity came to be and which gospels are correct and why some 80 other gospels were not included in the New Testament, etc., etc. Kabbalist Rav Berg taught me one important thing…No Theories. No speculations. All I do is quote the Kabbalists of history and share what they have to say on this issue. How the process manifests in the 1% is secondary to the 99% reason why Christianity came into existence. Valle and Abulafia and the Zohar and Benamozegh and Rav Ashlag (whose teachings i still have not referred to yet publicly on the ideas of Son of God etc.,) and Rav Berg all understand that Christianity’s roots are in Kabbalah and the purpose was to protect key concepts from being destroyed, as the Temple was destroyed. This is not a scholarly debate. But even the scholars will tell you Paul never met Jesus. Jesus’ brother James was against Paul. Paul is the one who changed everything. There are many contradictions in the 4 Gospels that Christianity has no answer for. But again, these are scholarly issues and do not address the metaphysical 99% reason why all of this happened. One simple example of contradictions….Jesus says love your neighbor and no revenge against your enemy. Paul says we can take revenge on a nation that attacks us. Jesus says do not change one “iota” of the Torah. Paul changed it and abolished the Law of Torah. However, from the Kabbalistic perspective THIS WAS SUPPOSED to happen because of spiritual reasons. The Israelites had to be exiled into an Idol Worshipping nation and the advent of Christianity made this possible in a way that the Israelites and the Pagans and Gentiles would have a lifeline back to the true Torah so that God would never abandon them, as i explain in the lecture. The truth is, we can NEVER intellectualize our way out of this quagmire. We need to elevate our consciousness and experience the teachings and energy of Kabbalah in order to come to an internal understanding. The more we diminish the ego with the tools and enhance our connection to the 99%, the more clear the truth becomes. We had to merit the public revelation of the truths we have so far. We had to merit the revelation of the Zohar.

    • Malkah says:

      To understand how kabbalah was introduced into christianity one needs to look at the roots of christianity. The light that came out of Israel into the pagan world (ie the light that come through teachers such as Yeshu) fell into a corrupted Roman vessel. This is why christianity has so much klippot. The pagan beliefs were not removed from the vessel before the light entered. That is why many christian beliefs and holidays are still pagan. Chistianty is a medley of the many religions and cults that were codified by Augustin in his attempt to bring order to the collapsing emopire. One can thing of it as the vessel (body) of christianity being made up of the pagan religions and the light (pure teachings) coming from Israel.

  3. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy I’m with you 100%. Paul never met Jesus and I already read some books that talk about how the early church diminished the role James had to play in all this story.
    I Was just wondering how all this came into fruition and what role each of the key players might have played. That to me is important because it was Paul who was largely responsible for how Christianity is understood today.
    I am Not suggesting he was right or defending his views at all.
    I am just trying to understand how it might have happened in history and figure out who was it that introduced the kabbalistic principles into Christianity. I find this to be important because if we know that, it will be more easily understood by all people.
    I also agree that the 99% aspect is far more important though .

    • My point is that historical facts will not switch people’s minds. Only the profound power, energy and feelings that are awakened by learning the Zohar, the true teachings of Jesus, will people be awakened. Sharing Zohar, the wisdom, love and Light will resonate with people on a soul level, whereas even if they found proof in an ancient scroll, people will still not let go of their beliefs. Only scholars and academics are swayed by history. The people must feel it on a soul level and experience the results in their own life. Not just read it in a history book or ancient document.

  4. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Got it. That is a good point you make

  5. Ruth says:

    Hi, Billy I just learn so much today, love your presentation. So glad I sow it, now I understand so many points. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Lloyd says:

    Thanks for your insights Billy. I was raised Christian and have been studying Kabbalah now for about 6 years. This is now my second year in the NYC center. I greatly appreciate the work you’ve done in the area of Christianity and Kabbalah. I strongly feel that the Light will use me (and already is) to educate the Christians I know about Kabbalah and the truths about Jesus of Nazareth. I often say that if people focused just on the teachings of Jesus, and not what Paul taught, they would be closer to the truth. Changing the Sabbath to Sunday, and not observing Passover or any of the Israelite holidays (connections) has really done Christians a disservice. As we have just finished Passover, it breaks my heart to see that Christians have not been taught to keep Passover. What did they think Jesus meant when he said at the Last Supper, “Do this in remembrance of me”?

    I am soooo thankful (and humbled) to be exposed to the teachings of Kabbalah, the Zohar, my teacher, and the many fine people of the Kabbalah Center.

    • William says:

      The Holy Mass is said in remembrance of the Last Supper.

    • Guillermo Del Solar says:

      Hi William , but that is precisely the point Lloyd is making. Jesus did not tell his disciples :” listen, I am now going to teach you this new holiday called The Last Supper”. The last supper is just a name to address the fact it was the last meal that Rabbi Yeshua was sharing with his disciples, but not a new holiday per se.
      It is like you wake up in the morning and drink a glass of water and call it My First Glass of Water. It is just a description, it does not mean you are creating a new occasion to commemorate in your life . In fact, the NT clearly says they were celebrating PASSOVER. (PESACH).
      But then probably the Church and the first christians in their effort to distinguish themselves from Judaism, stopped using Passover and the name Last Supper stuck. It is a misnomer, that is all.

  7. Thank you so much, Billy, for this video presentation! As an American *Baby Boomer* raised in Christianity, I have been or at least, tried to remain on ‘the Path’ since the age of 14. Kabbalah has always been a ‘bright star’ in my ‘constellation’that has included studies of many sources from Cayce to Crowley,Vedic,Mystical Islam, etc, et al. Concurrent with all of that, at the same time at the age of 14, I had always felt ‘Jewish’ internally. My personal “weltangshaung’ {sp?} has/is been ‘Judeo-Christianity,’ thereby Kabbalah ( more accurately references to and/or about Kabbalah I should say) has always been in the background as a sign or guidepost for me. I see I need to get to the point. Around the year 2004 I realized acutely in my heart, that only the Wisdom of Kabbalah would answer my soul’s demands and the yearning of my heart. At that time, I was living & working in a major urban area, and I even considered formally converting to Judaism, hoping to somehow meet a teacher who might be willing to teach me the Wisdom of Kabbalah. In 2006, my world turned upside down in all areas, and I forced to return to my small hometown in rural Texas after being away over 20 years. One of the main heartbreaks I felt was that I could never meet a Rabbi or Rav, being ‘exiled from the city to the remote provinces,’ unless there was a Miracle. Well, I discovered JLTV around this time 2 years ago and then last winter 2011, to my great delight, I discovered TWO Kabbalah programs on JLTV, each offering an opportunity for one to study Kabbalah. As much as the Kabbalah Centre’s teaching seemed to naturally and joyfully resonate within me, I made the decision in April of last year to study with the other group, thinking it would be more ‘authentic.’ I do not intend to diss this other group; I still study with them on-line. I do want to say that although I have learned some things, and I can see some similarities between the two since they are both based on Rav Ashlag’s teachings, the lessons and teachers of the Kabbalah Centre of Rav Berg give me such an inner ‘Joy’ and seem to resonate better within me, as opposed to the other study group, IMHO. That is what ‘hit’ me so strongly after watching Part I of your lesson on Rav Yeshua tonight. I am still ‘riding that high!’
    BTW, Mr.Phillips, I did not intend to write such a prolix comment. It just poured out! Originally I just wanted to comment, “WOW!” when you made the reference about Christianity being the vault of the *Zohar*! Finally, I have noticed that the Kabbalah Centre is no longer on JLTV. I really miss that program.
    Thank you reading this, Billy, and thank you for the teaching and the joy it has brought me! I just found out about last week through one of my Facebook connections. It is a great site!
    L’chaim & Shalom,
    ~ David Gaulden ~

  8. Nick says:

    Dear Billy, I would like to understand more. It is hard for me to 100% devote myself to Kabbalah, because much of it (please understand me right) “contradicts” what I know about Jesus. To make this post as brief as possible, in hopes that you will read it and answer it, I will try to summarize some of the biggest questions I ponder about:

    1. You sometimes quote the New Testament to support your claim that Jesus was a Kabbalist and that he really taught Zohar mysteries to his disciples while spoke in parables to the masses. If that’s true, then you do not deny that Jesus existed and that what was written in the New Testament was true. With that being said, then Mary being impregnate by the Holy Spirit is also true. The king Hirod trying to kill baby Jesus is also true. The Angel who appeared in a dream to Joseph is also true. The shephards who saw angels singing Glory in the heaven is true, and so on… Why? If Jesus was simply a man, why all this spiritual drama surrounding his birth?

    2. Elijah and Moses were one of the two prophets in the Old Testament who were taken to “heaven” alive. They also appeared to Jesus on a mountain to talk to him about what is to come and what he should be ready for. Why? If Jesus’ mission was a failure, (according to you) wouldn’t God have known that?

    3. Jesus resurrected Lasarus, and a girl. If he had the power to resurrect other people, why do Kabbalits still insist that he never resurrected himself?

    4. If prophets form the old testament could be taken alive to heaven, why do people doubt that Jesus was ascended into heaven as well?

    5. Here is the biggest question!! My family is baptist. My parents have been living together for more than 50 years. We have a big family (i’m the youngest, 29) we never heard our parents even argue. All they did was living selflessly for other people, constantly sharing and giving. They never heard of Kabbalah, but they live like saints already!! My mother was healed from a deadly decease. Doctors gave up on her and she was on her death bed. Dad gathered the children and asked them to pray. Next morning she was 100% healed!! This happened in our family!!!! If jesus does not exist, how could such a miracle happen?

    6. My grandmother who could not even read, never read the bible. But she simply believed in Jesus. She saw an angel. She had a tremendous headache, so a pastor prayed over her for healing. At night, her room was illuminated and an angel stood before her. He said that she would never have a headache again. She lived to the age of 90 and never head a headache. Who was that angel?

    7. I know the crusaders were evil men, with political agendas. There was nothing Christian about what they did. But I wonder sometimes, is Jewish community so against Jesus because they are still sensitive about the subject of crusades? Are Kabbalists subconsciously trying to pull away Christian people from their belief by means of putting Jesus in a category of simple men who failed at their missions?

    I’m asking all these questions without any agendas. I do have a desire to learn Kabbalah, because I still have a lot of questions. Yet, all that has happened in our family, and the life of my parents I am witnessing right in front of my nose, is just too much to simply ignore. JesuIt s truly is real in our lives, and it is not some blind faith…

  9. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Billy what I don’t understand is how can the Kabbalah concepts be introduced into christianity, when the people who shaped christianity were not kabalists ?
    Or are you saying that was the INTENTION but it actually did not materialize?

    • Kabbalah was not introduced into Christianity, as if Christianity were an already existing religion. Kabbalah conceived and gave birth to Christianity because all of it’s tenets and principles and ideas ARE Kabbalah. But they were taken and interpreted in literal form, such as Zeir Anpin being called Son of God, or Chochmah (Father) Zeir Anpin (Son) and Malchut (Holy Spirit) being called the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost). Further, pagan ideas were also included in Christianity to attract the pagans in the world in order to attach them to the true Torah by way of Christianity. By taking Kabbalistic concepts literally, and giving them Greek or Latin or, eventually, English names, this concealed the true inner meaning of the concepts, hiding their Kabbalistic origins. The intention was to hide Kabbalah and protect it from being destroyed by the people who caused the destruction of the second Temple and the murder of the Kabbalists, like Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Ishmael, Rabbi Gamaliel, Rabbi Yehuda Ben Baba and Rabbi Yehoshua (Jesus). They were wiping out the Kabbalists and wiping out the Temple all because of the sin of the Israelites back on Mount Sinai, which caused the shattering of the two tables, and again some 1600 years later (two thousand years ago) which caused the shattering of the Two Temples.

    • Sue Harwood says:

      I have been studying Kabbalah with Bnei Baruch for just over a year. I am a Catholic with strong leanings towards Judaism which I always found completely comfortable and natural, but which others found rather strange! However, after a couple of weeks of Kabbalah I was utterly convinced that Christ was a Kabbalist, or had at the very least, been exposed to considerable Kabbalah teaching. The readings during Mass suddenly meant so much more and in a way, we DO keep Passover – the Catholic Easter MUST take place at the same time as Pesach. I became rather upset that with Bnei Baruch, it appeared that I was expected to forget Jesus Christ and follow Rav Laitman exclusively, which I am not prepared to do. Thank goodness for Billy Phillips who has “rescued” me from my dilemma ! Now it all makes so much more sense to me. I understand that intellectual understanding is not, in the final analysis, really necessary, but having been well educated, I cannot give up thinking just yet !! Now, thanks to Billy Phillips and Rav Berg, I can love Judaism and Catholicism all rolled into one great Faith – it truly is a gift from Heaven and thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

    • Sue Lange says:

      Hi Sue
      Am really interested to know how this strengthen your christian belief. Would love it if you could share with me.
      Thanks in advance.
      A truth seeker

  10. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Thanks Billy, I understand the why ,but not so much the “who” …
    So are you saying is the early church fathers (Origen, Jerome, Paul or whoever else shaped the concepts of christianity), by interpreting the teachings of Jesus literally, then unwitingly introduced these Kabalistic concepts into the new religion?…
    or are you saying there was kabbalists guiding them and the Church fathers knowingly and willingly did this? … that’s what confuses me.
    And by “who” I guess I am not so concerned about names , I mean my question is more: do you know if this was done purposely by early christian leaders following a greater design or was it unknowingly?

    • I only can answer what i know from the writings of Kabbalists and what the Rav teaches. From what I read, Origen and Jerome were familiar with Kabbalistic ideas without knowing it was true Kabbalah because even they did not understand what Golgotha was, for instance. Yet, they also mentioned ideas that were kabbalistic so they picked up unknowingly, picked up hints and clues, but they were not Kabbalists and this was not some pre-determined plan on the part of the Church Fathers and founders. When i explain that Christianity was created to hold the wisdom of Kabbalah during the exile of the Israelites, i am talking big picture, from the perspective of the Light. How it manifested in the physical world with all the details, is of secondary importance. Who cares, beyond intellectual interest. The point is, the Zohar can change the world and bring peace and the messiah. The Zohar is the original teachings of Jesus. The Zohar is the Light lost on Mount Sinai, the Light that banishes death. Is there anything more important than that? We just need a critical mass of people embracing the Zohar and we need to bring to the Christian world because this is what they have been looking for. The the Zohar and the Ari say when we bring that Light to the rest of the world, pain will come to an end. The only reason there has been death and suffering for ALL of mankind is because the Israelites have not yet brought the Zohar, the Light of Sinai to the rest of the world.

  11. Guillermo Del Solar says:

    Totally agree with that..Thanks

  12. Sue Harwood says:

    Dear Billy, Please would you explain something to me regarding INRI being written on the cross of Christ. I love the thought that it was the last letters of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, blessed be his memory, but how can that be if Rabbi Shimon was born +/- seventy years after Rav Yeshua ? Or have I got the dates all wrong ?

    • Rav Berg told me we cannot trust the dates of history because the war was fought in the books and they changed dates and they changed the texts and censored and edited etc. So we just share what the Kabbalists write and we are not concerned with exact dates.

  13. Sue says:

    Thank you Billy. Point taken.

  14. STacie Richardson says:

    Thank you for sharing this Billy, this was very informative & well delivered.

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